Risen Shagaru Magala

傀異克服 シャガルマガラ (Kai'ikokufuku Shagarumagara)
risen shagaru magala large monsters mh rise wiki guide
Enemy Type Large Monster
Species Elder Dragon
Threat Level 10⭐
Element None
Ailments Frenzy Virus
Weakness dragonblight icon mhr wiki guideDragon ⭐⭐⭐
fireblight icon mhr wiki guideFire ⭐⭐⭐
thunderblight icon mhr wiki guideThunder ⭐⭐
iceblightg icon mhr wiki guideIce ⭐
Resistances waterblight icon mhr wiki guideWater
Locations Citadel
Forlorn Arena
Rampage Role N/A

Risen Shagaru Magala is a Large Monsters that appears in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). It is one of the new Monsters in the Sunbreak Expansion and is the Risen Variant of Shagaru Magala. Large Monsters like Risen Shagaru Magala are hostile and are usually the primary objective of Hunts. They provide valuable Materials when defeated.

Risen Shagaru Magala Monster Guide: Characteristics, Weaknesses, Drops, Locations, Weapons & Armor, Strategies, Tips & Tricks and more to help you defeat Risen Shagaru Magala in MH Rise.

  • Risen Shagaru Magala is a Monster added with the Free Title Update 5 which was released on April 20, 2023 for the Nintendo Switch and PC versions only. This update will also arrive for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One after the Sunbreak Expansion releases for these platforms on April 28, 2023.


At the tail end of a reckless battle...Two beasts find themselves in a place they don't belong.
And when the master of this land appears...
Not even the mightiest attacks can do it any harm.
With its overwhelming strength, it pummels and pins down its prey.
Its endless anger fills the air in the form of a deafening roar.
As it prepared to feast without leaving a single bone.


MH Rise Risen Shagaru Magala Characteristics & Ecology

Risen Shagaru Magala are elder dragons that have found a way to overcome their affliction. By suppressing the Qurio virus, they have gained great strength and new abilities. They release larger quantities of the Frenzy virus, resulting in viral explosions with increased radius. Anything that gets in their way will fall prey to their powerful wingarms. When their anger reaches its peak, they'll enter into their Risen state and their body will begin to glow.

Risen Shagaru Magala is the Risen Variant of Shagaru Magala; an Elder Dragon that has overcome the Qurio affliction, gaining immense power and added movesets. Risen Shagaru Magala has a similar body structure to the standard Shagaru Magala, albeit with a much darker coloration and burn wounds across its body. Like other Risen Elder Dragons, these wounds take on a bright orange glow when the monster enters its Risen state.

Risen Shagaru Magala's biggest difference from its non-Risen counterpart is in the amount of Frenzy Virus it produces, giving its attacks much larger hitboxes and power, with some attacks duplicating their effects, making them much more devastating. Many of its attacks now also leave explosive AoEs.

  • Size: ♕ TBC ♕ TBC
  • Small Monster version: N/A
  • Hostile at medium range
  • Attacks other Monsters: Yes

Does Risen Shagaru Magala have Turf Wars with other Monsters in MH Rise?

  • Risen Shagaru Magala is not involved in any Turf Wars in Monster Hunter Rise.

Which Locations can Risen Shagaru Magala be found in MH Rise?

  • Risen Shagaru Magala can be found in the following Location(s) in Monster Hunter Rise:

Which Quests feature Risen Shagaru Magala in MH Rise?


MH Rise Risen Shagaru Magala Unlock Information

In order to unlock Risen Shagaru Magala, you must first reach Master Rank 180. After this prerequisite is met, Risen Shagaru Magala will be available for hunting in Quests in which the monster appears in, as well as in expeditions.


MH Rise Risen Shagaru Magala Combat Info

After inflicting a sufficient amount of damage to a Risen elder dragon, they'll enter into a Risen state. In this state, thsie attacks are much more powerful. Risen Shagaru Magala unleash countless viral pillars, before bringing them together into one giant explosion. Stay on the offensive to prevent them from entering this state or knock them out of it.

