Kamura Village is a Location in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). Kamura Village (カムラの里 in Japanese) is the main hub of Monster Hunter Rise. Unlike other Monster Hunter games, Monster Hunter Rise allows players to participate in multiplayer while still in the village - no need to go to the gathering hub! The facilities in Kamura Village can be used by up to 4 hunters simultaneously during a multiplayer session. You can talk and have fun with other hunters while still in the village!


A serene village, known for its Tatara Steel. It contains various
facilities that are essential to hunters, such as the Smithy. It is also
inhabited by a colorful cast of supporting characters.

Kamura Village is where hunters spend the majority of their time whenever they are not out in the wilderness. In Kamura Village, hunters have the option of undertaking quests offered by the villagers, some of which offer useful services such as Equipment crafting and Item provisioning.


Kamura Village Background

"The Rampage" is a catastrophic event where countless monsters attack the village all at once. People have lived in fear of it since ancient times, but nobody knows why it occurs.

Kamura has fallen victim to this phenomenon numerous times as well, and especially the Rampage that happened 50 years ago came close to wiping out the entire village.

The villagers are training day in day out to prevent this tragedy from reoccurring, and they have built a sturdy Stronghold to prepare for the next invasion.


Kamura Village NPCs & Facilities

Main NPCs:

Other NPCs:


Kamura Village Sub-Areas


Kamura Village Maps

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