Controls in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise) features the control layout of the game on the Nintendo Switch, players can also find basic tips and relevant information regarding movement, combat, and certain interactions that are introduced in Monster Hunter Rise. MHRise controls are available for the Switch platform only until the game's PC launch in 2022.


Monster Hunter Rise Controls


MHRise Basic Controls (Switch)

The Basics

  • left-stick-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Move
  • right-stick-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Camera Controls
  • left-stick-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+r-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Dash
  • b-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Crouching
  • left-stick-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+b-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Evade
  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Draw Weapon
  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide or a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Attack
  • left-stick-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+r-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide on a slope: Slide
  • left-stick-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+b-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide or left-stick-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+r-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide near a ledge: Jump
  • y-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide with your weapon drawn: Sheathe Weapon
  • Dashing: You can dash with r-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide. Dashing consumes stamina but allows you to run much quicker. You cannot dash when your stamina has dropped below a certain level.
  • Evading: You can dodge attacks at the cost of some stamina. When battling a large monster, evading while dashing away from it will perform a more effective dodge called an Emergency Evasion.
  • Sliding: If you dash down a slope, you will perform a sliding maneuver. This lets you quickly cover ground without using up stamina, but at the cost of being unable to evade attacks.
  • Recovering from Attacks: When knocked down by a monster, you can briefly negate damage from follow-up attacks by not pressing any buttons and staying down. However, be wary - some foes can still hurt an incapacitated hunter.
  • Attacking: To perform an attack, draw your weapon and press x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guidea-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide, or some weapons zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide. Press these buttons multiple times to execute attacks in quick succession.
  • Attacking while Jumping: Press x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide while jumping or falling to perform a jump attack.

Using Items

  • y-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Use Item
  • Hold l-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+y-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide or a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Select Item
  • Hold l-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide or b-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Selemt Ammo/Coating
  • Hold l-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+right-stick-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Select Radial Menu
  • Hold l-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+plus-sign-switch-button-mhr-wiki-guide: Select Shortcut
  • Using Items: Press l-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide to check your item pouch. To slect an item, hold l-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide, press y-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide or a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide, then release l-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide. Unusable items are marked with an X.
  • Helper Cage: Hunting Helpers you've caught can be accessed or released from your Helper Cage in the Start Menu's Items and Equipment section. Hunting Helpers are used in the same way as items.
  • Custom Radial Menu: Press and hold l-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+right-stick-switch-mhr-wiki-guide to use assigned items and shoutouts, which can be changed via the Radial Menu Settings in Items and Equipment. Note: These are default controls, which can be changed in Options > Controls.

Wirebug Commands

  • zl-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide on the ground: Wiredash (Upward)
  • zl-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide on the ground: Wiredash (Forward)
  • zl-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide while airborne: Wiredash (Forward)
  • zl-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide while airborne: Wiredash (Upward)
  • zl-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Wiredash (Targeted)
  • a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide in midair: Midair Stop
  • zl-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+b-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide when knocked back or sent flying: Wirefall
  • zl-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide or a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide with your weapon drawn: Silkbind
  • r-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide or a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide while unsheathing your weapon: Gunner: Silkbind
  • Wiredashing: Perform airborne acrobatics with Wirebugs to move toward a destination or target. Chain these moves together, or lead into a jump attack with x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide. This will execute a wall run if used while facing a wall.
  • Wirebug Gauge: Performaing Wirebug actions consumes the Wirebug Gauge, which recovers over time. Once recovered, the gauge can be used again. The degree of consumption and recovery time varies for each action.
  • Stopping Midair: Momentarily stop in midair. Your gauge will not recover during this time. Drop down with b-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide or evade with left-stick-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+b-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide.
  • Evading Midair: To execute, press left-stick-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+b-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide after a midair Wiredash or midair stop. This move is handy for getting around and dodging attacks.
  • Wirefalling: Press zl-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+b-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide when a monster sends you flying to execute a Wirefall (this consumes some of your Wirebug Gauge), allowing you to quickly recover and evade any oncoming attacks.
  • Skilkbind: Each Weapon has a unique Silkbind attack. To execute, hold zl-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide (Blademasters) or r-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide (Gunners) then press either x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide or a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide.

Wall Actions

While Scaling Walls:

  • left-stick-switch-mhr-wiki-guide:  Wall Traversal
  • r-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+left-stick-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Wall Run
  • b-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+left-stick-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Wall Jump
  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide while in midair: Jumping Attack
  • b-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Drop Down
  • Wall Scaling: Move towards an ivy wall and you will automatically grab onto it.
  • Wall Running: Wiredash while facing a wall to run in the direction of the left-stick-switch-mhr-wiki-guide. Hold down r-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guideto consume stamina and sustain your wall run. You can also wall run while climbing iv by pressing r-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide and moving the left-stick-switch-mhr-wiki-guide.

