The Smithy

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Location Kamura Village
Related NPCs Hamon the Blacksmith
Buddy Smithy Kisaki
Services Forge and Upgrade Equipment

The Smithy in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise) refers to a Facility located in Kamura Village. Facilities provide the Hunter with various services and play an integral role in a hunter's progression. The Smithy provides crafting and upgrading services for all Hunter Weapons and Armor, as well as Palico Equipment and Palamute Equipment.


If you need any gear crafted or upgraded, talk to Hamon, the village's stubborn but skilled blacksmith.
You can find equipment for your Buddies at the Buddy Smithy right next to him.


Smithy Services

The Smithy is a set of small workshops manned by Hamon the Blacksmith, where he employs traditional blacksmithing techniques to craft and refine weapons and armor for Kamura Village.

Hunters can turn in the Materials they collect from Monsters and other sources to have Hamon forge new Weapons and Armor, as well as upgrade existing equipment. Hunters will also be able to purchase and manage Kinsects and configure Bowgun Customizations here.

Progressing in the game will also unlock crafting options for Decorations which can be slotted in to your armor to activate Skills.

See Equipment for details on all hunter gear craftable at the Smithy.


Buddy Smithy Services

Hamon's trusty sidekick Buddy Smithy Kisaki operates from the adjacent workshop, providing crafting needs for your Buddies.

Kisaki is in charge of creating Palico and Palamute Equipment using Scraps. Scraps are special materials used to craft your companions' gear and can be obtained while crafting Hunter weapons and armor. You can also trade-in your excess materials for scraps directly from the Buddy Smithy.

See Palico Equipment and Palamute Equipment for details on all gear craftable at the Buddy Smithy.


Smithy Trivia

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Smithy Gallery

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