The Gathering Hub in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) refers to a Location within Kamura Village. The Gathering Hub is the central location for meeting up with other Hunters during Online play. It contains most of the village's facilities in one convenient location and allows you to take on the game's Multiplayer content via the Hub and Arena Quest counters.


A place of relaxation used by all of the villagers. This is where you can take on Hub Quests and Arena Quests, and there are various facilities such as the canteen and the market to support hunters in their endeavors. The Gathering Hub has a special Hub Prep Area full of facilities that will help you prepare for your hunts. There's a Smithy to forge and upgrade equipment, and your trusty Housekeeper is there as well, to grant you access to the Meowcenaries and the Argosy.

Gathering Hub Location

The Gathering Hub is located in Kamura Village. The entrance is just past the Tea Shop in the main village area.


Gathering Hub Information

The Gathering Hub's main purpose is to provide a one-stop convenient location for Hunters to meet up during Multiplayer sessions. The hub contains many facilities and NPCs that provide most of the same services you can find in the main village area so you don't need to leave the hub. This is also the only location where you can take on Hub Quests, which are the more challenging quests designed for Multiplayer.


Gathering Hub Services

Minoto the Hub Maiden can be found manning the Quest Counter where you can accept the standard Village Quests and the Gathering Hub-only Hub Quests. Hub Quests are quests you can take on with other players. There is also a Quest Board next to Minoto where players can join any quests posted by the host or other players.

Master Utsushi can be found at the balcony area, ready to hand out Arena Quests. These are special challenges where you take on monsters using preset items and gear.

Most of the facilities and services offered in the village also have their equivalent in the Gathering Hub:

  • Otemai the Chef manages the Canteen right in the middle of the hub and it provides the same services as the Tea Shop.
  • Maido the Merchant is located right next to Minoto the Hub Maiden and provides Market services.
  • Take the stairs in the back to go up to the Hub Prep Area where you can access the hub's Smithy and Buddy Board. There is also an Item Box in the area.
  • The Housekeeper can also be found in the Hub Prep Area, who can assist you with your Meowcenaries and Buddy Dojo needs. They can also help you send goods requests to The Argosy.


Gathering Hub Trivia

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