Buddy Scout

Buddy Scout
Location Buddy PlazaKamura Village
Related NPCs Buddy Handler Iori
Services Hire Buddies

The Buddy Scout in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) refers to a Facility located in Kamura Village. Facilities provide the Hunter with various services and play an integral role in a hunter's progression. The Buddy Scout allows a Hunter to recruit Buddies that can assist them on hunts or help them gather resources out in the world. Buddy Handler Iori operates the Buddy Scout from the Buddy Plaza.


If you're looking to hire and Palico or a Palamute, talk to Buddy Handler Iori.
You can enlist multiple Buddies at the same time.
They will help you out on your hunts, or you can dispatch them as part of the Meowcenaries.


Buddy Scout Location

  • The Buddy Scout can be found at the Buddy Plaza in Kamura Village. You can get to the plaza via a bridge in the main village area.


Buddy Scout Services

Managed by Buddy Handler Iori, the Buddy Scout provides hiring services for the Hunter, allowing them to recruit a number of Palicoes and Palamutes to assist them on their journey. These Buddies will level up when you bring them on hunts, expanding their range of abilities and skills as they grow.

The Buddy Scout menu presents the following options:

  • Hire - Hire Buddies found by Buddy Handler Iori
    • This allows for the hiring of Buddies with various presets:
    • Palicoes - Hired with preset appearances, Skills and Moves.
    • Palamutes - Hired with preset appearances and two sets of Palamute Gear.

Hire a Buddy

Hire a Buddy


  • Scout a Buddy - Scout a Buddy based on certain criteria.
    • This option allows for the hiring of more customized Buddies for Hunters looking for specific traits in their companions' appearances. Scouting allows you to customize your recruit's fur pattern and color, the shape of their eyes, ears and tails and even the sound of their voice! The menu will also allow you to save your custom presets so you can reuse them for future scouting. After specifying your criteria, Iori will bring buddies matching your preference on your next visit. They can be found in the Hire menu.

Scout a Buddy

Hire a Buddy


  • Rename Buddy
    • Allows you to rename your Buddies.
  • Dismiss Buddy
    • Dismisses a hired Buddy.
  • Chitchat
    • Strike up a conversation with Iori and learn more about him, acquire tips and other useful info.



Buddy Scout Trivia

  •  Coming soon!


Buddy Scout Gallery

  • Coming soon!


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