The Relic Records Guide for Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise) is a guide for finding the many Relic Records scattered across the game's locales. Relic Records are a type of Collectible, each containing a Message that reveals some lore and backstory about the locales they are found in. Upon finding your first Record and returning to Kamura Village, you are tasked by Kagero the Merchant to find each and every one and offering a reward for every set of 5 from each locale.



  • Relic Records are represented in the game world by a ceremonial-looking katana stuck in the ground.
  • Once found, each Record is logged as Messages in your Notebook, accessed via the Start Menu.
  • Each locale has 10 Records plus 2 Rampage Records which have their own section in your Notebook.
  • Return to Kagero the Merchant after collecting a set of 5 Records per locale to receive Monster Carving trinkets for decorating your room with.
  • It is recommended to run skills such as Wall Runner, Wirebug Whisperer, Marathon Runner and Constitution as there is a lot of running and Wirebug Dashing to be done. You can also eat the Leg Day Dango at the Tea Shop for the Dango Wall Runner skill.
  • Bring along a few Barrel Bombs or their stronger variants as there are some things you will need to blow up in order to access certain Records.


Below is a detailed guide for finding each Message, divided by locale.


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Shrine Ruins Relic Records

Kagero the Merchant will reward you for collecting the Shrine Ruins Records as follows:


Shrine Ruins Message I

"The water in these lands is pure. Clean water enriches the soil. From rich soil sprouts new life. Prayer brings water."


 Head to Area 5 and climb up the hills all the way to the top. You will find a small building with the record just in front of it.



Shrine Ruins Message II

"This land was home to many a god. But they shunned people. Thus the land was only admired with envy from afar."


From Area 6, head into the small ravine leading north:


Look out for the first tree on the right and climb the wall it's jutting out from.


The Record can be found in the corner up above:


Shrine Ruins Message III

"Then, without warning, a bolt of lightning resounded through the night. When dawn broke, the gods were gone.


This Record is located in Area 12, in front of a small shrine atop some hills. If you head to Sub-camp 1 and climb up the wall behind the tent, you can see the shrine in the distance:


Simply make your way across using your Wirebug and collect the Record in front of the shrine:


Shrine Ruins Message IV

"The people began to gather in this blessed land, erecting many a shrine to venerate the departed gods."


This Record is located in Area 11 in an area behind and above the Wyvern Nest. From the distance, you can see a Torii Gate:


Simply climb the wall behind the Wyvern Nest and you can find the Record in the back of the opening:


Shrine Ruins Message V

"Graced by abundance, the people lived a bountiful and peaceful life, filling the land with prayers."


Head to the very Northwest in Area 13 and face south. Look up to find a bridge connecting two hills:


The Record can be found next to the shrine across the bridge, on the west side:


Shrine Ruins Message VI

"Moons passed; times changed. The people become arrogant and thankless. As they did so, the land fell into desolation."


Head to the area above, between Areas 7 and 8 and face south to find a Torii Gate:


Climb up the wall just before the gate on the left. The Record can be found on the cliff up here:


Shrine Ruins Message VII

"Then, one night, a gale swept the land before halting abruptly, as though it were the breath of a divine being."


Head to Area 2 right where the "2" is on the map and look East and above to find a large tree:


Make your way up the wall to where the tree is. Climb it and carefully walk onto the first branch on the right. The record can be found at the end of this branch:


Shrine Ruins Message VIII

"In its wake appeared the gods, thought to have vanished. Terrified, the people fled from their ire."


Head to the cliffs in Area 6, in the location above. Face Southeast and find a small opening in the mountain. It can be quite dark and hard to see. An Escuregot fog is placed in the opening in the following image for visibility:


Make your way up the opening to find a small shrine. The Record is to the right of the shrine:


Shrine Ruins Message IX

"The people begged for clemency, but the deities raged regardless, chasing the mortals away."


Head behind the walled area in Area 7/8:


You can find a patch of Sending Sprig in this area. Clear the patch by attacking it to uncover the Record:


Shrine Ruins Message X

"Time Devoured the peoples' shrines and prayers; but eventually, pure water and rich soil returned to nurture new life."


Head to the location above either by climbing up the waterfall from Area 2 or heading west from Area 4. From the waterfall, look East to find a wall with some small trees  growing out of it:


Climb up the wall to find the Record just up on the ledge:






Frost Islands Relic Records

Kagero the Merchant will reward you for collecting the Frost Islands Records as follows:


Frost Islands Message I

"After many a long year on the high seas, the ship's harpoon reduced the dragon to naught but a sinking berg on the waves."


Located in the the Central part of Area 7, up on a raised platform. You cannot climb up the walls to this platform. Instead, you'll need to aim your Wirebug up high, and then press a-button-switch-mhr-wiki-guide to hang in mid-air. While hanging, aim up to the ledge and dash once more to get up:


The Record can be found just in front of the shrine:


Frost Islands Message II

"The crew of veteran soldiers, their duty fulfilled, moored alongside a snowy shore, quiet save for the lapping tide."


Head to the location above in Area 1 and look for this large tree:


Climb up the main tree trunk, and then the largest branch. The Record is sitting at the end of the branch:


Frost Islands Message III

"But their ship, fatally scathed, split in two; the men resigned themselves to a Pyrrhic victory and uneasy morrows."


Head to the right of the Area 4 marker on the map and look for the Honey node in the hills. The wall behind the node has a little hole you can climb into, pictured here with Escuregot smoke for visibility:


Follow the hole into a little cave where you can find the Record:


Frost Islands Message IV

"Day 1: We awoke to a pale shore marred by claw marks and signs of battle. Someone said they heard a lullaby."


