The Argosy

argosy facilities monster hunter rise wiki guide
Location Buddy Plaza,
Kamura Village
Related NPC Rondine the Trader
Services Place Trade Requests
Trade for Goods

The Argosy in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) refers to a Facility in Kamura Village. Facilities provide the Hunter with various services and play an integral role in a hunter's progression. The Argosy is a returning feature from previous games. It presents the Hunter with various trading options and a way to farm for resources.


The Argosy crossed the seas from a foreign land and is now moored at the Buddy Plaza.
Here, you can trade your possessions with Rondine in exchange for helpful items.


The Argosy Location

The Argosy is located at the Buddy Plaza in Kamura Village. You can get to the plaza via a bridge in the main village area.


The Argosy Services

Rondine the Trader is stationed just outside The Argosy, ready to trade with hunters. Rondine and The Argosy provide Hunters with two important methods for gaining items and resources:

Hunters will be able to put in Trade Requests which works much like the Botanical Research from Monster Hunter World where players select a crafting ingredient for cultivation and return after several missions to collect their harvest. In this incarnation of the system, Hunters will be able to peruse the services of their Buddies once again, sending them out in specialized tiny Submarines to trade for ingredients in foreign lands.

Rondine herself will also trade with the Hunter for goods useful in their journey in exchange for Kamura Points. After unlocking the Argosy shortly after beginning the game, you will also be able to avail its services through your Housekeeper in your room, or at the Gathering Hub.

The Argosy menu presents the following options:

  • Order Items
    • This option allows you to send your Buddies on the hunt for ingredients. You can also send any Buddies you've hired via Iori's Buddy Scout.
    • The first screen will allow you to select a Submarine, a Buddy to send out, as well as an Ingredient to hunt for. You can unlock more Submarines and Ingredient options as you progress through the game.
    • After selecting the ingredients, you will be able to select a Bargaining Skill for your Buddy to use. These will have various effects such as improving item yield or speeding up trade so your items arrive faster. Note that Bargaining Skills can only be changed once between each Hunter quest. You will unlock more Bargaining Skills as your Buddies level up. You can also use a Lagniapple to add 3 Quests' worth of duration to any active Bargaining Skill.
Unlock Submarine Slot 2 Complete Cultural Exchange
Unlock Submarine Slot 3 Complete Economic Stimulation


argosytrade2 facilities monster hunter wiki guide

argosytrade1 facilities monster hunter rise wiki guide

argosysubmarine facilities monster hunter rise wiki guide
  • Exchange for Items - Trade with Rondine for items she has acquired on her travels
    • Trade Goods - Trade Kamura Points for items useful during a quest
      • This option allows you to trade for items such as consumables and crafting components
      • Items get added as you progress in the game.
    • Special Goods - Trade Kamura Points for hanging scrolls to decorate your home.
      • Purchase hanging scrolls that become available after completing certain objectives or quests.
    • Rare Finds - Trade Kamura Points for hard-to-acquire items.
      • Items available change after every quest. You can acquire some particularly valuable trade items that sell for a lot of zenny, but only cost a few Kamura points. Rondine will only supply a limited amount of the items in this category each time.
  • Chitchat 
    • Strike up a conversation with Rondine and learn more about her, acquire tips and other useful info.


The Argosy Goods


Trade Goods

Consumables useful during a quest, or crafting components. These unlock by progressing in the game. See below the charts for how to unlock certain item batches.

Trade Goods Page 1
Item Price kamurapoints monster hunter rise wiki guide
net material mhr wiki guideNet 200pts
gunpowder monster hunter rise wiki guideGunpowder 150pts
raw meat monster hunter rise wiki guideRaw Meat 60pts
catalyst monster hunter rise wiki guideCatalyst 500pts
herbal medicine items monster hunter rise wiki guideHerbal Medicine 300pts
energy drink monster hunter rise wiki guideEnergy Drink 300pts
deodorant monster hunter rise wiki guideDeodorant 300pts
immunizer monster hunter rise wiki guideImmunizer 500pts
poisoned meat monster hunter rise wiki guidePoisoned Meat 300pts
tinged meat monster hunter rise wiki guideTinged Meat 300pts
Trade Goods Page 2
Item Price kamurapoints monster hunter rise wiki guide
drugged meat monster hunter rise wiki guideDrugged Meat 300pts
poison smoke bomb monster hunter rise wiki guidePoison Smoke Bomb 300pts

Unlock Key:

      : Unlocked by default

      : Unlocked by completing the Urgent Village Quest Comeuppance


Special Goods

Hanging scrolls awarded by completing special objectives or quests. These can be used to decorate your room.

