Hub Quests in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise) are similar to Village Quests, they involve the same tasks as Hunting a determined monster or slaying a certain number of Monsters, among other activities. Hub Quests' unique trait is the ability to increase your Hunter Rank to undertake more challenging Quests. They are also called Gathering Hub Quests.


Unlocking Hub Quests

To access this kind of quests, you have to talk to Minoto at the Gathering Hub Quest corner. At the beginning, you will only be allowed to do Low Rank Quests. As you clear more of them, you will eventually be able to unlock High Rank Quests.

High Rank Quests are more difficult tasks, but let you hunt powerful Monsters that may yield rare Materials to forge High Rank Weapons and Armor 


You can take on Hub Quests via Multiplayer with up to three more Hunters. It is important to note, that the more hunters are taking on the same hunt, the quest increases its difficulty. If one or more players disconnects during the quest, the difficulty will adapt on the fly.

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Monster Hunter Rise Hub Quests


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