ラージャン (Raajan)

Enemy Type Large Monster
Species Fanged Beasts
Elements thunderblight-icon-mhr-wiki-guideThunder
Ailments thunderblight-icon-mhr-wiki-guideThunderblight
Weakness iceblightg-icon-mhr-wiki-guideIce
Threat Level 8⭐
Resistances fireblight-icon-mhr-wiki-guideFire (Immune)
thunderblight-icon-mhr-wiki-guideThunder (Immune)
dragonblight-icon-mhr-wiki-guideDragon (Immune)
Location(s) Shrine Ruins
Frost Islands
Sandy Plains
Flooded Forest
Lava Caverns

Rajang is a Large Monster in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). Written as 金狮子/金獅子 in Chinese. Rajang Weakness Guide, drops, sizes, strategies, tips and tricks to help you defeat MHRise Rajang. Large Monsters are hostile and are usually the primary objective of Hunts. They provide valuable Materials when defeated.


At a distant flight
Lies an island of fire
There walks a dark beast
A great ball of ire
Wielders of flame
Who dare to engage
Will only succeed at
Igniting its rage
For it's the top player
And the world is its stage


Rajang Details & Locations

An ultra-aggressive creature that is rarely sighted and seldom survived. Those that have survived report that it exhibits a strange attack. Rajang are said to be loners, and this isolated life has made it difficult to pin down its territorial leanings. When angered, part of its pelt turns a golden color.



Rajang Combat Info

  • Threat Level: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Elemental thunderblight-icon-mhr-wiki-guideThunder Damage monster
  • Inflicts
  • Weak to
    iceblightg-icon-mhr-wiki-guideIce (⭐⭐⭐) 
  • Resistant to
    fireblight-icon-mhr-wiki-guideFire (Immune) 
    thunderblight-icon-mhr-wiki-guideThunder (Immune)
    dragonblight-icon-mhr-wiki-guideDragon (Immune) 
  • Kinsect Extract:
    • Red: ??
    • Orange: ??
    • White: ??
  • Enraged mode: Arms and Head flare up in lightning, does special attacks and has harder arms
  • Tips and notes go here
  • Hunting Information: A Rajang is most dangerous when its arms are powered up, allowing it even to destroy Shock Traps. Attack its tail to remove this effect. In its regular state, it will also avoid Pitfall Traps. It will immediately attack anything that invades its territory, so watch your step.


Rajang Weaknesses

The table below indicates the various parts of the monster, including the types of damages that are weak to it. This information is specific to MH Rise.

Rajang Parts cut-damage-icon-monster-hunter-rise-wiki-guide-small blunt-damage-icon-monster-hunter-rise-wiki-guide-small ammo-damage-icon-monster-hunter-rise-wiki-guide-small
Head 65 67 55
Torso 45 45 35
Foreleg 45 45 40
Hind Leg 35 35 15
Tail 35 32 25


The table below indicates the various parts of the monster, including the different elements that are weak to it.

Rajang Parts fireblight-icon-mhr-wiki-guide waterblight-icon-mhr-wiki-guide thunderblight-icon-mhr-wiki-guide iceblightg-icon-mhr-wiki-guide dragonblight-icon-mhr-wiki-guide
Head 0 5 0 30 0
Torso 0 5 0 15 0
Foreleg 0 5 0 15 0
Hind Leg 0 5 0 15 0
Tail 0 5 0 15 0


Rajang Ailment Effectiveness

The higher the bars on the graphs and the more stars, the more advantageous it will be for the player. This information is specific to MH Rise.

Blast ⭐⭐
Fireblight ⭐
Waterblight ⭐
Thunderblight ⭐
Iceblight ⭐⭐


Poison Status Effect Graph



Stun Status Effect Graph



Paralysis Status Effect Graph



Sleep Status Effect Graph



Blast Status Effect Graph



Exhaust Status Effect Graph



Fireblight Status Effect Graph



Waterblight Status Effect Graph



Thunderblight Status Effect Graph



Iceblight Status Effect Graph



Rajang Materials

The tables below contains information on the different Items and Materials that can be obtained from the Low Rank and High Rank variations of Rajang

High Rank Rajang

The table below indicates the various materials or items obtained from the High Rank variation of Rajang, it also includes the percentage chance of how it can be acquired.

Material Target Rewards Capture Rewards Break Part Rewards Carves Dropped Materials
Rajang BlackfurRajang Blackfur 16% 27% 30% (Right Arm), 30% (Left Arm) 37% (Body) 58%
Rajang Claw +Rajang Claw + 19% 20% 70% (Right Arm), 70% (Left Arm) 20% (Body) --
Rajang Fang +Rajang Fang + 28% 15%(x2) -- 27% (Body) 30%
Rajang TailRajang Tail 7% 12% 90% (Tail) -- --
Gold Rajang PeltGold Rajang Pelt 12% 16% 30% (One Horn), 10% (Tail) 10% (Body) 10%(x1), 12%(x1)
Beast GemBeast Gem 8% 10% -- 6% (Body) 1%
Great StoutboneGreat Stoutbone 10%(x2) -- -- -- --
Rajang Horn +Rajang Horn + -- -- 70% (One Horn), 100% (Both Horns) -- --
tobi_kadachi_electrode-monster-hunter-rise-wiki-guideLarge Beast Tear -- -- -- -- 50%

Low Rank Rajang

This monster is High Rank Only, so there are no Low Rank materials.


Rajang Weapons & Armor

Armor and Weapons related to the Rajang Monster.


Rajang Buddies Weapons & Armor

Palico and Palamute Armor and Weapons related to the Rajang Monster.


Rajang Notes & Trivia

  • Can be lured with ??
  • Camouflage works until ?? range


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      Rajang has been my favourite monster since as long as he's been around, and I was glad to see Iceborne do him justice. Yet seeing him now in Rise, it's rather sad. I hope he's only as slow and weak as he is because it's high rank, and that he'll get his glory back in Master Rank, but I won't hold my breath.

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        mf really just takes naps in 80% of the quests I do. might be from the withdrawal of whatever drugs he was on in world

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