Walkthrough for Monster Hunter Rise features a detailed guide that aims to help players complete all the locations and sub-areas, as well as guides on monsters, endemic life, NPCs, boons, and items that are encountered in the game. This page will mainly focus on providing a detailed walkthrough for the main campaign or story of Monster Hunter Rise. For guides on quests, click here, if you want to check an overview for a recommended progress path, you may visit our Game Progress Route page.  


Monster Hunter Rise Walkthrough

Monster Hunter Rise is a largely open-ended game that doesn't follow the standard convention of most games when it comes to progression. There is a Story/Main Campaign to get through but the vast majority of content happens outside of it. Moreover, the game is regularly updated with new content including new Quests, Monsters to hunt and Events to participate in, and in many cases, additional content present ever increasing challenges. This walkthrough aims to provide players with a guided checklist of things to do in order to progress and get the most out of Monster Hunter Rise, as well as keep up with future updates and expansions.

Pick a Weapon

Monster Hunter veterans will know that their choice of Weapon will largely determine their experience with the hunt. For new players however, picking a weapon can be quite daunting. Monster Hunter Rise deviates from the typical Action RPG fare in terms of character customization and progression. There are no traditional Classes. Instead, Monster Hunter Rise has 14 Weapon-types to choose from and each one employs unique playstyles, combos and abilities, as well as methods of dealing damage to Monsters. All weapon-types are unlocked from the beginning, with every single starter weapon available for the player from the get go. Players are always free to switch weapons in Kamura Village and in camps during hunts.

great sword weapons monster hunter rise wiki guide mhr 300

One of the first things you should do when starting Monster Hunter Rise is to try out each type of Weapon, learn their attacks and combos and see which one appeals to you. There is a Training Area in Kamura Village which is accessible by taking the ferry from the Buddy Plaza. These areas will be introduced to you during the opening tour of Kamura Village in the first few minutes after creating your character.


toadversary facilities monster hunter rise wiki guide

shooting range facilities monster hunter rise wiki guide

The Training Area provides a safe environment for players to test their combat abilities, as well as try out the different weapons. Near the entrance, there is an Item Box from which players can freely switch their equipped weapon. This includes all of the aforementioned starter weapons and any other weapons you might already possess. There is a giant mechanical dummy in the center of the arena which players can practice their moves on, as well as a shooting range for practicing with ranged weapons. These can be set to remain static or simulate moving targets and attacking Monsters.

Take a few minutes with each weapon and then pick the one that best suits your preferred playstyle. In the beginning, you will want to stick with one or two weapon-types. As you make your way through the game, you will need to upgrade your weapons or craft new ones to keep up with the increasing challenges. This is done through the Crafting system and working through each Weapon's upgrade trees. Crafting is integral to your character's progression but it requires collecting lots of Materials from Monsters and the world. The upkeep of multiple Weapons can be very expensive early on, therefore it's best to stick to your favorite. Some Monsters may present you with a challenge too difficult to overcome with your main weapon and it may be a good idea to have a back-up weapon of a different type if its playstyle allows you to overcome such challenges.


Your choice of Weapon will also largely affect your choice of Armor as each Armor piece will come with certain Skills. Skills are modifiers that affect many aspects of your character such as increasing Attack Power, reducing Stamina Consumption or adding conditional effects such as adding Stun damage when attacking from a sheathed weapon state. Keep this in mind as you progress in the game and begin creating and perfecting your Builds.

See the Weapons page as well as each individual Weapon-type's page for details on the 14 Weapon-types, guides on their playstyle, intricacies, as well as complete Weapon Upgrade trees.

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Complete the Main Campaign

In Monster Hunter Rise, a good chunk of your first dozen hours or so will be spent progressing in the Main Campaign which comprises the story of Kamura Village, introducing key mechanics, Monsters and cementing your role in the world as an Elite Hunter. Progression in the Main Campaign is largely tied to completing Key Quests denoted by the key quests mhrise wiki guide 50px symbol. Quests are divided by ⭐ Rank, denoting their difficulty, and completing a certain number of Key Quests in a given rank will unlock the next rank, providing tougher challenges. Quests are further divided into Village Quests, which are a solo affair and Hub Quests which are designed for multiplayer and both types of quests have their own ranks comprised of quests unique to each quest type.


