Items in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise) are the various objects that Hunters can bring with them into the field and in their Item Pouch. Your Item Pouch is used to carry items you get during Quests or by shopping at the market. You'll also have access to a special field pouch during Quests that allow you to carry additional items with you. There is also a pouch for ammo and coatings.

Hunter's Tools such as Kunai and BBQ Spits can be carried with you as fixed Items, some of these items may be switched out depending on the Weapon you have equipped. This page covers a list of all the items featured in Monster Hunter Rise.

Controls on Using Items

  • y-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Use Item
  • Hold l-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+y-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide or a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Select Item
  • Hold l-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide or b-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Select Ammo/Coating
  • Hold l-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+right-stick-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Select Radial Menu
  • Hold l-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+plus-sign-switch-button-mhr-wiki-guide: Select Shortcut
  • Using Items: Press l-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide to check your item pouch. To select an Item, hold l-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide, press y-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide or a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide, then release l-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide. Unusable Items are marked with an X. Hold ZL to aim Throwing items .
  • Helper CageHunting Helpers you've caught can be accessed or released from your Helper Cage in the Start Menu's Items and Equipment section. Hunting Helpers are used in the same way as items.
  • Custom Radial Menu: Press and hold l-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+right-stick-switch-mhr-wiki-guide to use assigned items and shoutouts, which can be changed via the Radial Menu Settings in Items and Equipment. Note: These are default controls, which can be changed in Options > Controls.
  • Recovery Items , Whetstones, and some other items can be used while riding a Palamute. When riding, select a usable item from the Item Bar and press y-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide to use it

Supply Box


The Hunter's Guild will sometimes send helpful items to your supply box. Don't forget to split these with your allies if you're hunting in a party. Note: You cannot take supply-only Items back with you to the village. 


Monster Hunter Rise Items








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