ルナガロン (Runagaron)

lunagaron large monster mhrise wiki guide
Enemy Type Large Monster
Species Fanged Wyverns
Threat Level 7⭐
Elements iceblight monster hunter rise wiki guideIce
Ailments TBC
Weakness fireblight icon mhr wiki guideFire Element (⭐⭐⭐)
thunderblight icon mhr wiki guideThunder Element (⭐⭐)
dragonblight icon mhr wiki guideDragon Element (⭐)
Resistances waterblight icon mhr wiki guideWater
iceblightg icon mhr wiki guideIce
Location(s) Shrine Ruins
Frost Islands

Lunagaron is a Large Monster in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). It is a brand new Fanged Wyvern debuting in the Sunbreak Expansion. Large Monsters like Lunagaron are hostile and are usually the primary objective of Hunts. They provide valuable Materials when defeated. This page covers information on Lunagaron including weaknesses, drops, size information, strategies, tips and tricks to help you defeat this monster.


 Pale moonlight, barely breaking through the clouds
The creature wanders restlessly through the darkness
Stepping firmly, never dropping its pace
Its entire body honed to perfection
Finally, the clouds split apart and the moon reveals itself
Silver light illuminates the land and the mountains
It dances, it runs, it trembles with unbridled power
And with an entranced roar, it shows its true form


Lunagaron General Info

Lunagaron have an organ that chills the air they inhale, circulating it throughout their body in a unique form of thermoregulation. They can travel long distances and endure environmental changes, allowing them to occupy a wide range of habitats. They usually walk on all fours, but can stand on two legs by shutting down their cooling mechanism, spiking their body temp to expand their muscles.


Lunagaron Combat Info

Lunagaron have different attacks depending on their stance. They also use ice attacks, so raising your ice resistance should give you an edge. Lunagaron are extremely agile when on all fours, so try not to lose track of them. When covered in ice, a continuous assault will not only result in shattering the covering but will also topple the beast. Mind your positioning when powerful attacks are incoming.

  • Elemental iceblightg icon mhr wiki guideIce Element Damage Monster.
  • Weak to
    dragonblight icon mhr wiki guideDragon Element
  • Resistant to
    waterblight icon mhr wiki guideWater Element
    iceblightg icon mhr wiki guideIce Element
  • Kinsect Extract:
    • Red: ??
    • Orange: ??
    • White: ??
  • Enraged Mode: Roars sharply while standing on its back legs making its claws and spines bigger and sharer with ice, ending this transformation by howling to the moon. Some attacks will gained range, and it will reduce the time between different attacks. You can stop enraged mode by hitting the areas of the enraged Lunagaron body that are covered in Ice.
  • Can be lured with: ??
  • Tips and notes go here


Quick Combat Tips

  • Equip yourself with armor resistant to Ice damage.
  • For Elemental Weapons its recommended to engage using Fire, or as a second option thunder.
  • Focus on the parts of its body that are covered in Ice while its enraged, to turn it back to normal.

Lunagaron Attacks & Moveset

Backwards Bite - Quickly turns around and bites its target behind.

Charge - Charges towards its targets and turns back at the end of the charge.

Head Swing - Puts its head down, and then swings it upwards to push enemies away. After this attack becomes shortly vulnerable as its shakes its head.

Ice Howl - Howls like a wolf covering its own body in frost.

Claw Strike - Stands on its back legs, holds a paw to the back to charge the attack, and attacks its target.

Double Strike - Jumps fowards, swinging both paws at the same time in a cross attack. 

Ground Swing - While enraged puts its paw on the ground and suddenly swings making a linear wave lifting rocks and enemies on its path.

Claw Multiple Swing - Roars and walks towards its targets swinging its claws multiple times.

Backflip - Performs a backflip to jump backwards and gain distance and then suddenly smash the ground to the front.

Ground Smash - Perform a backflip landing in the same position hitting the ground.

Frost Path - Jumps very high shooting down frost on its path to the ground gaining a great distance.

Ice Breath - Breathes in moving its head and then breathes out frost covering a big angle in front of it.


Lunagaron Weaknesses

The table below indicates the various body parts of Lunagaron and the damage values for each Physical Damage type. These values indicate the effectiveness of attacks that deal these damage types. The higher the value, the more effective the attack. Note that Weapons can vary in the types of physical damage dealt depending on the moves used.

Lunagaron Parts cut damage icon monster hunter rise wiki guide small blunt damage icon monster hunter rise wiki guide small ammo damage icon monster hunter rise wiki guide small
Head 45 50 45
Torso 30 30 10
Abdomen 35 35 15
Back 25 30 15
Foreleg 35 35 15
Hind Leg 30 30 20
Tail 30 30 25


The table below indicates the various body parts of Lunagaron and the damage values for each Elemental Damage type. These values indicate the effectiveness of attacks that deal these damage types. The higher the value, the more effective the attack. Certain Weapons can have Elemental Damage properties which are added into the damage calculation along with their Physical Damage type.

