Elgado Smithy

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Location Elgado Outpost
Related NPCs Minayle
Services Forge and Upgrade Equipment

The Elgado Smithy in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) refers to a Facility located in Elgado Outpost. Facilities provide the Hunter with various services and play an integral role in a hunter's progression. Similar to the Smithy in Kamura Village, the Elgado Smithy provides crafting and upgrading services for all Hunter Weapons and Armor, as well as Palico Equipment and Palamute Equipment.


The Elgado Smithy is manned by Minayle, the Outpost's young but highly skilled blacksmith. Having undergone tutelage through Hamon in Kamura, Minayle utilizes the facility with great proficiency to craft the best hunting equipment the Kingdom has to offer.


Elgado Smithy Location in Monster Hunter Rise

  • Elgado Smithy is found in Elgado Outpost.
  • More location info coming soon.


Elgado Smithy Services

Just as with the Smithy in Kamura Village, the Elgado Smithy provides hunters with crafting services related to Equipment. Hunters can turn in Materials collected from Monsters as well as any associated fees to avail Minayle's services:

Refer to each Equipment category's page for details on all items craftable at the Elgado Smithy.


Qurious Crafting Guide

As of Patch 11.0.1, hunters can access the Qurious Crafting system. In this system, you can use Materials from afflicted Monsters to upgrade your Equipment. Note that first, you must Enable Augmentation in order to do so. Once it has been enabled, an icon will display in the selected item.

  • It is important to note that only fully upgraded weapons and MR Armor, can be Augmented. Equipment that doesn't fall into any of these two categories, can not be augmented.
  • Once Weapons have been Augmented, they can not be rolled back.

Qurious Weapon Crafting

Weapons that are able to be Augmented have exclusive slots called Anomaly slots.

You can enhance your weapons' stats by equipping Augmentations.

Note: Before a weapon can be Augmented, it must have Augmentation enabled first.

Each Augmentation will change your weapon's stats in a unique way. They are organized by level, and each level requires a different number of Anomaly Slots.

Finding the perfect balance between which Augmentations you want and how many Anomaly Slots are available is key to getting the most out of Weapon Augmentation.

Qurious Armor Crafting

When augmenting armor you can boost its stats, add or upgrade decoration slots, and even add skills, but the results available after Augmentation will be randomized.

The results will change each time you Augment your Armor, so try until you get the results you are satisfied with.

Additionally, armor with a lower rarity will have a greater potential for change when Augmenting.

Try Augmenting various types of armor to create something unique!


Elgado Smithy Trivia

  •  Facility notes & trivia go here


Elgado Smithy Gallery

  • Facility images go here


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