Requests in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise) are small petitions by NPCs that can be completed during a Hub Quest or a Village Quest. They usually involve delivering certain Items, slaying a determined amount of Monsters or even taking a picture of a specified creature.



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All Monster Hunter Rise Requests


Master Rank Requests



Spelunker Maintenance Mission! Spelunker Crew
Cutesy Crab Pose? Great Wirebugs
Tacky Photo Great Wirebugs
Chevalier's Sleepy Solution Stealth Dango Supreme (Upgraded Weapon Design)
Heavy Armor Spheres
Combo Wizard Dragondance Parasol (Upgraded Weapon Design)
Dragonbone Artifacts
Lagombi in the Moonlight Pounder of Rice+ (Upgraded Weapon Design)
Outfit Vouchers
Good Guts for Gunlances Howlitzer+ (Upgraded Weapon Design)
Ultimas Crystal
Ultimate Upgrade Hi Ninja Sword+ (Upgraded Weapon Design)
Ultimas Crystal
Amber Brilliance New World Brush Glaive (Upgraded Weapon Design)
Heavy Armor Spheres
Cool Coal Discovery! Watchdog's Howl+ (Upgraded Weapon Design)
Outfit Vouchers
Researcher's Request Blossom Fall (Upgraded Weapon Design)
Dragonbone Artifacts
Red Hell Hunter's Hint Felyne Cannon+ (Upgraded Weapon Design)
Ultimas Crystal
Edgy Arrows Felyne Trickbow+ (Upgraded Weapon Design)
Ultimas Crystal
Elder Dragon Delights Holy Sabers + (Upgraded Weapon Design)
Fortis Gran + (Upgraded Weapon Design)
Dragonbone Artifacts
Twisted Elixir Kelbi Deershot (Upgraded Weapon Design)
King Armor Spheres
Hand-Me-Down Trial Kamura's Inheritance+ (Upgraded Weapon Design)
Outfit Vouchers
Black Hell Hunter's Hint Gargwa Hammer+ (Upgraded Weapon Design)
King Armor Spheres
Bag a Barioth Guild Bard - *Type 01 (Armor Design)
New Mask Mission Utsushi True (Visible) - *Type 01 (Armor Design)
Utsushi True (Hidden) - *Type 01 (Armor Design)
King Armor Spheres
Gore Magala Mission Hawk Set - *Type 01 (Armor Design)
Violent Nature Scholarly (Armor Design)
Espinas Entanglement Sailor (Armor Design)
Bag a Bazel, Yeah? Commission (Armor Design)
Giant in the Frost Islands? Monksnail Hat (Layered Armor)
In Cahoots for Cohoot Pics Cohoot Mask (Layered Armor)
Cursed Buddy Gear? Cat-astrophe Knell (Palico Weapon Design)
Disastaroo Bell (Palamute Gear Design)
King Armor Spheres
Fur Requitting Kogarashi Felyne True Stealth (Palico Armor Design)
Canyne True Trader (Palamute Armor Design)
Heavy Armor Spheres
Resplendent Red Request Felyne Red (Palico Armor Design)
Canyne Red (Palamute Armor Design)
A Great Gift for Your Buddies Felyne Meownarch (Palico Armor Design)
Canyne Knight (Palamute Armor Design)
Palamute Gear Power Up Palamute Silkbinder
Healer Upgrade Campaign! Learn Healing Clover Bat (Palico Support Move)
Assist Upgrade Campaign! Learn Ameowzing Mist (Palico Support Move)
Bombardier Upgrade Campaign! Learn Felyne Fireworks (Palico Support Move)
Gatherer Upgrade Campaign! Learn Lottery Box (Palico Support Move)
Fighter Upgrade Campaign! Learn Felyne Power-Up (Palico Support Move)
Buddy Commitment Buddy Skill Lesson Unlock
Tough Training Tools Add Swap Lv 5 Support Moves function
Grueling Training Ground Add Swap Lv 10 Support Moves function
Top-Notch Training Tools Add Swap Lv 15 Support Moves function
Not a Mer-Made-Up Story! Freezer Speartuna+ (Upgraded Weapon Design)
Ample Bowfish+ (Upgraded Weapon Design)
Dragonbone Artifacts
Sprout Search Mighty Cornpopper + (Upgrade Unlocked)
Heavy Armor Spheres

Low Rank & High Rank Requests



Master Palamute Trainer

Heavy Strike Scroll
Rocksteady Scroll

Elder Fugen's Errand Potions
Bunny Dango - with Eggs! Dizzybloom Dango Added
Flying Billboards The Stealth Woof (Cohoot Outfit)
Cultural Exchange Submarine Added
Economic Stimulation Submarine Added
Shrine Ruins Sub-Camp Security Unlock Shrine Ruins Sub-camp
Frost Islands Sub-Camp Materials Unlock Frost Islands Sub-camp 2
Frost Islands Sub-Camp Security Unlock Frost Islands Sub-camp 1
Flooded Forest Sub-Camp Security Unlock Flooded Forest Sub-camp
Sandy Plains Sub-Camp Security Unlock Sandy Plains sub-camp 1
Sandy Plains Sub-Camp Materials Unlock Sandy Plains sub-camp 2
Lava Caverns Sub-Camp Security Unlock Lava Caverns Sub-Camp 1
Lava Caverns Sub-Camp Materials Unlock Lava Caverns Sub-Camp 2
Endemic Life: Rock Lizard Great Wirebugs
20 Endemic Lifeforms Discovered! Great Wirebugs
30 Endemic Lifeforms Discovered! Great Wirebugs
Folding Inspiration Origami Axe I (Design)
Boom-Boom, Bombadgy! Grass Flute I (Design)
Hinami's New Inventory Ninja Parasol I (Design)
An Egg-cellent idea Egg Hammer I (Design)
Gift for a Greenhorn Kelbi Stingshot (Design)
ArZZZZzzzzuros Teddybear I (Design)
Nab-a-Los! Sworn Rapiers I (Design)
Altair I (Design)
Kamura's Handyman Medium's Garb - Female* (Design)
Channeler's Garb - Female* (Design)
Overflowing with Furry Friends Felyne Stealth (Design)
Canyne Trader (Design)
Deliver Palamute Gear Materials Guarding Parasol
Thick, Gooey Dango Call-of-the-Wild Dango added
Palamute Gear Mass Production Large Shuriken
Pala-marketing Support Stoutcore Fang
How to Train Your Palamute Healing Blade Scroll
Diversion Scroll
A Dango a Day Medicinal Dango improved
Only the Good Eggs Berry Safe Dango Added
Big Brushes for Big Goals Brush Glavie I (Design)
A Token of Gratitude Cornpopper I (Design)
The Radiant Rhino Ladybug Cannon I (Design)
Palamute Equipment Crash Course Blitz Scroll
Palamute Equipment Entrepreneurship Flurry Strike Scroll
Kagero's Trial Ninja Sword I (Design)



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