Great Izuchi

オサイズチ (Osaizuchi)

Enemy Type Large Monsters
Class Bird Wyvern
Threat Level 1⭐
Element None
Ailment(s) None
Weakness(es) thunderblight-icon-mhr-wiki-guideThunder
Resistance(s) dragonblight-icon-mhr-wiki-guideDragon
Location(s) Shrine Ruins
Frost Islands

Great Izuchi is a Large Monster that appears in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise)

Large Monsters like Great Izuchi are hostile and are usually the primary objective of Hunts. They provide valuable Materials when defeated.

Great Izuchi weakness guide, drops, sizes, strategies, tips and tricks to help you defeat MHRise Great Izuchi.


First comes the vanguard
Unstoppable tank
Then comes a second
Attacking the flank
Finally, the general
The highest in rank
A trio of blades
Swift as a gale
They cut to the bone
And kill without fail


Great Izuchi General Info

The Great Izuchi is the alpha of its pack, identified by its larger build, upended white fur, and scythe-like tail. A Great Izuchi forms a herd of many smaller Izuchi and selects two from the group to accompany it on territory patrols. Once it spots its prey or senses danger, the Great Izuchi issues commands to its fellow Izuchi and coordinates their movements. Take care that you don't get overwhelmed!


  • Size: ♕ 946.08  ~ ♕ 1343.87
  • Hostile on sight
  • Attacks other monsters: Yes
  • HP (Tempered): ~??


Great Izuchi Combat Info

  • Threat Level: ⭐
  • Physical Damage monster
  • Kinsect Extract:
    • Red: Tail
    • Orange: ??
    • White: ??
  • Enraged mode: ??
  • Can be lured with ??
  • Tips:
    • Most of the time, it is followed by two small Izuchi. They attack by mimicking each other- if the Great Izuchi attacks first, the small ones will do the exact same move, and vice versa.
    • Every time it flees or when it is low on health, it will try to call another pair of small Izuchi if the ones it had with him have been killed.
  • Hunting Information: "Their razor-sharp tail attacks in combination with their synchronicity make them a force to be reckoned with. Take out their leader to send the herd into disarray and pick them off easily."


Great Izuchi Weaknesses

The table below indicates the various parts of Great Izuchi, including the damage values for each weapon type. This information is specific to MHRise.

Great Izuchi Parts cut-damage-icon-monster-hunter-rise-wiki-guide-small blunt-damage-icon-monster-hunter-rise-wiki-guide-small ammo-damage-icon-monster-hunter-rise-wiki-guide-small
Head 80 80 75
Torso 45 45 40
Foreleg 50 50 55
Tail 55 50 35
Tail Tip 75 80 75


The table below indicates the various parts of Great Izuchi, including the damage values for each element. This information is specific to MHRise.

Great Izuchi Parts fireblight-icon-mhr-wiki-guide waterblight-icon-mhr-wiki-guide thunderblight-icon-mhr-wiki-guide iceblightg-icon-mhr-wiki-guide dragonblight-icon-mhr-wiki-guide
Head 10 20 25 10 5
Torso 10 10 15 10 5
Foreleg 10 10 15 10 0
Tail 10 15 20 10 5
Tail Tip 15 20 25 15 10


Great Izuchi Ailment Effectiveness

The higher the bars on the graphs and the more stars, the more advantageous it will be for the player. This information is specific to MHRise.

Poison ⭐⭐⭐
Stun ⭐⭐
Paralysis ⭐⭐⭐
Sleep ⭐⭐⭐
Blast ⭐⭐
Exhaust ⭐⭐⭐
Fireblight ⭐
Waterblight ⭐
Thunderblight ⭐⭐
Iceblight ⭐


