spud luck meals mhr wiki guide
Category Unusual Flavors
Dango Skill Dango Weakener
Activation Chance 90%
Upgrade  N/A

Spud-luck in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise) is one of the Dango components that make up a Meal. Meals refer to food that a Hunter can partake of before a hunt. They are comprised of three Dango that the Hunter can choose from the Tea Shop menu. Each Dango comes with a Skill that has a chance of activating upon the Meal's consumption. Each meal will also provide a boost to the Hunter's health and stamina, giving them an advantage while out on hunts.


Made with lucky potatoes! It's enchanted with a health and happiness spell.


How to unlock Spud-luck

Spud-luck is unlocked by:

  • Gaining access to Lv. 4⭐ Hub Quests (Completing the Urgent Quest The Blue Apex)


Spud-luck Dango Skills

  • Ordering the Spud-luck Dango at the Tea Shop or Canteen has a 90% chance of activating the Dango Weakener skill.
  • Skill Effects: Large monsters encountered on quests have an increased chance of being weaker than normal.
  • Activation chance can be boosted to 100% by using a Dango Ticket before placing your order.


Spud-luck Upgrades

  • N/A


Spud-luck Notes & Trivia

  • N/A



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      my understanding is most monsters roll how much health they will have, with modifiers called -2, -1, 0, +1, +2. this removes the +1 and +2 from pool. i think some of the bosses have fixed mods, and i don't know how it works in rampage.

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        the information provided here is the same information that is provided ingame, so this page adds nothing to it
        how much weaker are they, thats why im here

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