  • Village Quests typically serve as an introduction to the game's mechanics, locales and monsters. All content under Village Quests are considered Low Rank.
  • Hub Quests start off at Low Rank up until Lv. 3⭐. After this, quests are considered High Rank and there is a steep difficulty curve that you will need to prepare for.
  • You can unlock most features by diving right into Hub Quests. However, while these quests can be completed solo, keep in mind that they are designed for Multiplayer and can prove to be quite difficult for beginners.
  • There are also Special License Tests that you can unlock if you've been focusing solely on Village Quests. These tests allow you to advance your Hub Quest progress by 1 Rank without having to complete all the associated Key Quests. These quests become available if your Village Quest rank is 4⭐ or more while your Hub Quest rank is below a certain number. Note that these quests will disappear if you complete the Hub Quest progression for that rank normally.

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Check out our Game Progress Route page for a quick guide to progressing in the Main Campaign. This page details all Key Quests required to unlock each difficulty rank and complete the story, as well as what you unlock for completing each milestone including Features, Optional Quests, Requests, Dango Meals and upgrades, and many more.


Breaking Hunter Rank Caps

Your Hunter Rank (HR) is an overall indicator of your character's progression. Certain Quests will also have an HR requirement before being made available. During the Main Campaign, you can safely ignore HR as it will increase automatically in small increments as you make your way through the story and complete certain milestones. Completing the Serpent Goddess of Thunder Quest which is the final base quest in the Main Campaign will get you to HR 8 and unlock the Hunter Rank Point System. From this point on, you will earn Hunter Rank Points for completing hunts and Quests of any type. After earning enough points, your HR will level up and you can continue to rank up in this way until you reach certain Hunter Rank Caps. Hunter Rank Caps are presented as you reach certain HR levels. Once you reach these thresholds, a challenging Urgent Quest will be made available and you cannot earn any more Hunter Rank points until you complete the Urgent Quest to 'break' the Hunter Rank Cap. The following are all the Hunter Rank Caps and their associated quests:

HR 20 Cap

chameleos main image large monsters monster hunter rise wiki guide 200px

HR 30 Cap

kushala daora monster icon mhrise wiki guide

HR 40 Cap

teostra monster icon mh rise wiki guide


Upon breaking the HR 40 Cap, your Hunter Rank is permanently unlocked and you can continue earning points and ranking up all the way to the maximum cap of HR 999. There are two more Urgent Quests that rely on high HR to unlock. The first one is The Allmother quest which unlocks at HR 50. This quest tasks you with defeating Wind Serpent Ibushi and Narwa the Allmother. It also serves as the conclusion to the main Kamura Village story arc. After completing The Allmother and reaching HR 100, The Crimson Glow quest unlocks, introducing you to Crimson Glow Valstrax. Upon completion of this HR 100 quest, your Hunter Rank will no longer serve any practical purpose other than as an indicator of your time invested in the game (and bragging rights!). However, future content such as the upcoming Sunbreak Expansion may impose HR requirements in order to unlock quests and other features but you are free to pre-emptively rank up in anticipation of such updates.


Future-proof your Character

So, what do you do once you've completed the Main Campaign? The short answer is to keep playing! The game truly opens up once you've defeated the game's Story Bosses. During the course of the Main Campaign, you will also gain access to High Rank content. High Rank Quests and Monsters are a whole other level above their Low Rank counterparts in terms of difficulty. There are even Monsters that can only be encountered in High Rank quests! Along with these new challenges, you will also gain access to High Rank Armor which have increased stats and improved Skills. Most High Rank armor will also contain slots for inserting Decorations which are an additional method of activating armor Skills, allowing you to really round out your builds.

Monster Hunter Rise is a constantly updating title and the devs are always working on adding additional challenges, primarily in the form of new Monsters and Quests. Furthermore, each Monster is tuned differently depending on the quest. While you may breeze through your initial Zinogre encounter, higher rank quests with the same opponent may present much tougher challenges such as increased Monster health, aggressiveness or variance with behavioral AI. To tackle these challenges, players will need to constantly take on hunts, and farm materials to craft and upgrade an ever-expanding array of Weapons and Armor. This is the name of the game! Monster Hunter is all about acquiring the best possible gear at your current level (both in terms of Hunter Rank and player ability) so you can take on the next tier of challenge, all the while honing your skills in using the various weapons, learning Monster movesets, weaknesses you can exploit and how you can best defend against their most brutal attacks. The cycle repeats itself in a satisfying gameplay loop as you amass your collection of gear and get better and better at hunting towards the Endgame.

Below, we list some tips to help you make the most out of the Endgame of Monster Hunter Rise and to future-proof your character for upcoming content updates:

Work towards HR Milestones

Reach HR 50 and clear The Allmother quest, then reach HR 100 and clear The Crimson Glow quest. Not only do these quests allow you to farm materials for some of the best Armor available, they also set you up for future updates. As noted above, these are the two quests that require the highest HR level at the moment. Future content will inevitably have similarly high requirements or quest completion prerequisites and it's just best to get these out of the way now. Pre-emptively completing these quests will ensure that once new content drop, you can simply jump straight in.

