Quests in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise) are the various tasks that hunters take to obtain rewards and to progress the main story of the game. Hunters can find basic yet useful intel regarding the quest, the task, and the targeted Monster. Successfully meeting the conditions and completing a quest rewards the hunter with various rewards. This page covers a list of all the Quests in Monster Hunter Rise.

Hinoa & Minoto

Hinoa the Quest Maiden can be found sitting on a red bench, in front of the ironworks. She is the access point for all new hunters to the single player content of Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). Her Quests are balanced for single player and don't allow other hunters to join in. On the other hand, Minoto the Hub Maiden, (Hinoa's younger sister) takes care of the online component. Her Quests are meant to be tackled by teams of Hunters, and are balanced towards that, which makes them more difficult than the ones her older sister provides.

Quest Board

If someone else on your lobby posts a multiplayer quest from Minoto the Hub Maiden, it will also appear on the Quest Board. At the Quest Board, you can join someone else's hunt or they can decide to join yours.

Red Chests & Gearing Up before Questing

Before venturing forth, it is essential to check your gear and equipment to be sure you are ready to start adventuring. Players will find a red chest called Item Box near any quest giver. Use them to manage equipment, transfer items, etc.

It is really important to check if you have enough Potions, rations, antidotes and all the essentials to take on the upcoming Quest.

A good tip, is that while managing your equipment, pick a Weapon with elemental damage that your target Monster is weak to. 


Quest Types in Monster Hunter Rise

Follower Collab Quests (New)

Follower Collab Quests are a new type of quest debuting with the Sunbreak Expansion. These are single-player-only quests where you go on hunts with the various Characters that appear in the story and earn exclusive new rewards, allowing for a completely new hunting experience.

Anomaly Quests (New)

Anomaly Quests are a new type of Quest debuting with the Sunbreak Expansion. Anomaly Quests are special hunts against Monsters driven mad by the Qurio creatures encountered throughout the Sunbreak storyline. These monsters are exceedingly powerful and have a few unique mechanics, and they will also reward the hunter with special materials that can be used to craft some of the highest tier equipment.

Hub Quests

Hub Quests increase your Hunter Rank as you complete them, allowing you to take on more challenging Monsters that may grant you powerful Materials.

With the release of the Sunbreak Expansion, Hub Quests become the primary progression path for the Story as hunters take on brand new Master Rank missions.


Village Quests

Village Quests are the base game's main story missions, completing them progresses the story forward. 

Training Quests

Training Quests, as their name implies, focus on teaching you the basics mechanics of the games, but also usual techniques Monster Hunting that can be put to good use during your adventures.

Arena Quests

Arena Quests pit you against Monsters using standar-gear provided by the Quest itself. This means that you can not bring your Weapons or Armor into the fight. These types of Quests can be completed with up to two hunters max, and the rewards they grant vary depending on the time they take to be cleared.



Requests are diverse Quests asked by different NPCS ranging from taking a picture of a certain Monster, deliver certain Items from point A to point B or even defeating a fixed amount of Monsters to unlock a Sub-camp on a determined Location.

Rampage Quests

Rampage Quests are wave-based quests in which you have to defend Kamura from invading Monsters. You have to use Hunting Installations to defened the Stronghold. Defend until the last wave has been repelled or the final Major Threat has been slain in order to complete the main objective. 

Event Quests

Event quests are repeatable.

Event Quests will be available for download from the Courier in Steelworks in the Add-on Content section. Select the Event Quest you wish to download and it will be added to the Gathering Hub.


Challenge Quests

Challenge Quests are Add-on content acquired from Senri the Mailman in Kamura Village. These particular quests share similarities with Arena Quests in Monster Hunter World.

Challenge Quests pit you against monsters using preset equipment. There are a total of five available loadouts per Challenge Quest — consisting of a weapon, armor set, items, and switch skills.

Challenge Quests, like Arena Quests, are time-based quests that give you a rank based on how fast you clear the target monster inside. The higher your rank, the more rewards you receive at the end of the quest.

Optional Subquests

Optional Subquests are options features of side quest with additional objectives and conditions. Completing these Subquests grants players will additional rewards.They are sorted according to their condition type.


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