Wyvern Riding

  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Light Attack
  • a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Strong Attack
  • left-stick-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+r-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Move
  • b-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Evade
  • y-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Launch Monster
  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Mounted Punisher
  • Wyvern Riding Gauge: The Wyvern Riding Gauge can be filled by damaging monsters or shrugging off an attack by evading just before it hits.
  • Wyvern Riding Timer: Shows how long you can keep riding. Time is recouped when you land attacks, and heavily lost when you are hit.
  • Attack Linking and Combos: Certain button sequences and repetitions execute transitions or combos when Wyvern Riding. These can also be triggered with the left-stick-switch-mhr-wiki-guide.
  • Moving: You can control monsters' movement freely while riding them. You can also transition to attacking or evading at any time.
  • Emergency Evading: While attacking or being hit, you can evade more quickly than usual by pressing b-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide, at the cost of your Wirebug Gauge.
  • Shrugging off Attacks: Dodging or Emergency Evading just as you are about to be hit will stun your foe and also fill your Wyern Riding Gauge.
  • Launching Monsters: Press y-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide while Wyvern Riding to dismount and send the monster flying forward. You'll topple the monster if it collides with a wall or another monster. If your press b-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide just as the monster hits the wall, you can use a Wirebug to hop back onto it, launch it again, and sent it crashing into the wall once more.
  • Mounted Punishers: Can be used once your Wyvern Riding Gauge is full. This will deal a huge blow to a monster, so make sure not to miss. You only have a limited time to use it though, and if you miss the attack window, you will automatically dismount.
  • Landing the Mounted Punisher: While Mounted Punisher is available, you can use x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide and a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide attacks to down the monster, making it easier to land the cop de grace.

Riding Palamutes

When accompanied by a Palamute, you'll have access to the Let me Ride! command, allowing for rapid transport within a locale. Hop on your Palamute and you'll arrive at your destination in no time! There are two ways to ride a Palamute:

  • Hold down a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide while near a Palamute.
  • Issue the "Let me Ride!" command from the action bar.

Palamute Riding Controls are as follows:

  • Use the left-stick-switch-mhr-wiki-guide to move around.
  • Hold r-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide to dash forward.
  • Press zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide to jump.
  • Press zl-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide and use the left-stick-switch-mhr-wiki-guide to drift while dashing
  • Press x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide to attack.
  • Press b-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide to dismount.
  • Press b-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide to perform a jumping dismount while dashing.
  • Recovery Items , Whetstones, and some other items can be used while riding a Palamute. When riding, select a usable item from the Item Bar and press y-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide to use it. Try it out, it can be pretty handy!



MHRise Basic Controls by Weapons (Switch)

The basic controls for each weapon while it is unsheathed are explained below. Note that the basic controls are based on the default controls, some of which can be changed via options in the Start Menu.

Great Sword

  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Overhead Slash (Can be held to charge)
  • a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Wide Slash
  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Riding Slash
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Guard
  • While Charging, a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide to Tackle
  • While in midair, zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide for Plunging Thrust

Long Sword

  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Overhead Slash
  • a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Thrust
  • left-stick-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Attack while moving
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Spirit Blade
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Foresight Slash (During Combo)
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+b-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Spechail Sheathe (After Attacking)

Sword & Shield

  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Chop
  • a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Lateral Slash
  • left-stick-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Shield Attack
  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Advancing Shield
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Guard
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Rising Slash

Dual Blades

  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Double Slash
  • a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Lunging Strike
  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Blade Dance (Demon/Archdemon Mode)
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Demon Mode/Cancel


  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Overhead Smash
  • a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Side Smash
  • Hold zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Charge
  • Press a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide while charging: Charge Switch

Hunting Horn

  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Left Swing
  • a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Right Swing
  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Backwards Strike
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Perform
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Magnificent Trio


  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Mid Thrust
  • a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: High Thrust
  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Wide Sweep
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+left-stick-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Guard Dash
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide+a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Dash Attack
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Counter-thrust
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Guard


  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Lateral Thrust
  • a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Shelling
  • Hold a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Charged Shelling
  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Rising Slash
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Guard Thrust
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Reload
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Wyvern's Fire
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Guard

Switch Axe

Axe Mode

  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Axe Overhear Slash
  • Rapidly press a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Axe Wild Swing
  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Axe Rising Slash
  • left-stick-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Axe Forward Slash
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Morph/Reload

Switch Axe

Sword Mode

  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Sword Overhead Slash
  • a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Sword Double Slash
  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Element Discharge
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Morph

Charge Blade

Sword Mode

  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Sword Weak Slash
  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Sword Forward Slash
  • left-stick-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide during combo: Sword Fade Slash
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Sword Morph Slash
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide:  Charge
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Guard
  • Hold a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Sword Charged Double Slash

Axe Mode

  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Axe Rising Slash
  • a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Axe Elemental Discharge
  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Axe Amped Element Discharge
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Axe Morph Slash

Insect Glaive

  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Rising Slash Combo
  • a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Wide Sweep
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Kinsect: Harvest Extract
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Kinsect: Recall
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + r-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Kinsect: Fire
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Kinsect: Mark Target
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + b-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Vault

Light Bowgun

  • zl-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Crosshairs
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Fire
  • a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Wyvernblast
  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Reload
  • l-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide or b-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Select Ammo
  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Melee Attack

Heavy Bowgun

  • zl-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Crosshairs
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Fire
  • a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Load Special Ammo
  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Reload
  • l-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide or b-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Select Ammo
  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Melee Attack


  • zl-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Aim
  • zr-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Shoot
  • a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Melee Attack
  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Dragon Piercer
  • l-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide + x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide or b-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Select Coating
  • x-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide: Load/Unload Coating

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