The Buddy Board

The Buddy Board
Location Kamura Village
Buddy Plaza
Related NPCs Palicoes
Services Manage Buddies

The Buddy Board in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) refers to a Facility located in Kamura Village. Facilities provide the Hunter with various services and play an integral role in a hunter's progression. The Buddy Board allows the Hunter to manage their Buddies by assigning who gets to tag along during hunts, what skills and equipment they bring along and more.


You can find the Buddy Board here, where you can manage your Buddies!
There're more like it all over the village. Maybe you've already seen one?


Buddy Board Location

  • The Buddy Board can be found in various locations around Kamura Village.
  • One Buddy Board is conveniently located in the Buddy Plaza. You can get to the plaza via a bridge in the main village area.
  • More locations coming soon.


Buddy Board Services

The Buddy Board will allow you to manage your own Buddies, as well as the Buddies hired through the Buddy Scout facility. The Buddy Board menu presents the following options:

  • Select Buddies
    • Select which Buddies to bring along with you on hunts.
  • Buddy Skills
    • Allows you to manage your Palicoes' skills.
    • More info coming soon.
  • Palamute Gear
    • More info coming soon.
  • Buddy Behavior
    • Adjust buddy behavior and tactics
    • More info coming soon.
  • Buddy Equipment
    • Change Equipment - Change Weapons and Armor equipped by your Buddies
    • Sell Equipment - Sell unwanted Buddy equipment
    • Equipment Display - More info coming soon
    • Equipment Loadouts - Manage Buddy Loadouts
  • Buddy Appearance
    • Modify your Buddies' appearances
    • More info coming soon
  • Dismiss Buddy
    • Dismiss a hired Buddy



Buddy Board Trivia

  •  Coming soon!


Buddy Board Gallery

  • Coming soon!


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