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Location Kamura Village
Related NPCs Senri the Mailman
Services Create or Join Online Lobbies

The Courier in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) refers to a Facility located in Kamura Village. Facilities provide the Hunter with various services and play an integral role in a hunter's progression. The Courier allows the Hunter to create or join Online Lobbies to engage in Multiplayer activities.


If you ever find yourself taking a Hub Quest, then I, Senri the Mailman, have quite the impurr-tant info for ya!


Courier Location

  • Senri the Mailman and his Courier services can be found in Kamura Village - just across from Hinoa the Quest Maiden in the main village area.


Courier Services

The Courier acts as a gateway for Multiplayer features and activities. 

There are two ways to play Multiplayer in Monster Hunter Rise:

  • Make use of the Lobby, which is essentially the Online Session created and hosted by a player or;
  • Send out Join Requests to have other players join your quests.

Players can also choose to play Online, connecting with players all over the world or play Locally with people nearby and on the same local network. Note that playing Online requires an active Nintendo Switch Online membership and Join Requests are only available during Online play.

To team up with other players, you can either search for an existing Lobby to join, or create your own. Each Lobby can host up to four players. All players in the same Lobby will be able to see each other in Kamura Village, make use of all Facilities, train together at the Training Area and engage in other activities. Players will also be able to visit the Lobby Host's private Room where the host can show off their decorating skills.

Players in a Lobby can take on quests from the Hub Quests counter together. Note that Village Quests can still be accepted during Online play but you will not be able to play these quests with others players.

Aside from the Online features, the Courier will also allow you to collect any Add-on Content you've purchased or obtained, as well as visit the Nintendo e-Shop for purchasing Downloadable Content from within the game.

The Courier Menu presents the following options:

  • Play Online
    • Play with people using online communication - You can create or search for Lobbies from here.
  • Play Locally
    • Play with people using the same local network
  • Friend List
    • View a list of your Friends who also play Monster Hunter Rise. You can also join Lobbies created by friends here.
  • Mutual Likes List
    • View a list of people you've played and exchanged Likes with. You can also join lobbies they've created here.
  • Lobby Settings
    • You can set your Lobby ID here so you can give it out to friends for easy joining. You can also set a Target monster for your Lobby so other players have an idea of your goals. If you want to play privately with Friends only, you can set a passcode required to join your Lobby.
  • Leave Lobby
    • Leave the current Lobby and take the game offline.
  • Add-on Content
    • Collect purchased or downloaded DLC
  • Nintendo e-Shop
    • Quick link to the e-Shop for purchasing DLC
  • Chitchat
    • Strike up a conversation with Senri and learn more about him, acquire tips and other useful info.


Courier Trivia

  •  Coming soon!


Courier Gallery

  • Coming soon!


Kamura Village Facilities

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