poison_icon_monster_hunter_rise_wiki_guide_25pxPoison Status Effect Graph

Poison Resistances


stun-icon-mhr-wiki-guideStun Status Effect Graph

Stun Resistances


paralysis-icon-mhr-wiki-guideParalysis Status Effect Graph

Paralysis Resistances


sleep-monster-hunter-rise-wiki-guideSleep Status Effect Graph



blast-monster-hunter-rise-wiki-guideBlast Status Effect Graph

Blast Resistances


exhaust-monster-hunter-rise-wiki-guideExhaust Status Effect Graph

Exhaust Resistances


fireblight-icon-mhr-wiki-guideFireblight Status Effect Graph

Fireblight Resistances


waterblight-icon-mhr-wiki-guideWaterblight Status Effect Graph

Waterblight Resistances


thunderblight-icon-mhr-wiki-guideThunderblight Status Effect Graph

Thunderblight Resistances


iceblightg-icon-mhr-wiki-guideIceblight Status Effect Graph

Iceblight Resistances


Great Izuchi Materials

The tables below contain information on the materials that can be obtained from the Low Rank and High Rank variations of Great Izuchi. This information is specific to MHRise.

High Rank Great Izuchi

The table below indicates the various materials obtained from the High Rank variation of Great Izuchi and the drop rates for each.

Material Target Rewards Capture Rewards Break Part Rewards Carves Dropped Materials
great_izuchi_hide+-monster-hunter-rise-wiki-guideGreat Izuchi Hide +  23% 27% 20% (Tail) 44% (Body) 29%, 60%
great_izuchi_pelt+-monster-hunter-rise-wiki-guideGreat Izuchi Pelt + 39% 39% 32% (Head) 35% (Body) 20%, 40%
great_izuchi_tail+-material-mhr-wiki-guideGreat Izuchi Tail + 5% 15% 80% (Tail) -- --
screamer_sac-monster-hunter-rise-wiki-guideScreamer Sac 18%[x2] 16%[x3] 65%[x2] (Head) 20%[x2] (Body) --
monster_bone+-monster-hunter-rise-wiki-guideMonster Bone + 13% -- -- -- --
bird_wyvern_gem-material-mhr-wiki-guideBird Wyvern Gem  2% 3% 3% (Head) 1% (Body) 1%
large_wyvern_tear_hunter_rise_wiki_guideWyvern Tear  -- -- -- -- 30%
large_wyvern_tear_hunter_rise_wiki_guideLarge Wyvern Tear --  -- -- -- 20%

Low Rank Great Izuchi

The table below indicates the various materials obtained from the Low Rank variation of Great Izuchi and the drop rates for each.

Material Target Rewards Capture Rewards Break Part Rewards Carves Dropped Materials
great_izuchi_hide-monster-hunter-rise-wiki-guideGreat Izuchi Hide 21% 26% 20% (Tail) 43% (Body) 30%, 60%
great_izuchi_pelt-monster-hunter-rise-wiki-guideGreat Izuchi Pelt 36% 39% 30% (Head) 33% (Body) 20%, 40%
great_izuchi_tail-monster-hunter-rise-wiki-guideGreat Izuchi Tail 5%  15% 80% (Tail) -- --
screamer_sac-monster-hunter-rise-wiki-guideScreamer Sac 26%  20%[x2] 70% (Head) 24% (Body) --
monster_bone_s-monster-hunter-rise-wiki-guideMonster Bone S 12% -- -- -- --
large_wyvern_tear_hunter_rise_wiki_guideWyvern Tear --  -- -- -- 50%


Great Izuchi Weapons & Armor

The following are weapons and armor sets related to Great Izuchi. This information is specific to MHRise.


Great Izuchi Buddy Weapons & Armor

The following are Palico and Palamute weapons and armor sets related to Great Izuchi. This information is specific to MHRise.



Great Izuchi Buddy Weapons

Great Izuchi Buddy Armor


Great Izuchi Notes & Trivia

  • Introduced in Monster Hunter Rise.
  • Name written as 镰鼬龙王/鐮鼬龍王 in Chinese.
  • Store Cover Description: "A Bird Wyvern whose tail has evolved into a scythe-like shape, which it uses to attack its prey. Great Izuchi tend to roam around their territory in groups with smaller Izuchi, the sharpest two of the pack always at their leader's side. Once they find their prey, they unleash a flurry of combination attacks."


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