  • Getting to HR 100 can be quite the grind but we find that taking on HR 8+ Quests and Rampage Quests give out the most Hunter Rank Points. Rampage Quests in general are great for farming Materials that you can't get elsewhere. The Ibushi and Apex Monster Rampage Quests in particular give massive HR experience, if you can manage to complete them with S-Ranking. This is easiest achieved in a full group of 4 capable Hunters, so gather your friends and reap those rewards!

rampage hordes monster hunter rise wiki guide


Take on Optional Content

Monster Hunter Rise is chock full of additional content! As you progress through the Main Campaign and reach Village and Hub Rank thresholds, you will unlock plenty of activities that are not mandatory but provide additional challenges and rewards. Many of these quests also offer unique rewards or unlock certain features and equipment. Since you are almost always hunting, optional content is also a great way to amass crafting Materials and Consumable Items.

arena quests mh rise wiki guide  event quest sample 1 mh rise wiki guide

  • Check out our Quests page for a full list of available quests in Monster Hunter Rise.
  • Arena Quests - These are special challenges from Master Utsushi that pit you against one or more monsters in the Arena. The objective is to defeat the Monsters within a short amount of time and you are ranked based on how fast you can complete the challenge. Furthermore, you are limited to using equipment presets which vary from quest to quest. These quests are designed to test a hunter's adaptability in high pressure situations using limited gear and consumables. Arena quests reward Hunter Coins which can be used as crafting Materials for some specialized equipment.
  • Challenge Quests - Challenge Quests are the downloadable variants of Arena Quests. The mechanics are identical except for the download requirement. Speak to Senri the Mailman in the main Kamura Village area to download these quests. Once downloaded, you can access them at any time by speaking to Master Utsushi. Challenge Quests are typically released along with Free Title Updates.
  • Event Quests - Event Quests are frequently added Downloadable Content (DLC). These quests often comprise of special hunts with varying requirements. Event Quests also include celebratory content such as when the game reaches certain sales milestones, special real-world events such as holidays, as well as special collaborations with other game and media franchises such as the recent Sonic the Hedgehog Collaboration event. Event quests often reward cosmetic and novelty items such as Layered Armor, Stickers, Gestures & Poses and many more. Event Quests can be downloaded by speaking to Senri the Mailman. Once downloaded, they are added to the Gathering Hub and can be played as many times as you want. Event Quests are added all the time, be sure to check back frequently for a constant flow of new challenges and rewards!
  • Requests - Requests are small tasks handed out by the people of Kamura Village. If you've gotten to the end of the Main Campaign, then you'd have acquired quite a few of these already. Requests can be completed alongside regular Quests or even on Expeditions. Completing these grant a wide variety of rewards including crafting diagrams that unlock unique Weapons and Armor for crafting at the Smithy. Some Requests will also unlock Dango flavors and upgrades, while others give Buddy Equipment.


Craft Decorations

As with previous Monster Hunter titles, Decorations are key to optimizing your Armor and Builds. Decorations allow for the activation of select Skills in addition to the ones that pre-exist in Armor pieces. These allow players to really round their builds out. Players coming from Monster Hunter World will be glad to know that the vast majority of Decorations can be crafted in MH Rise, eliminating the tedious RNG-riddled grind. Players will still need to put in a lot of work to farm materials for these but it is now much, much easier to obtain that elusive Attack Boost gem to complete your loadout!

  • The ability to craft Decorations is unlocked after attaining 4⭐ Hub Rank. Crafting Decorations is performed at the Smithy.
  • Crafting Decorations requires Jewel Materials collected from High Rank Monsters.
  • Initially, you will only have access to a handful of Decorations but continuing to defeat Monsters and acquiring the appropriate materials will unlock them at the Smithy.
  • There are certain Decorations that require you to complete certain Quests in order to unlock, therefore it is best that you complete as many quests as possible, including the optional ones.


Meld Talismans

Talismans are a single piece of accessory that players can equip to obtain more points towards Armor Skills. Using the proper Talismans can give you more room for important Decorations in your Armor or can provide Skills that are hard to get in Armor pieces. Talismans can have up to two Skills, each with varying ranks in the skills. Unfortunately, in contrast to Decorations, Talismans are created with mostly random Skill distributions, adding a lot of RNG grinding.