Item Price kamurapoints monster hunter rise wiki guide Unlocked by
Arzuros Scroll 1,000pts Hunt 10 Arzuros
Izuchi Scroll 1,000pts Hunt 10 Great Izuchi
Kulu Scroll 1,200pts Hunt 10 Kulu-Ya-Ku
Tetranadon Scroll   1,200pts Hunt 10 Tetranadon 
Bishaten Scroll  1,500pts   Hunt 10 Bishaten
Somna Scroll 1,500pts Hunt 10 Somnacanth
Rathian Scroll 1,500pts Hunt 10 Rathian
Kadachi Scroll 1,500pts Hunt 10 Tobi-Kadachi
Magnamalo Scroll 2,000pts Hunt 10 Magnamalo
Anjanath Scroll 1,800pts Hunt 10 Anjanath
Nargacuga Scroll 1,800pts Hunt 10 Nargacuga
Mizutsune Scroll 1,800pts Hunt 10 Mizutsune
Goss Scroll 2,000pts Hunt 10 Goss Harag
Rathalos Scroll 1,800pts Hunt 10 Rathalos
Almudron Scroll 2,000pts Hunt 10 Almudron
Zinogre Scroll 1,800pts Hunt 10 Zinogre
Tigrex Scroll 2,000pts Hunt 10 Tigrex
Diablos Scroll 2,000pts Hunt 10 Diablos
Daora Scroll 2,500pts Hunt 10 Kushala Daora
Teostra Scroll 2,500pts Hunt 10 Teostra
Chameleos Scroll 2,500pts Hunt 10 Chameleos
Rajang Scroll 2,500pts Hunt 10 Rajang
Bazel Scroll 2,500pts Hunt 10 Bazelgeuse
Ibushi Scroll 3,000pts Hunt 10 Wind Serpent Ibushi
Narwa Scroll 3,000pts Hunt 10 Thunder Serpent Narwa
Valstrax Scroll 3,000pts Hunt 10 Crimson Glow Valstrax
Apex Arzuros Scroll 3,000pts Hunt 10 Apex Arzuros
Apex Rathian Scroll 3,000pts Hunt 10 Apex Rathian
Apex Mizutsune Scroll 3,000pts Hunt 10 Apex Mizutsune
Apex Rathalos Scroll 3,000pts Hunt 10 Apex Rathalos
Apex Diablos Scroll 3,000pts Hunt 10 Apex Diablos
Apex Zinogre Scroll 3,000pts Hunt 10 Apex Zinogre
Fast Friends 1,000pts ??
Slayer of Malice 2,500pts Complete Urgent Quest Comeuppance
Moonlit Night 3,000pts Complete Urgent Quest The Allmother
The Showdown 1,500pts ??



Monster Hunter Rise The Argosy Notes & Trivia

How do I upgrade the Argosy in MHR?

  • When players are first introduced to the Argosy in the Buddy Plaza, they only have access to one of three Submarines. To unlock the other two Submarines, you'll need to complete two Requests given by Rondine the Trader. The first request you can get is Cultural Exchange, which you unlock by reaching Village or Hub Rank 3⭐. To unlock the final submarine, you'll have to reach Village or Hub Rank 6⭐to complete Economic Stimulation.

Other Notes

  • Other Notes & Trivia for the Argosy go here.


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      I'm about to go crazy! How the hell do we choose a location to send the submarines? Every guide is saying send the submarines to icebarb bazaar for armored bream but how do we ****ing choose it? I'm setting everything up for the submarines but there are no locations to choose they just go to god knows where.

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        There’s a scroll called “Moonlit Night” not sure how I unlocked it, might only be in the 3.0 update?

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