Village Quests in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise) are the game's Main story quests and completing them progress the story forward. They are similar in structure to the Hub Quests.


Unlocking Village Quests

You have to talk to Hinoa, the quest maiden in order to access the Village Quests counter.

Player availability

Village Quests can only be completed in Single-player.

Icons glossary


key_quests_mhrise_wiki_guide_50px - Key Quest

hunting_quests_mhrise_wiki_guide_25px - Hunting

slaying_quests_mhrise_wiki_guide_25px - Slaying

capture_quests_mhrise_wiki_guide_25px - Capture

endurance_quests_mhrise_wiki_guide_25px - Endurance

gatherin_quests_mhrise_wiki_guide_50px - Gathering 

red_seal_quests_mhrise_wiki_guide_25px - Training

rampage_quests_mhrise_wiki_guide_25px - Rampage

arena_coin_quests_mhrise_wiki_guide_25px - Arena



Monster Hunter Rise Village Quests


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