  • Threat Level: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Can inflict the Frenzy Virus
  • Resistant to
    waterblight icon mhr wiki guideWater (Immune)
  • Enraged Mode: Risen Shagaru Magala has the standard Frenzied State as its enraged mode, indicated by Frenzy virus particles floating around the monster after it roars. It has a second enraged mode in the form of its Risen State, indicated by the glowing orange sections of its body that is common to Risen Elder Dragons. This is most prominent on the tips of its wings and horns. In this state, Risen Shagaru Magala becomes much faster and more powerful, and many of its attacks now cause Frenzy explosions.
  • Rampage: Risen Shagaru Magala does not appear in the Rampage.


Quick Combat Tips:

  • As with all Risen Elder Dragons, Risen Shagaru Magala is the most dangerous in its Risen state, making it imperative that you get it out of this state as fast as possible. This is easiest to achieve by staying near its hind legs. While not the most optimum spot for dealing damage, it is the safest as many of the monster's attacks are focused on its frontside. From this position, you can deal a consistent amount of damage to knock it out of the Risen State.
  • Bring lots of Nulberries to manage the Frenzy ailment.


MH Rise Risen Shagaru Magala Attacks & Moveset

Risen Shagaru Magala possesses the same moves as the standard Shagaru Magala and gains a few new moves in its Risen State.

Standard Moves

Lunge - Risen Shagaru Magala rears up very briefly and then lunges forward a short distance, attempting to bite its target. Dodge to the side, away from its head.

Side Tackle - Risen Shagaru Magala violently moves sideways, using the length of its body to tackle hunters in the way.

Wingarm Smash - Risen Shagaru Magala raises one of its wingarms, dashes forward a very short distance while slamming down on the ground. Dodge by sidestepping towards the direction of the other arm or under the attack.

Double Arm Smash - Risen Sagaru Magala stands upright on its hind legs and then smashes both wingarms down at once, releasing pillars of frenzy in front of it. Avoid the front of the monster and quickly reposition near its side as it comes down.

Assault Dive - Risen Shagaru Magala flies up and divebombs a target while swiping at them with a wingarm. Turns 180 degrees upon landing.

Frenzy Breath - Fires Frenzy projectiles which travel in a straight line close to the ground. Typically expels 3 projectiles in a staggered fashion. Projectiles travel very quickly but have a small hitbox and can easily be sidestepped or dodged.

Lateral Frenzy Burst - Risen Shagaru Magala releases a ball of frenzy from its mouth towards the ground or a target. Upon impact with the ground, it explodes multiple times laterally. Keep watch of the initial ball release and move backwards to avoid the explosions. You can also dodge under the ball before it impacts the ground to close the distance to the monster.

Central Frenzy Burst - Similar to the Lateral Frenzy Burst, but the explosions travel in a straight line instead. Note that the monster will sometimes perform both moves one after the other.

Frenzy Beam - Risen Shagaru Magala hops backwards and then expels a beam of Frenzy in a straight line in front of it. Highly telegraphed and easy enough to avoid by running or dodging to the side.

Sweeping Frenzy Beam - Risen Shagaru Magala stands on its hind legs while charging up a frenzy breath before firing and sweeping a beam across the battlefield. The area under the monster's head and torso is generally safe during this move. Further away, you will need to perform an emergency evade to dodge the beam as it sweeps by you.


Risen Moves

Frenzy Wingarm Smash - Its Wingarm Smash move now has a longer distance and is followed by an exploding frenzy pillar that has a deceptively large hitbox. Always dodge to the side of its other arm when Risen Shagaru Magala is in its Risen state.

