Anomaly Research Lab

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Location Elgado Outpost
Related NPCs Bahari
Services Research Requests and Item Exchange

The Anomaly Research Lab in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) refers to a Facility located in Elgado Outpost. Facilities provide the Hunter with various services and play an integral role in a hunter's progression. The Anomaly Research Lab provides hunters the possibility to accept Research Requests, to earn Research Points and Investigation Coins. These valuable coins can be traded for powerful and endgame Monsters Materials.


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Anomaly Research Lab Location in Monster Hunter Rise

  • Anomaly Research Lab is found in Elgado Outpost, and is run by Bahari.
  • More location info coming soon.


Anomaly Research Lab Services

Added in Patch 11.0.1 Of the Sunbreak Expansion, the Anomaly Research Lab, grants hunters the possibility to "by-pass" the RNG that many extremely hard to get Materials possess, and exchange them for Investigation Coins, a newly introduced trade resource. It also grants hunters Research Requests, which consist of hunting a specific Monster at a certain level when completing Anomaly Investigations, rewarding them with extra Research Points.

  • Item Exchange
  • Research Request
  • Requests Completion Rewards


Anomaly Research Lab Item Exchange List

The following items can be exchanged using Investigation Coin.

Note: (*) Only available after reaching level 101



Anomaly Research Lab Tips

How to get the Monster I need if I don't have any investigations for it?

An easy way to find the Monster required in a Research Request, is to head to the online board. Then use the search option to fill out the level and the target as Requested by Bahari's current Research Request.

Another way, if online play is out of the question, is through the Anomaly research point system. You can get these points by completing certain tasks during an Investigation or even regular Anomaly Quests. You can get them in the following ways:

  • Slaying the target afflicted monster
  • Hunting wild monsters
  • Breaking monster parts
  • Harvesting from afflicted gathering points

The more points you get, the more RNG Investigations you will roll.

How to earn Investigation Coins

Investigation Coin is the currency used by Bahari in the Anomaly Research Lab. Hunters can use it to acquire hard to find Materials.

One of the best ways to earn Investigation Coins is to complete 10 Research Requests. Completing 10 will net players x50 investigation coins currency monster hunter rise wiki guideInvestigation Coin, but also each Research Request completed will net players x1 Investigation Coin, so if hunters are able to complete 10 Research Requests may earn up to x60 investigation coins currency monster hunter rise wiki guideInvestigation Coin.


Anomaly Research Lab Trivia

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Anomaly Research Lab Gallery

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