  • Talisman Melding is unlocked in Tiers with the first one being made available after completing the 5⭐ Urgent Village Quest Comeuppance or the 3⭐ Urgent Hub Quest Hellfire.
  • Subsequent Tiers are unlocked by completing higher rank Urgent Quests. See the Melding page for unlock details.
  • Melding is performed by Kagero the Merchant but can also be accessed at the Gathering Hub. In order to meld a Talisman, you will need to accumulate sufficient Points by providing Monster parts and other materials. Materials have varying Point values, with harder-to-obtain materials providing more Points. When a Meld Request is put in, it will be completed after completing one mission regardless if you succeed or fail. (Note that quitting a mission does not count)
  • Initially, you will only be able to Meld one Talisman at a time with a limited amount of Skills that you can choose from. Each Skill will have a varying chance to be successfully melded but most melds are not guaranteed. Unlocking the higher Meld Tiers will grant access to more Skill choices, as well as the ability to put in more requests at once. The highest tiers will no longer allow you to choose Skills but in exchange, it will draw from a much larger pool of Skill combinations and will tend to provide more ranks for Skills.
  • Talismans can also obtain between 1 - 3 Slots for Decorations during Melding, with any combination of Slot levels 1 - 3. Again, this is completely random.
  • The final Tier of Melding will allow you to recycle 20 existing Talismans in exchange for 3 new ones. This is a great way to get rid of all your unwanted Talismans which will inevitably pile up as you attempt to obtain that perfect one.
  • Make sure to always have Meld Requests active so as not to waste the potential of obtaining some powerful Talismans while you are out hunting.

Unlock all of your Switch Skills 

Switch Skills are a new mechanic in Monster Hunter Rise which allow you to swap out certain weapon abilities or attacks for alternatives, offering new ways to approach the hunt. Each Weapon has 3 Sets of Switch Skills that can be unlocked over the course of the game. Two of these swap out certain Weapon moves or combos for others, while the other one swaps out one of your Silkbind Attacks for another. Unlocking all Switch Skills doesn't take much effort outside of your standard gameplay loop. Even if you're not interested in a particular weapon, you may want to switch things up later on.

  • The first set of Switch Skills are unlocked by reaching 3⭐ Village Quests (Complete Feathered Frenzy Urgent Quest) or 2⭐ Hub Quests (Complete Dead Ringer Urgent Quest) and then speak to Master Utsushi. This unlocks the first set for all Weapon-types.
  • The second set of Switch Skills are unlocked by forging 8 different Weapons within a category and then talk to Master Utsushi. You will need to do this for each Weapon-type that you wish to unlock the skills for. Note that weapon upgrades will also count towards this and you can simply rollback your upgrades to regain your materials if you don't plan on using the weapon.
  • The third and final set of Switch Skills are unlocked in phases when you reach certain ranks for Hub Quests. Upon reaching these ranks, Master Utsushi will give you several quests, each of which correspond to one of the Weapons. Completing each quest will unlock the final Switch Skill for the corresponding Weapon.
  • Note that you are not required to use the corresponding Weapons in order to complete these quests.

chargeblade counterpeakperformance silkbind monster hunter wiki guide switch skill icon mh rise wiki guide  chargeblade axehopper silkbind monster hunter wiki guide

Unlock all Dango Meals

dango summoner monster hunter rise wiki guide dango temper monster hunter rise wiki guide dango fighter monster hunter rise wiki guide dango moxie mhr wiki guide dango thunder reshi monster hunter wiki guide dango ice res hi monster hunter wiki guide dango money maker monster hunter rise wiki guide

Dango are specialized rice dumpling treats served on skewers. They take the place of traditional Monster Hunter Meals in MH Rise but they function similarly. Dango can be consumed in sets of 3 at the Tea Shop in Kamura Village or the Canteen in Camp during missions. Each Dango has a chance of activating special beneficial skills and effects for the hunter and these effects persist throughout the duration of one mission. There is a very wide variety of Dango flavors available, many of which need to be unlocked by completing certain Quests or Requests. Some Dango can even be upgraded to improve their effects. Check out our Tea Shop or Meals pages for a full list of Dango, their effects and how to unlock/upgrade them.


Collect Relic Records

Relic Records are a type of Collectible scattered across the game world, each containing a Message that reveals some lore and backstory about the locales they are found in. Upon finding your first Record and returning to Kamura Village, you are tasked by Kagero the Merchant to find each and every one.

relic records monster hunter rise wiki guide

  • Relic Records are represented in the game world by a ceremonial-looking katana stuck in the ground.
  • Once found, each Record is logged as Messages in your Notebook, accessed via the Start Menu.
  • Each locale has 10 Records plus 2 Rampage Records which have their own section in your Notebook.
  • Kagero the Merchant will reward you with a Trinket for decorating your room with for every set of 5 that you find.

Check out our complete Relic Records Guide for a detailed walkthrough on how to find each and every Record.


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