Frenzy Wingarm Combo -  Risen Shagaru Magala hops back a short distance, raising one wingarm as Frenzy energy emanates from it. It then slams the wingarm down, releasing a pillar of frenzy traveling outward from the point of impact. It then follows up with 2-3 more such slams. Continually moves towards the monster's sides during the combo to avoid the attack and get some hits in during each slam's slow wind-up.

Cascading Breath - Risen Shagaru Magala breathes on the ground, releasing two dark purple clouds that travel along the ground in a V formation. Each cloud trail is followed by cascading explosions. The monster will hop to the side as soon as it releases the breath, and then perform a second breath so watch it closely. It's best not to remain in the center of the V as the explosions have a deceptively large hitbox. Instead, keep moving out towards the sides of the clouds.

Frenzy Cage Burst (Ultimate Move) - Risen Shagaru Magala flies to the air while forming a large circle of frenzy pillars around its target. After a very brief delay, the pillars will swirl and converge, culminating in a very large explosion that will cart hunters in one hit. Once the pillars form, you must immediately get out of the circle as getting hit by a single pillar will leave you open for the final explosion. Watch out for the stray pillars that form outside of the circles as well.

MH Rise Risen Shagaru Magala Notes & Trivia

Can Risen Shagaru Magala be Captured in Monster Hunter Rise?

  • As with all Elder Dragons, Risen Shagaru Magala cannot be captured as it is immune to the effects of Shock Traps and Pitfall Traps. Thus, all Quests with Risen Shagaru Magala have it marked as a Slaying objective.

Is Risen Shagaru Magala a New or Returning Monster in Monster Hunter Rise?

  • Risen Shagaru Magala is a newly introduced Variant making its debut in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. This Monster is a Variant of Shagaru Magala, which was first introduced in Monster Hunter 4.

Other Notes

  • Other Notes & Trivia for Risen Shagaru Magala go here.

MH Rise Risen Shagaru Magala Weaknesses

The table below indicates the various parts of Risen Shagaru Magala, including the damage values for each weapon type. This information is specific to MHRise.

Risen Shagaru Magala Parts cut damage icon monster hunter rise wiki guide small blunt damage icon monster hunter rise wiki guide small ammo damage icon monster hunter rise wiki guide small
Head 65 60 45
Neck 45 45 20
Torso 25 25 15
Wingarm 22 25 20
Foreleg 40 40 30
Hind Leg 36 36 30
Wing 26 26 10
Tail 36 36 25


The table below indicates the various parts of Risen Shagaru Magala, including the damage values for each element. This information is specific to MHRise.

Risen Shagaru Magala Parts fireblight icon mhr wiki guide waterblight icon mhr wiki guide thunderblight icon mhr wiki guide iceblightg icon mhr wiki guide dragonblight icon mhr wiki guide
Head 20 0 15 5 25
Neck 15 0 10 5 20
Torso 10 0 5 5 10
Wingarm 25 0 15 5 30
Foreleg 10 0 5 5 10
Hind Leg 10 0 5 5 10
Wing 10 0 10 5 15
Tail 10 0 10 5 15


MH Rise Risen Shagaru Magala Ailment Effectiveness

The higher the bars on the graphs and the more stars, the more advantageous it will be for the player. This information is specific to MHRise.

