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Monster Hunter Rise FAQs

What platforms will MH Rise be available on?

Monster Hunter Rise is available for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

When is the Release Date?

Monster Hunter Rise is scheduled to release on March 26th, 2021. A Demo is expected to launch in January 2021. A Steam version is coming early 2022.

How do I access the demo version?

The demo version of Monster Hunter Rise can be downloaded via the Nintendo eShop and it can be played for a limited time only. Take note that you'll need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to access online multiplayer in the demo, but players can still play offline via single-player without a subscription.

Up to when can I play the Demo?

The demo for Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise) is playable up to January 31, 2021. Players can download it via the Nintendo eShop.

Is MH Rise a free game?

No, players will need to purchase the full game digitally via the Nintendo eShop or order and purchase the physical copies via the Capcom Store or your nearest retail stores.

Prices are capped at the following: $59.99 (Standard Edition), $69.99 (Deluxe Edition), $99.99 (Collector's Edition), check our DLC page to learn more about the contents- take note that prices may vary at retailers.

Is there Multiplayer?

Yes, Monster Hunter Rise supports online or local co-op of up to 3 other hunters.

What Platforms is Monster Hunter Rise available on?

With the Console Release on Jan 20, 2023, Monster Hunter Rise is now available on all major platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4*, PlayStation 5*, Xbox Series X|S* and Xbox One*. The game is also available on Game Pass*.

* Note that the Sunbreak Expansion is not yet available for platforms marked with an asterisk. It will be made available for these platforms on the 28th of April, 2023.

Is there a Demo for Monster Hunter Rise?

A Demo is available for Monster Hunter Rise on the Nintendo Switch and PC platforms. This Demo showcases the Sunbreak Expansion and features 4 hunts of varying difficulty against Master Rank versions of existing Base Game Monsters and new Sunbreak-exclusive Monsters. Unfortunately, the Demo is not available for PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Is Monster Hunter Rise a Multiplayer Game?

Monster Hunter Rise can be enjoyed as a Solo experience or in a Multiplayer team of up to 4 hunters. With the Buddies system and the Sunbreak Expansion's addition of Follower Collab Quests, Monster Hunter Rise is even more accessible for solo players, allowing them to tackle the biggest challenges with aid from their trusty Palico and Palamute companions, as well as the colorful cast of NPCs they will come across on their journey.

Does Monster Hunter Rise support Cross Play / Cross Save?

Monster Hunter Rise does not feature Cross Play or Cross Save support at this time. This means that players on one platform cannot play with those on other platforms*. Capcom has stated that they have heard the requests for these features but are unfortunately unable to implement it at this time. It is unlikely that the game will receive Cross Play / Cross Save support at any point in the future but the devs addressing this concern gives hope for the next main line title in the Monster Hunter series to have these features.

* Note that players on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 systems will be able to match with each other for multiplayer sessions. Additionally, players with a save data on PS4 will be able to transfer saves when upgrading to a PS5 upon launching the game for the first time.

What do you do in Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster Hunting is the name of the game! As with all Monster Hunter titles, Rise follows the familiar gameplay loop of hunting down Monsters, collecting their Materials, crafting and upgrading Weapons and Armor and taking on ever-growing challenges. A Hunter Ranking system serves to provide various milestones for you to work towards to unlock more content and features. You begin Rise as a Low Rank hunter in Kamura Village looking to make a name for yourself. As you progress through the story and hunt the biggest, most terrifying Monsters, you raise your rank and break through several caps, eventually unlocking High Rank and Master Rank content which feature even tougher Monsters which drop rarer materials used to craft even more powerful equipment. This gameplay loop persists throughout the game as it grows with DLC and Free Title Updates providing a constant wave of content drops to keep the hunt going.

What Monsters are in Monster Hunter Rise?

Monster Hunter Rise's roster of creatures includes plenty of brand new, never before seen Large Monsters that make their first appearance in the game such as Goss Harag and Almudron. It is also made up of returning favorites such as Chameleos and Bazelgeuse, as well as series staples such as RathalosRathian and Diablos. With the release of the Sunbreak Expansion, the roster grows further with the addition of variants of existing MH Rise Monsters as well as those of the Monster Hunter Series as a whole. The following is a full list of all Large Monsters that players can hunt in Monster Hunter Rise:

Aknosom  ♦  Almudron  ♦  Amatsu  ♦  Anjanath  ♦  Apex Arzuros  ♦  Apex Diablos  ♦  Apex Mizutsune  ♦  Apex Rathalos  ♦  Apex Rathian  ♦  Apex Zinogre  ♦  Arzuros  ♦  Astalos  ♦  Aurora Somnacanth  ♦  Barioth  ♦  Barroth  ♦  Basarios  ♦  Bazelgeuse  ♦  Bishaten  ♦  Blood Orange Bishaten  ♦  Chameleos  ♦  Chaotic Gore Magala  ♦  Crimson Glow Valstrax  ♦  Daimyo Hermitaur  ♦  Diablos  ♦  Espinas  ♦  Flaming Espinas  ♦  Furious Rajang  ♦  Gaismagorm  ♦  Garangolm  ♦  Gold Rathian  ♦  Gore Magala  ♦  Goss Harag  ♦  Great Baggi  ♦  Great Izuchi  ♦  Great Wroggi  ♦  Jyuratodus  ♦  Khezu  ♦  Kulu-Ya-Ku  ♦  Kushala Daora  ♦  Lagombi  ♦  Lucent Nargacuga  ♦  Lunagaron  ♦  Magma Almudron  ♦  Magnamalo  ♦  Malzeno  ♦  Mizutsune  ♦  Nargacuga  ♦  Narwa the Allmother  ♦  Primordial Malzeno  ♦  Pukei-Pukei  ♦  Pyre Rakna-Kadaki  ♦  Rajang  ♦  Rakna-Kadaki  ♦  Rathalos  ♦  Rathian  ♦  Risen Chameleos  ♦  Risen Crimson Glow Valstrax  ♦  Risen Kushala Daora  ♦  Risen Shagaru Magala  ♦  Risen Teostra  ♦  Royal Ludroth  ♦  Scorned Magnamalo  ♦  Seething Bazelgeuse  ♦  Seregios  ♦  Shagaru Magala  ♦  Shogun Ceanataur  ♦  Silver Rathalos  ♦  Somnacanth  ♦  Teostra  ♦  Tetranadon  ♦  Thunder Serpent Narwa  ♦  Tigrex  ♦  Tobi-Kadachi  ♦  Velkhana  ♦  Violet Mizutsune  ♦  Volvidon  ♦  Wind Serpent Ibushi  ♦  Zinogre

What makes Monster Hunter Rise different from other titles in the series?

As its name implies, Monster Hunter Rise places a greater emphasis on verticality like never before seen in a Monster Hunter game. The addition of the Wirebug mechanic adds free-form grappling that allows hunters to, quite literally, rise to new heights and explore the environments which are comprised of mountainous regions, towering structures and deep chasms the likes of which cannot be traversed by normal means. Want to feel like an expert level ninja, gracefully running across walls and dashing through massive gaps to reach your target? The Wirebug is the answer! Aside from exploration, the Wirebug also plays a large role in Monster Hunter Rise's combat, allowing hunters to perform powerful Silkbind Attacks and outmaneuver their opponents. Another new feature is the addition of the Switch Skills mechanic, which makes it possible to modify your hunter's moveset and tailor them to your Weapon choices, playstyles and skill level. Monster Hunter Rise also features the Rampage quest type which is a hybrid Monster Hunting/Tower Defense gameplay mode that offers a break from traditional hunting while still offering meaningful rewards.

Perhaps the biggest difference from previous titles is Monster Hunter Rise's accessibility for newer players and those who wish to play solo. The Monster Hunter series has always been known for punishing difficulty, particularly in the later stages of each game, but Rise provides a more gentler difficulty curve and a plethora of ways to make hunts easier including the Wyvern Riding mechanic, up to two companions per hunter in the form of Palicoes and Palamutes, each with their own specialties and skills that complement the hunters' own, and the brand new Follower Collab Quests which allows for team-ups with the story characters. The ability to craft your own Decorations also alleviates a lot of the "RNG" typically present in the looting system of these titles, making it much easier to create, add to and complete your builds.

What is the Endgame like in Monster Hunter Rise?

Completed the Main Campaign and not sure what to do next? The short answer is to keep playing! The game truly opens up once you've completed the Story encounters. New encounters and Monsters unlock as you rise in Rank and achieve certain milestones. The Base Game goes up to High Rank which features moderately difficult content. Owners of the Sunbreak Expansion also get to tackle Master Rank content, featuring Quests and Monsters that are a whole other level above their Low Rank and High Rank counterparts. Sunbreak also features Anomaly Quests and Investigations, new quest types that once again adds to the gameplay loop along with the Anomaly Research Level ranking system which works similar to Hunter Rank and Master Rank, serving as a measure of progression within the new quest system and unlocking bigger challenges as hunters increase their level. Aside from these standard hunts, players also have access to Event QuestsArena QuestsChallenge Quests and more! The game is constantly growing and the endgame shifts towards the latest challenge as you improve your skills as a hunter.

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