The Tea Shop

Location Kamura Village
Related NPC Yomogi the Chef
Services Order Meals
Order Motley Mix

The Tea Shop in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) refers to a Facility in Kamura Village. Facilities provide the Hunter with various services and play an integral role in a hunter's progression. The Tea Shop can also be referred to as the Canteen. The Tea Shop is a place where hunters order and eat a meal before heading out to explore. Hunters can find Yomogi the Chef who is ready to serve you with scrumptious food.


The Tea Shop is where you go to get a good meal before a hunt.

Yomogi the Chef will make sure to fill your belly with delicious Bunny Dango.


Tea Shop Location


Tea Shop Services

The pride and joy of Yomogi the Chef, the Tea Shop provides the Hunter with a delicious, energizing meal before setting out on hunts.

Meals in Monster Hunter Rise come in the form of Bunny Dango which are specialized rice dumpling treats served on skewers. Bunny Dango provide the Hunter with a generous boost to their maximum Health and Stamina, as well as various bonus skills that can aid their hunt. The Hunter will be able to choose any combination of three dango per meal, out of dozens of choices and they will be able to unlock more options by progressing in the game.

For a detailed guide on meals, dango combinations and dango skills, check out the Meals section of this page.

The Tea Shop's Canteen menu presents the following options:

  • Eat a Meal - Order some food
    • The first screen allows you to pick your payment method:
      • Pay with Money (200 Zenny)
      • Pay with Points (100 Kamura Points)
    • The second screen presents you with ordering options:
      • Order Bunny Dango - Choose any three dango to add to your meal. After picking your combination, you can select Order to consume your meal, or select Register to Set to save your favorite combinations and easily order them later on.
      • Order the Usual - Choose from your saved favorite combinations of dango.

Order a Meal

Order a Meal
  • Motley Mix - Order a Motley Mix
    • Allows you to hand over raw ingredients to the chef, who will turn them into usable items such as rations, steaks, herbal medicine and others. The Motley Mix is the primary source of Dango Tickets. See Motley Mix for details.
  • Gestures
    • Have fun at the canteen table by performing playful gestures and emotes!


Tea Shop Meals

Meals in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise) refer to food that a Hunter can partake of before a hunt. They are comprised of three Dango that the Hunter can choose from the Tea Shop menu. Each Dango comes with a Skill that has a chance of activating upon the Meal's consumption. Each meal will also provide a boost to the Hunter's health and stamina, giving them an advantage while out on hunts.

There are dozens of Dango options available and many more can be unlocked by completing certain Quests and Requests which are special objectives you can take on while out on a mission or exploring. Some Dango can even be upgraded, gaining improved effects for their skills or a second skill.

  • A Dango Ticket can be used to increase the chances for Dango Skills to activate. Dango Tickets can be acquired primarily from Yomogi the Chef after placing a few Motley Mix orders at the Tea Shop.
  • Once consumed, a Meal's effects will last indefinitely(some effects exempted) for one quest or until the Hunter withdraws or abandons the quest.
  • A Meal's effects are also overwritten if the Hunter consumes another Meal.
  • The Canteen is available at the Base Camp and Sub-camps during missions, in case a Hunter forgets to eat before departing. Note that you cannot partake of the Daily Special Dango during missions.
  • After consuming a Meal, the Hunter cannot consume another one for 10 minutes. The timer for this only starts after the Hunter begins a mission, unless the Meal is consumed in camp during a mission.
  • For details on the different Dango available as well as how to unlock or upgrade them, visit the individual pages for each Dango.

The following is a list of Dango available for ordering at the Tea Shop, divided by Flavor type.

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Powerful Flavors

Dango in the Powerful Flavors category provide skills that boost a Hunter's offensive capabilities, increasing the damage of certain attacks or otherwise providing an advantage over your quarry.



Sweetheart DangoSkill: Dango Hurler

Effect: Increases damage dealt by kunai.

Peach Skill

Peach Skill DangoSkill: Dango Deflector

Effect: Helps your weapon retain sharpness when attacks are deflected.


Cool-to-the-Core Dango

Skill: Dango Bulker

Effect: Grants a temporary attack boost when you use the Show Off 2 gesture for a while.


Cool-to-the-Core DangoSkill: Dango Booster

Effect: Temporarily increases attack and defense after consumption, once.


Dizzybloom DangoSkill: Dango Slugger

Effect: Makes it easier to stun monsters. 


Fruitflash Skill: Dango Bombardier

Effect: Increases damage of Sticky Ammo and gunlance shells.


BeansplosionSkill: Dango Temper

Effect: Increases ammo damage, but also increases deviation.


SecretheartSkill: Dango Hurler

Effect: Increase damage dealt by kunai.

Skill 2: Dango Specialist

Effect: Increases the potency of abnormal status attacks.



Determined Flavors

Dango in the Determined Flavors provide skills that boost a Hunter's defensive capabilities; improving damage mitigation, increasing elemental defenses or even negating fatal effects entirely.


Berry Safe

Berry Safe Dango Skill: Dango Insurance

Effect: Prevents your group from being penalized the first time a member faints.

* Daily Special


Bestnut Dango Skill: Dango Defender (Lo)

Effect: Sometimes decreases damage taken.


Medicinal Dango Skill: Dango Medic (Lo)

Effect: Slightly increases health recovery from items


Moongaze Dango Skill: Dango Reviver

Effect: Restores health to allies in the area upon fainting, once.


