Training Area

Training Area
Location Kamura Village
Related NPCs Sekirei the Trainer
Services Practice Combat and Traversal moves

The Training Area in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise) refers to a Facility located in Kamura Village. Facilities provide the Hunter with various services and play an integral role in a hunter's progression. The Training Area provides a safe space for Hunters to hone their combat and traversal capabilities.


You can reach the Training Area by taking the boat from the riverside at the Buddy Plaza.
Here, you can try out the weapon actions at your disposal by attacking the various objects placed around the facility.
Try out your combo prowess on a giant mechanized toad, or practice your aim on the targets that move around in different patterns and speeds. There are no rules here!

Training Area Location

  • The Training Area is located in Kamura Village. You can get to the Training Area by taking the ferry from the Buddy Plaza.


Training Area Services

The Training Area is a large arena where hunters can practice their combat abilities with all 14 Weapon types. Even the most advanced hunters can benefit from a refresher or trying out new weapons and abilities, and the Training Area provides a relatively safe environment to do so.

The main attraction here is the giant mechanical contraption in the middle called the Toadversary. This hulking behemoth of wood and steel is designed to take a beating and even dish it back! The Toadversary has built-in features that simulate combat with a real monster. Hunters can speak with Sekirei the Trainer near the entrance and select Training Options to adjust the Toadversary's settings and behavior to their liking. These settings are also available in the Start Menu while in the Training Area.

During Multiplayer sessions, the Lobby Host can also train together with their friends at the Training Area.


There is also a shooting range to the right side where players can test their ranged weapons. At the outer edges of the arena are raised platforms that serve as a training obstacle for Wirebug traversal moves and Wall Running. There are also Ballistae positioned here that the hunter can use. Way above the arena are massive ropes where hunters can also practice traversal with the Wirebug.


The Training Options menu presents the following options:

  • Head Position
    • Set the Toadversary's head position to High or Low.
  • Direction
    • Set the Toadversary's orientation. This option is deactivated when Track Player is enabled.
  • Track Player
    • Enable this to make the Toadversary focus on you.
  • Actions
    • Standby - The Toadversary remains passive. For practicing moves without interruption.
    • Projectile - The Toadversary fires a projectile from its mouth to simulate monsters' breath and projectile attacks.
    • Stomp - The Toadversary will perform a stomp attack, hitting any hunters in the vicinity.
  • Targets
    • This option changes the behavior of the targets at the shooting range. They can be set to Moving or Stationary.
  • Wirebug Gauge(Individual)
    • This option gives the player more or less Wirebug Gauge charges to work with. Each player in the Training Area can change this setting for themselves.


Training Area Trivia

  •  Coming soon!


Training Area Gallery

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