Locations and Areas in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise) are the many destinations, locales and fields that players can visit. All MHR locations are accessible by the player via travel, and each different location features a different landscape, vegetation, and challenges to travel. Some areas have specific Hazards that make monster hunting more challenging and pose unique requirements. Different Large Monsters and Small Monsters inhabit specific locations based on their evolutionary traits, and specific Materials can be harvested at each location. There are sub-areas to each main location.


Monster Hunter Rise Locations List


Sunbreak Locations


Elgado Outpost

elgado outpost locations monster hunter rise wiki guide

Elgado is an outpost of the Kingdom, and home to the research team tasked with looking into the mystery surrounding Malzeno and other Kingdom monsters.
The Outpost is bustling with knights of the Royal Order, researchers, sailors and traders, and hired hunters.

The Citadel

the citadel locations monster hunter rise wiki guide

The Citadel is a new locale centered around the forlorn ruins of an old castle,
featuring a vast array of environments from forest-covered areas to frozen icescapes.

The Jungle

the jungle locations monster hunter rise wiki guide

The Jungle boasts a warm climate and abundant rainfall, making it a paradise for the monsters and plant life that make their home there. It features rich, tree-laden greenery, expansive subterranean caverns, and relaxing waterside areas.


Yawning Abyss

yawning abyss locations monster hunter rise wiki guide

That so many find their faith here is nothing but an evil fate. They come rushing here, in a desperate attempt to survive. Both beast and man, have more in common than they think.

Forlorn Arena

forlorn arena gallery3 locations monster hunter rise wiki guide

Crumbled but still standing tall, this structure no longer serves a purpose. It simply exists, in a vast sea of clouds. Its true form only seen by those brave enough to climb it.


Base Game Locations


Kamura Village

kamura village location monster hunter world wiki guide mhr

A serene village, known for its Tatara Steel. It contains various
facilities that are essential to hunters, such as the Smithy. It is also
inhabited by a colorful cast of supporting characters.

Buddy Plaza

buddy plaza monster hunter rise wiki guide

The Buddy Plaza, for all your Buddy needs!

Gathering Hub

gathering hub locations monster hunter rise wiki guide

A place of relaxation used by all of the villagers. This is where you can take on Hub Quests and Arena Quests, and there are various facilities such as the canteen and the market to support hunters in their endeavors. The Gathering Hub has a special Hub Prep Area full of facilities that will help you prepare for your hunts. There's a Smithy to forge and upgrade equipment, and your trusty Housekeeper is there as well, to grant you access to the Meowcenaries and the Argosy.


Flooded Forest

flooded forest location monster hunter world wiki guide mhr

A dense region of deep, dark green. Due to a constant flow of water,
the majority of this forest has become submerged. The eye-catching ruins
here can be scaled by using the Wirebug.

Shrine Ruins

shrine ruins location monster hunter world wiki guide mhr

Once a place where people prayed for protection, this shrine has fallen
into decay and is now haunted by the roars of monsters, day and night.
However, it still maintains its holy nature and exudes a mysterious aura.

Frost Islands

frost islands

The Frost Islands used to be the nest of a gigantic dragon.
Many heroes lost their lives trying to slay the beast, turning it into
a barren place of desolation and death. In the center of the islands
lie giant dragon bones and the remnants of a Dragonship, the final
traces left by a desperate struggle.


Lava Caverns

lava caverns location monster hunter rise wiki guide 300px

his large cave system is divided into a searing hot area with flowing lava, and a nice cool area with beautifully pure water.
It would be a wonderfully mystical environment if it wasn't teeming with monsters...

Sandy Plains

sandy plains location monster hunter rise wiki guide 300px

A desolate wasteland, filled with aggressive monsters that hunger for flesh and blood.
During th

Coral Palace

coral palace locations mh rise wiki guide

This is a special area designed only for a boss battle..


Infernal Springs

infernal springs locations mh rise wiki guide

At the end of the world lies the home of all woe. A well granting life and death, evil bathing in its glow. Fate will be determined here in its endless ebb and flow.


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