meowcenaries facilities monster hunter rise wiki guide
Location Buddy Plaza,
Kamura Village
Related NPCs Felyne Chief Kogarashi
Services Send Buddies on Expeditions

Meowcenaries in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) refers to a Facility located in Kamura Village. Facilities provide the Hunter with various services and play an integral role in a hunter's progression. The Meowcenaries hub allows Hunters to send their Buddies in the reserves on expeditions, gathering important resources while the Hunter is on a mission of their own.


The Meowcenaries are a monster recon squad of Buddies managed by Felyne Chief Kogarashi.
Riding special kites of Kogarashi's design, they take to the skies and set off to specified zones to gather monster materials and items.


Meowcenaries Location

  • The Meowcenaries hub is located at the Buddy Plaza in Kamura Village. You can get to the plaza via a bridge in the main village area.
  • You can also access the Meowcenaries services by accessing the Buddy Plaza located in Elgado. This prevents you from traveling back and forth once you have reached Master Rank!


Meowcenaries Services

Felyne Chief Kogarashi runs the Meowcernaries hub, leading teams of Palicoes and Palamutes on scouting and expedition missions through the various locales in search of valuable resources such as monster materials, crafting ingredients and more. At the hub, players will be able to assign the Buddies they've hired via Iori's Buddy Scout onto one of Kogarashi's Meowcenaries teams. These teams will then depart on their mission and will return after the Hunter completes 5 missions of their own. Despite the name, Palamutes are very much welcome to provide their services!

 The Meowcenaries menu presents the following options:

  • Meowcenaries - Deploy a team of Meowcenaries
    • The first screen will allow you to choose the locale for your Meowcenaries team to scout. More locales will become available as the Hunter unlocks them in their own missions.
    • After selecting a locale, you may pick one of three routes for your team to follow. These routes will contain 5 encounters with Monsters, Gathering Points, or Endemic Life and the rewards panel on the right will reflect the rewards available from the route.

    meowcernariesscouting1 facilities monster hunter rise wiki guide
    • The following screen will allow you to pick up to 4 Buddies to assign to your team. Their levels and skills will affect the outcome of the mission, with higher leveled Buddies yielding more rewards upon success. This is denoted by the number of Paw Prints on the screen:  meowcenariesoutcome facilities monster hunter rise wiki guide. You can also use a Lagniapple to boost the expected outcome. 
    • Don't worry about failing! Meowcenaries don't fail! The expected outcome ONLY affects the abouts of materials gathered, but the mission will always be completed successfully.

    meowcernariesscouting2 facilities monster hunter rise wiki guide
  • Receive Items
    • Once your Meowcenaries complete their mission, you will be notified of their return to the village and you will be able to collect any items they've collected here. Don't worry about counting the missions! A prompt will appear on-screen when the Meowcenaries complete their selected mission. Talk to Felyne Chief Kogarashi, the Housekeeper, or the Buddy Piazza to claim the rewards!
  • Chitchat
    • Strike up a conversation with  Felyne Chief Kogarashi and learn more about him, acquire tips and other useful info.


Meowcenaries Rewards

Sparkling Nodes

When dispatching Meowcenaries to Locals certain nodes can be sparking, these sparking nodes give you access to specific materials that are used in unique amour sets and weapons. The material collected changes depending on the rank and the location.

Meowcenaries Rewards

Meowcenaries Destination Point Cost per Rank

Besides the cost that deploying Meowcenaries to a certain location may cost, there is also a cost in Kamura Points that has to be paid depending on the rank for each locale. 


Low Rank

High Rank

Master Rank

Shrine Ruins

50 Pts. 350 pts. 1350 pts

Frost Islands

50 Pts. 350 pts. 1350 pts

Sandy Plains

100 pts. 400 pts. 1350 pts

Flooded Forest

100 pts 400 pts. 1400 pts.

Lava Caverns

150 pts. 450 pts. 1500 pts.


250 pts. 500 pts. -


- - 1350 pts.


- - 1450 pts.

Qurio Hunts

- - 1550 pts.


Unlocking Qurio Hunts

Qurio Hunts unlock in Sunbreak's postgame. They are essentially the Master Rank equivalent to the Rampages in Sunbreak. Qurio Hunts, or Qurio Probes as they are also known as, will appear randomly and, once completed, Meowcenaries will return with Master Rank Monster Materials



Meowcenaries Trivia

  • Although the name Meowcenaries, and their leader of the group Felyne Chief Kogarashi may imply a Felyne-only organizations, Palamutes are also a vital part of the group.


Meowcenaries Gallery

  • Coming soon!


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      I just got a Sinister Cloth from the Meowcenaries hunting some Dalex.
      Not sure if it was just a coincidence or if there's an actual mechanic there, but the node right before the Dalex was a Shiny Bone Gathering.
      All level 20 Buddies + Lagniapple.

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