Builds for Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise) features a combination of different types of equipment that consists of Weapons, Armor, Charms, and more. The purpose of creating various builds in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise) is to be able to adapt and fight against a Monster's strengths and weaknesses. Players can find various builds on this page that is created by Fextralife and by the community.


Monster Hunter Rise Builds

Builds are coming soon! Game just came out so we have to explore the game before making them. Feel free to add your own! 


rare-1-mhr-bow-wikiBow Builds

Endgame Bow Builds(by Elpsyodey):

rare-1-mhr-chargeblade-wikiCharge Blade Builds

Endgame Charge Blade Builds(by Tom):

rare-1-mhr-dualblades-wikiDual Blades Builds

Endgame Dual Blades Builds(by Refia)

rare-1-mhr-greatsword-wikiGreatsword Builds

Endgame Greatsword Builds(by Bruce)

rare-1-mhr-gunlance-wikiGunlance Builds

Endgame Gunlance Builds(by Viilipurkki)

rare-1-mhr-hammer-wikiHammer Builds

Endgame Hammer Builds(By Kat) :

Progression Hammer Builds(By Kat) :

rare-1-mhr-heavy-bowgun-wikiHeavy Bowgun Builds

Endgame Heavy Bowgun Builds(by Kat) :

Progression Heavy Bowgun Builds(By Kat) :

rare-1-mhr-hunting-horn-wikiHunting Horn Builds

Endgame & Progression Hunting Horn(Ninepunch):

rare-1-mhr-insect-glaive-wikiInsect Glaive Builds

Endgame Insect Glaive Builds(by Kevin)

Progression Insect Glaive Builds(by Taters)

rare-1-mhr-lance-wiki Lance Builds

Endgame Lance Builds(by Cats):

rare-1-mhr-light-bowgun-wiki Light Bowgun Builds

Endgame Light Bowgun Builds(by Korb)

Progression Light Bowgun Builds(By Kat) :

rare-1-mhr-longsword-wiki Long Sword Builds

Endgame Long Sword Builds(by Ralph)

rare-1-mhr-switchaxe-wiki Switch Axe Builds

Endgame Switch Axe Builds(by RhytmWiz)

rare-1-mhr-shield_sword-wiki Sword and Shield Builds

Endgame Sword and Shield Builds





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    • Anonymous

      09 Apr 2021 21:44  

      Where can we submit builds?
      I have 2 builds I'd like to share so far, 1 is general DPS loadout (for any weapon), the other is a defensive (evade e + evade w), also a general build (for any weapon). Neither requires any amulet, so they are beginner friendly.

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