The Market

The Market
Location Kamura Village
Related NPCs Kagero the Merchant
Services Buy and Sell Items
Read Amiibo

The Market in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) refers to a Facility located in Kamura Village. Facilities provide the Hunter with various services and play an integral role in a hunter's progression. The Market works similarly to Item Shops and Provisions Stockpiles from previous games, where the Hunter can purchase various items to aid them on hunts.


If you need any items to help you on your hunts, pay a visit to the mysterious merchant Kagero.
Sometimes he will hold a sale, slicing his prices in half (some items excepted), and he runs a lottery as well.


Market Services

Located in Kamura Village's main area, the Market is your one-stop shop for items and daily essentials such as Potions and Antidotes, as well as hunting tools and components such as Tranq Bombs and Gunpowder.

The proprietor, Kagero the Merchant may sometimes hold a sale, slicing his prices in half (some items exempted). This happens once every few quests or after completing Urgent Quests. Additionally, he runs a lottery that can provide lucky hunters with some special prizes. The lottery is available once per sale, or three times per day using Amiibo.

The Market menu presents the following options:

  • Buy - Purchase Items
    • Item Pouch - Purchase items and put them into your current Item Loadout.
    • Item Box - Purchase items and put them into your Item Box for later use.
  • Sell
    • Sell your unwanted items for zenny-monster-hunter-rise-wiki-guide-mhr
  • Lottery - Try your luck
    • Every time Kagero holds a sale, you can try your luck at the lottery one time by paying with zenny_monster_hunter_rise_wiki_guide or using a Lottery Ticket. The first Sale is held after completing the Village Quest Great Izuchi, Great Pain.
  • Read Amiibo - Read amiibo to enter the lottery or claim bonuses.
    • You can use amiibo to enter the lottery any time, even outside of a Sale. However, each amiibo can only be used once per day(real world time) and you can only partake of the lottery through amiibos 3 times per day.
    • Some amiibo reward the player with special prizes as well. Particularly the amiibos from the Monster Hunter Rise series.
  • Melding Pot - Use materials to meld talismans. Or, collect already melded talismans.
  • Chitchat
    • Strike up a conversation with Kagero and learn more about him, acquire tips and other useful info.


Market Items for Sale

The following is a list of items available for purchase. Note that many items require Story progression or completion of certain quests in order to unlock:

      : Unlocked by default

      : Unlocked by completing the Village Quest Great Izuchi, Great Pain

      : Unlocked by completing the Village Quest Feathered Frenzy

      : Unlocked by completing the Village Quest Monkey Wrench in Your Plans

      : Unlocked by completing the Village Quest Comeuppance

      : Unlocked by completing the Village Quest Hermit of the Swamp




Market Trivia

  •  Coming soon!


Market Gallery

  • Coming soon!


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