Frost Islands is a Location in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). The Frost Islands of MHR is called "寒冷群島" (かんれいぐんとう) in Japanese. Different areas of the game have a different look and feel, map and special unique monsters that spawn within them. Some areas are safe from monster attacks, and large locales are often divided into Areas by number.


The Frost Islands used to be the nest of a gigantic dragon.
Many heroes lost their lives trying to slay the beast, turning it into
a barren place of desolation and death. In the center of the islands
lie giant dragon bones and the remnants of a Dragonship, the final
traces left by a desperate struggle.


Frost islands Map

frost islands map monster hunter rise wiki guide 


Frost Islands Relic Notebook Entries

These are the various messages contained in Relic Records and scattered across the Frost Islands. For a detailed guide on how to find every Record, see Relic Records Guide.

  • Frost Islands Message I
    • "After many a long year on the high seas, the ship's harpoon reduced the dragon to naught but a sinking berg on the waves."
  • Frost Islands Message II
    • "The crew of veteran soldiers, their duty fulfilled, moored alongside a snowy shore, quiet save for the lapping tide."
  • Frost Islands Message III
    • "But their ship, fatally scathed, split in two; the men resigned themselves to a Pyrrhic victory and uneasy morrows."
  • Frost Islands Message IV
    • "Day 1: We awoke to a pale shore mared by claw marks and signs of battle. Someone said they heard a lullaby."
  • Frost Islands Message V
    • "Day 2: Our scouts returned without their weapons, claiming they saw a shadow dragging a bloody knife behind them."
  • Frost Islands Message VI
    • "Day 3: We all hid in the ship, shivering not from cold, but fear. Some whisper that the island is cursed."
  • Frost Islands Message VII
    • "Day 10: Before we knew it, there were monsters everywhere, scratching at the ship's hull. Howls and panic followed."
  • Frost Islands Message VIII
    • "Day 16: The beasts' feast was at an end, as were any courage or valiance we once-noble warriors had possessed."
  • Frost Islands Message IX
    • "What had summoned those monsters were the very remains of that mighty wyvern, growing in strength even after defeat."
  • Frost Islands Message X
    • "Mayhaps it was a curse. Neither the ship nor the bones will tell, for they have long disappeared into the marine snow."

Frost Islands Gathering

You will find the following Items & Materials for harvesting in this locale:




Frost Islands Quests

The following is a list of Quests that will take you to this destination:

Master Rank
Low Rank & High Rank




Frost Islands Ecosystem

The tables below list all Monsters and Endemic Life that make up the Frost Islands'' ecosystem.

  • LR denotes creatures available in Low Rank settings.
  • HR denotes creatures available in High Rank settings.
  • MR denotes creatures available in Master Rank settings and require the Sunbreak Expansion to encounter.

Large Monsters

Monster LR HR MR
Aurora Somnacanth -- --
Bazelgeuse --
Crimson Glow Valstrax --
Furious Rajang -- --
Goss Harag
Great Baggi
Great Izuchi
Kushala Daora --
Lunagaron -- --
Rajang --

Small Monsters

Monster LR HR MR



Frost Islands Screenshots & Videos

Screenshots and images of this area, as well as location videos go here.

 frost islands picture 2


frost islands picture 3




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