Komitsu the Sweettooth

Race Human
Gender Female
English Voice Actor Laura Stahl
Japanese Voice Actor 久野美咲

Komitsu the Sweettooth is an NPC in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). NPCs are non-playable characters that interact with the Hunter during the story or optional activities in game.


The village is so full of people now, and it's all thanks to you! Thank you! Hee hee! Now I have all the energy I need to make candy apples so yummy, everyone's gonna love them! What about the people who already love them? Like you? Well, um... I hope they love them even more!


  • In-game Description:
    • "A girl who sells candy apples. She looks up to Yomogi the Chef and does her best to emulate her. Komitsu's candy apples are famed for their exquisite sweetness almost as much as Bunny Dango are for their delectability. Kind and gracious, Komitsu does what she can to help others out. She's been friends with Seihaku from a very young age."
  • Komitsu the Sweettooth has been friends with Seihaku the Rice Ball Artist since they were small children. However, as the hunter later finds out from Fukashigi the Informant, Seihaku is madly in love with Komitsu, on account of an incident in which Komitsu's courage and compassion won Seihaku's heart over. 
  • Komitsu looks up to Yomogi the Chef, who also runs her own food business over at the Tea Shop.


Role in Main Story

  • A kind-hearted and spirited young girl, Komitsu spends her time helping others as well as managing her small stand where she sells her signature, mouthwatering candy apples. Thanks to her innocent and caring personality, everyone in the village treats her with affection. Surprisingly, her compassion and sweetness are complimented by a courageous streak that few would ever guess someone of her age could possess. And yet, in times of distress her airy, cheerful demeanor is changed to one of unwavering bravery and fierce compassion for those around her. 



  • Komitsu the Sweettooth can be found in Kamura Village near the Tea Shop where she runs a small stand that sells candy apples.


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  • 飴屋のコミツ in Japanese




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