The Buddy Plaza in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) refers to a Location in Kamura Village. The Buddy Plaza is a hub dedicated to all things Buddy-related. Several NPCs and facilities are located here, providing an array of services and activities to take part in.


The Buddy Plaza, for all your Buddy needs!

Buddy Plaza Location

The Buddy Plaza is located in Kamura Village. You can get to the plaza via a bridge in the main village area.


Buddy Plaza Information

The Buddy Plaza is a hub where all Buddy-related facilities and services are conveniently located. This is where you will be hiring Buddies to add to your team, and also where you will be assigning them to tasks and objectives to improve their abilities. There is a Toadversary in the middle of the Plaza, which your buddies will be training on when you send them to the Dojo.


Buddy Plaza Services

  • Buddy Scout - Hire Palicoes and Palamutes to add to your team via Iori's station to the right of the entrance.
  • Meowcenaries - Managed by Felyne Chief Kogarashi and found near the back of the plaza. Assign your buddies to scouting parties to retrieve materials from locales you've unlocked.
  • The Argosy - Returning from previous games and now moored at the Buddy Plaza, you can use the Argosy to send your buddies out into far-off lands to bargain for items and materials. You can also trade with Rondine for special, hard-to-acquire items.
  • Buddy Dojo - Train your buddies who are on standby by spending Kamura points and leveling them up while you're out on quests. Speak with Buddy Expert Shirubei to the left of the entrance.
  • Training Area - Take the ferry found by the river to get here. This is an arena where you can practice your moves and weapons in a relatively safe environment.
  • Buddy Board - Located just past Shirubei to the left.
  • Item Box - Located next to the Buddy Board.


Buddy Plaza Owl Nest

To the left of Kogarashi, there is a large tree which has vines on the back that you can climb. This leads to a Cohoot nest which periodically fills with some useful items. This nest is a great source of Steel Eggs and Lagniapples and you can find a number of other rewards. Be sure to check the nest after every few quests.


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Buddy Plaza Trivia

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