Multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise is a feature of the game that allows players to team up and play along with their friends or other players. This feature is optional but it serves as an integral part of the Monster Hunter series. Multiplayer supports up to three more players online or local co-op. This page covers information for the multiplayer feature.


Monster Hunter Rise Multiplayer

How to invite Players

Monster Hunter Rise supports up to three more players online or local co-op.

You can launch a quest via Join Request to have it automatically open to other players to join. You can also send out a Join Request on a departed mission whilst in a Online Lobby.

You can invite players that you know by sharing a room ID, or you can join public sessions. Alternatively you can access the quest board at the Hub and look for "JOIN REQUESTS" for specific or random quests, including Rampage quests.

Creating a Private Room

You can create your own lobby by talking to the mail felyne in Kamura Village that will allow other players and their main buddy to join your session.

Multiplayer Scaling

Monster Hunter Rise features dynamic scaling. Each player adds difficulty to a quest, but if the player leaves mid-quest the game will re-adjust its difficulty down to accommodate the missing player.

Multiplayer Features & Special Interactions

"Friend Points" are a special feature of the game, obtained by completing multiplayer quests and receiving player Likes.

Friend Point Rewards

  • Reward 1
  • Reward 2
  • Reward 3

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