Lunagaron Parts fireblight icon mhr wiki guide waterblight icon mhr wiki guide thunderblight icon mhr wiki guide iceblightg icon mhr wiki guide dragonblight icon mhr wiki guide
Head 10 0 10 0 10
Torso 10 0 5 0 5
Abdomen 20 0 10 0 5
Back 15 0 10 0 5
Foreleg 15 0 10 0 5
Hind Leg 10 0 5 0 5
Tail 10 0 10 0 5


Lunagaron Ailment Effectiveness

The higher the bars on the graphs and the more stars, the more advantageous it will be for the player.

Poison ⭐
Stun ⭐
Paralysis ⭐
Sleep ⭐
Blast ⭐⭐
Exhaust ⭐
Fireblight ⭐⭐
Waterblight ⭐
Thunderblight ⭐
Iceblight ⭐


Poison Status Effect Graph

poison lunagaron ailments mhr wiki guide 500px


Stun Status Effect Graph

stun lunagaron ailments mhr wiki guide 500px


Paralysis Status Effect Graph

paralysis lunagaron ailments mhr wiki guide 500px


Sleep Status Effect Graph

sleep lunagaron ailments mhr wiki guide 500px


Blast Status Effect Graph

blast lunagaron ailments mhr wiki guide 500px


Exhaust Status Effect Graph

exhaust lunagaron ailments mhr wiki guide 500px


Fireblight Status Effect Graph

fireblight lunagaron ailments mhr wiki guide 500px


Waterblight Status Effect Graph

waterblight lunagaron ailments mhr wiki guide 500px


Thunderblight Status Effect Graph

thunderblight lunagaron ailments mhr wiki guide 500px


Iceblight Status Effect Graph

iceblight lunagaron ailments mhr wiki guide 500px


Lunagaron Materials

The tables below contain information on the different Items and Materials that can be obtained from the Low Rank, High Rank and Master Rank variants of Lunagaron.

Master Rank

The table below indicates the various materials or items obtained from the Master Rank variation of Lunagaron, it also includes the percentage chance of how it can be acquired.

Material Target Rewards Capture Rewards Break Part Rewards Carves Dropped Materials
bishaten tailcase+ material mhr wiki guideLunagaron Cortex 14% 16%[x2] 20% (Foreleg) 26% (Body) 35%
dreamshell monster hunter rise wiki guideLunagaron Shard 34% 33% 27% (Head), 17% (Tail) 37% (Body) 29%, 50%
teostra claw+ mhr wiki guideLuna Vermilion Hardclaw 23% 27% 50%[x1] (Foreleg), 30%[x2] (Foreleg) -- --
bishaten horn+ material mhr wiki guideFrostborn Hardfang 18% -- 70% (Head) 23% (Body) 15%
tobi kadachi electrode+ material mhr wiki guideLunagaron Bluecore 8% 9% -- 12% (Body) 20%
magmadron mantle mhr wiki guideLunagaron Frost Jewel 3% 3% 3% (Head), 3% (Tail) 2% (Body) 1%
bishaten feather monster hunter rise wiki guideLunagaron Lash Shell -- 12% 80% (Tail) -- --
arzuros brace+ material mhr wiki guideLarge Wyvern Tear -- -- -- -- 50%
afflicted dire bone materials monster hunter rise wiki 35pxAfflicted Dire Bone -- -- 40% 40% --

Low & High Rank

This Monster is only available in Master Rank content.


Lunagaron Weapons & Armor

Armor and Weapons related to the Lunagaron Monster.


Lunagaron Buddy Weapons & Armor

Palico and Palamute Armor and Weapons related to the Lunagaron Monster.


Notes & Trivia

  • Revealed in a Teaser Trailer on 30 September 2021


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      …weak to dragon? Usually monsters that resemble dragons don’t like it, or elder dragons. If that elemental weakness table is true, it’s definitely not weak to dragon, fire and thunder are better, with fire as the true weakness. Infact it seems resistant to dragon, low values = less power.

      • Anonymous

        So if Odogaron is Clifford, then Lunagaron is [I’m gonna sound dumb but I forgot the name of the dog from Blues Clues and I’m scared to say it’s one of the words in the show title].

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          Be sure to bring stun resist when fighting this guy, he has an attack which INSTA stuns you and he can easily combo into another attack for an ez cart back to base you. Dodging and blocking can help of course but when that doesn't work and he hits you with that attack, you really don't have any other options.

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