Cacaoutstanding Dango Skill: Dango Immunizer

Effect: Haves the effect duration of Defense Down and speeds up blight recovery.

Piping-hot Egg

Piping-hot Egg DangoSkill: Dango Fire Res (Lo)

Effect: Slightly increases fire resistance.

Pure Water

Pure Water DangoSkill: Dango Water Res (Lo)

Effect: Slightly increases water resistance.


Spicetingle DangoSkill: Dango Thunder Res (Lo)

Effect: Slightly increases thunder resistance.


Too-cool Dango Skill: Dango Ice Res (Lo)

Effect: Slightly increases ice resistance.


Dragonward Dango Skill: Dango Dragon Res (Lo)

Effect: Slightly increases dragon resistance.


Magnaroar DangoSkill: Dango Moxie

Effect: Prevents fainting one time when damage taken exceeds your remaining health.

Super Bestnut

Bestnut Dango Skill: Dango Defender (Hi)

Effect: Often decreases damage taken.


Analeptic Dango Skill: Dango Medic (Hi)

Effect: Increases health recovery from items

Lava-hot Egg

Lava-hot Egg Dango Skill: Dango Fire Res (Hi)

Effect: Significantly increases fire resistance.


Waterfall Dango Skill: Dango Water Res (Hi)

Effect: Significantly increases water resistance.


Spicejolt Dango Skill: Dango Thunder Res (Hi)

Effect: Significantly increases thunder resistance.


Sub-zero Dango Skill: Dango Ice Res (Hi)

Effect: Significantly increases ice resistance.


Dragonsbane Dango Skill: Dango Dragon Res (Hi)

Effect: Significantly increases dragon resistance.


Magnacrisp Dango Skill 1: Dango Moxie

Effect: Prevents fainting one time when damage taken exceeds your remaining health.

Skill 2: Dango Adrenaline

Effect: Greatly increases attack when health is dangerously low.



Unusual Flavors

Dango in the Unusual Flavors category provide skills that grant additional or improved utility to a Hunter's abilities; speeding up certain actions, reducing stamina consumption as well as increasing the duration of certain effects or abilities.



Sharp Dango Skill: Dango Polisher

Effect: Speeds up weapon sharpening.


Balancing Dango Skill: Dango Feet

Effect: Prevents you from getting knocked on your butt.

Leg Day

Leg Day Dango Skill: Dango Wall Runner

Effect: Decreases stamina depletion while wall running.


Invigorating Dango Skill: Dango Fighter

Effect: Reduces stamina depletion when evading, blocking, or doing certain other actions.


Pinea-full Dango Skill: Dango Glutton

Effect: Reduces stamina consumption for a certain period after eating.


Spud-luck Dango Skill: Dango Weakener

Effect: Large monsters encountered on quests have an increased chance of being weaker than normal.


Dressage Dango Skill: Dango Rider

Effect: Extends riding time.


Blastslash Dango Skill 1: Dango Polisher

Effect: Speeds up weapon sharpening.

Skill 2: Dango Pyro

Effect: Upgrades Large Barrel Bombs to Mega Barrel Bombs.


Balancing Dango Skill: Dango Feet

Effect: Prevents you from getting knocked on your butt.

Skill 2: Dango Marksman

Effect: Increases the power of shots and arrows.



Grandiose Flavors

Dango in the Grandiose Flavors category provide skills that grant additional or improved functions related to a Hunter's gathering capabilities and interaction with endemic life and the environment. Some can even improve their Buddies' capabilities.


The Kamura

The Kamura DangoSkill: Dango Calculator

Effect: Increases the number of Kamura Points you receive at the end of a quest.

* Daily Special

Raisin d'être

Raisin D'etre DangoSkill: Dango Harvester

Effect: Reduces the time between gathering point respawns.

* Daily Special


Hap-peanut DangoSkill: Dango Fortune Caller

Effect: Sometimes increases the number of reward items received at the end of a quest.

* Daily Special


Rosy DangoSkill: Dango Carver (Lo)

Effect: Sometimes increases the number of times you can carve.

* Daily Special

Wealthy Man

Wealthy Man DangoSkill: Dango Money Maker

Effect: Increases the amount of zenny you receive at the end of a quest.

* Daily Special

Very Hap-peanut

Very Hap-peanut DangoSkill: Dango Miracle Worker

Effect: Often increases the number of reward items received at the end of a quest.

* Daily Special

Triple Rose

Triple Rose DangoSkill: Dango Carver (Hi)

Effect: Often increases the number of times you can carve.

* Daily Special


Bee-utiful Dango Skill: Dango Gatherer

Effect: Increases the quantity of honey obtained when gathering.

Chirp Chirp

Chirp Chirp Dango Skill: Dango Bird Caller

Effect: Makes Spiribirds more likely to approach you.


Call of the Wild DangoSkill: Dango Summoner

Effect: Makes rare Crafty Creatures more likely to appear.

Buddy's Treat

Call of the Wild DangoSkill: Dango Trainer

Effect: Speeds up Buddy Growth.




Tea Shop Trivia

  • You can tell if you're going to get all your bonuses when they set your tea down. If a stem is floating upright in the cup, you'll get all 3 bonuses!! Cool little nod to an actual omen in Japan.
  • Tea Shop Notes, and Trivia.



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