Poison ⭐⭐⭐
Stun ⭐
Fireblight ⭐⭐
Waterblight ⭐
Thunderblight ⭐
Iceblight ⭐


poison icon monster hunter rise wiki guide 25pxPoison Status Effect Graph

risen shagaru magala poisongraph mh rise wiki guide


stun icon mhr wiki guideStun Status Effect Graph

risen shagaru magala stungraph mh rise wiki guide


paralysis icon mhr wiki guideParalysis Status Effect Graph

risen shagaru magala paralysisgraph mh rise wiki guide


sleep monster hunter rise wiki guideSleep Status Effect Graph

risen shagaru magala sleepgraph mh rise wiki guide


blast monster hunter rise wiki guideBlast Status Effect Graph

risen shagaru magala blastgraph mh rise wiki guide


exhaust monster hunter rise wiki guideExhaust Status Effect Graph

risen shagaru magala exhaustgraph mh rise wiki guide


fireblight icon mhr wiki guideFireblight Status Effect Graph

risen shagaru magala fireblightgraph mh rise wiki guide


waterblight icon mhr wiki guideWaterblight Status Effect Graph

risen shagaru magala waterblightgraph mh rise wiki guide


thunderblight icon mhr wiki guideThunderblight Status Effect Graph

risen shagaru magala thunderblightgraph mh rise wiki guide


iceblightg icon mhr wiki guideIceblight Status Effect Graph

risen shagaru magala iceblightgraph mh rise wiki guide


MH Rise Risen Shagaru Magala Materials

The tables below contain information on the materials that can be obtained from the Low Rank, High Rank and Master Rank variations of Risen Shagaru Magala. This information is specific to MHRise.

Master Rank

The table below indicates the various materials or items obtained from the Master Rank version of Shagaru Magala. It also includes the percentage chance of acquiring the materials.

Material Target Rewards Capture Rewards Break Part Rewards Carves Dropped Materials
bazelgeuse carapace mhr wiki guideS. Magala Cortex 23% -- 20% (Wingarm) 30% (Body) 15%, 30% (Wyvern Riding)
bazelgeuse scale+ mhr wiki guideS. Magala Shard 32% -- 20% (Wing) 38% (Body), 16% (Tail) 44%, 55% (Wyvern Riding)
lagombi frozenclaw material mhr wiki guideS. Magala Purifier 19% -- 60% (Wingarm), 20% x2 (Wingarm) 17% (Body) 15%
barioth tail monster hunter rise wiki guideS. Magala Lash 12% -- -- 80% (Tail) --
lagombi frozenclaw material mhr wiki guideS. Magala Hardhorn 10% -- 96% (Horn) -- --
s magala mantle mhr wiki guideS. Magala Mantle 4% -- 4% (Horn) 3% (Body), 4% (Tail) --
bazelgeuse wing mhr wiki guideS. Magala Lightwing -- -- 80% (Wing) 12% (Body) --
dragon treasure hunter rise wiki guideOld Dragon Treasure -- -- -- -- 40%

Low Rank & High Rank Risen Shagaru Magala

This Monster is not available in Low Rank or High Rank content.


Risen Shagaru Magala Weapons & Armor in MH Rise

The following are weapons and armor sets related to Risen Shagaru Magala. This information is specific to MHRise.

Risen Shagaru Magala Weapons

  • This monster has no associated Weapons.


Risen Shagaru Magala Buddy Weapons & Armor in MH Rise

The following are Palico and Palamute weapons and armor sets related to Risen Shagaru Magala. This information is specific to MHRise.


Risen Shagaru Magala Buddy Weapons

  • This monster has no associated Palico weapons

Risen Shagaru Magala Buddy Armor

  • This monster has no associated Palico armor


Risen Shagaru Magala Buddy Weapons

  • This monster has no associated Palamute weapons

Risen Shagaru Magala Buddy Armor

  • This monster has no associated Palamute armor


MH Rise Risen Shagaru Magala Image Gallery

  • Images and Screenshots for Risen Shagaru Magala go here


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      Yeah this guy is a cheap little *****. When he does into his relentless repeat attacks that have insane range and AOE, there's just about nothing you can do. I beat him for the... like whatever crazy version of him is part of a cap raise or whatever. The one that's even more OP than the normal risen shag. Since then, I'm almost to the point where I can do a special investigation on him. It baffles me how I beat him the other times, though. I think the only way I can do it now without really getting good and skilling up is to go gunlance and play really carefully.

      I can JUST about hack it on longsword, but yeah... I'm not quite there yet. Completely bullshit boss though, really.

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        Can't face tank this one, will get afflicted with frenzy and take increased damage. Time to get good and smack it instead of tank builds.

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