Head for the water-logged area just north of the Area 4 marker and look for a narrow passage in the wall in the Southeastern corner:


Follow the passage to find a shrine with the Record next to it:


Frost Islands Message V

"Day 2: Our scouts returned without their weapons, claiming they saw a shadow dragging a bloody knife behind them."


To the North of the Area 5 marker, you will find a Melynx camp with some of their usual statues. If you look closely, there is a snowman right up on the wall here near the southern portion of the camp:


Place a barrel bomb next to the snowman and detonate it to reveal the Record:


Frost Islands Message VI

"Day 3: We all hid in the ship, shivering not from cold, but fear. Some whisper that the island is cursed."


Go to Area 8 where you will find the ruins of an old ship. Get on the ship's deck by climbing up the hills to the west:


Run up the ship's mast to find the Record in the crow's perch:


Frost Islands Message VII

"Day 10: Before we knew it, there were monsters everywhere, scratching at the ship's hull. Howls and panic followed."


Head for the underground caverns in Area 12. In the location above, you will find a crawlspace in the wall that leads to a hidden cave. You can reach this cave from Area 11 as well:


Inside the cave, find a ledge up on the Western wall. Climb up the ledge to find the record:


Frost Islands Message VIII

"Day 16: The beasts' feast was at an end, as were any courage or valiance we once-noble warriors had possessed."


Head for the Eastern edge of the map in Area 5. You will find an opening in the hill that leads to a shrine:


The Record is just in front of the shrine:


Frost Islands Message IX

"What had summoned those monsters were the very remains of that mighty wyvern, growing in strength even after defeat."


Messages 9 and 10 both start from the same location in Area 9 and require a bit of complex climbing.


Head up the cliffs on the right until you reach the completely frozen area above. The walls here cannot be climbed so you will need to rely on your Wirebug. Move towards the edge of the ledge. There should be a Sunscorned Grass node nearby. Turn around and aim up as high as you can and dash towards this spire:


At the height of your dash, suspend yourself in the air with your Wirebug then turn around and aim up at the ledge opposite the spire:


The wall here is climbable. Scale the wall until you automatically jump off and suspend in midair once again and aim for the ledge past the gap towards the West:



The Record can be found on this ledge:


Frost Islands Message X

"Mayhaps it was a curse. Neither the ship nor the bones will tell, for they have long disappeared into the marine snow."

From where you picked up Record #9, go back down to the ledge with the climbable wall and jump the gap towards the West instead. You will find a ledge here with a tunnel:


Follow the tunnel to the other side where you will find a Jewel Lilly where you can place a Giant Wirebug. Take note of the giant hole with Torii gates in the picture below. Ready your aim as you're flying with the Giant Wirebug, you want to land on the ledge where the Torii gates are:


If you miss and fall into the hole, you will have to head back to Area 9 again and climb all the way back to the Giant Wirebug. The Record can be found just next to this Torii gate:




Flooded Forest Relic Records

Kagero the Merchant will reward you for collecting the Flooded Forest Records as follows:


Flooded Forest Message I

"Long ago, a Felyne came to the Flooded Forest seeking a giant fish of lore, but he was tailed by a meddlesome Melynx.


This Record is found just above the Main Camp. Climb the walls a little ways East from camp and find a mossy ledge:


The Record can be found on this ledge:


Flooded Forest Message II

"When the Felyne wasn't looking, the Melynx snatched his bags, leaving him with nothing but a single piece of meat."


Head to the hills in the location above, just East of the Area 4 marker and look towards the ruins in the distance:


Look down at the edge of the cliff to see some large branches jutting out of the walls:


You should be able to see the Record sitting on one of these branches on the far side. Jump down carefully and pick up the Record:


Flooded Forest Message III

"Defeated, the Felyne collapsed in frustration, when he realized that there was a hungry snake right under his nose."


Head towards the South side of the large pyramid in Area 2 and scale the pyramid face until you reach an entryway. There are segments of the pyramid where you can rest to recharge your Wirebugs if needed:


Head inside to find the Record on the ground:


Flooded Forest Message IV

"The Felyne tore off some meat for the snake, and it hissed happily, 'Feed the ssstream, and it will feed you.'"


Go to the location above in between Areas 10 and 11. The Record can be found in the patch of Sending Sprig:


Flooded Forest Message V

"Confused, the Felyne nevertheless threw his last morsel into the stream. Then, suddenly... thousands of fish appeared!"


Go to Area 14 in the lower levels of the map. In the location above, you can find a crawlspace in the wall:


Head inside to find a cave with a shrine. Pick up the Record on the ground:


Flooded Forest Message VI

"It was not the mythic creature he'd sought, but he was delighted anyway, and filled his pockets to the brim."


Head to the location above in Area 12 and face the hill to the East:


Climb up the climb up the hill to find an alcove behind some vines. The Record can be found on the ground in here:


Flooded Forest Message VII

"The greedy Melynx, seeing this, said to itself: 'If I throw in a bunch, I'll get even MORE fish back for myself!"


This Record is found close to the Sub-camp in Area 11. Head out of the camp and move slightly West. Look Eastward at the hill to find a couple of ledges heading up:


Climb up the ledges. The Record can be found on the second ledge:


Flooded Forest Message VIII

"He gathered a heap of meat, and tossed it all in... Only to be greeted by the gaping maw of the legendary giant fish!"


From the Area 2 marker, head all the way up the West side of the Pyramid. At the top, you will find an entryway blocked by rubble. Place a bomb next to the rubble and detonate it to clear the path:


Head inside to find the Record on the floor:


Flooded Forest Message IX

"The Melynx took one look at that monster and fled for its life, dropping the Felyne's belongings in the process."


Head back to the Main Camp and climb up past where you found Record #1. You will find a tunnel here that leads off-map and serves as a shortcut to Area 13:


About halfway through the tunnel is a crawlspace on the left. Head inside to find the Record:


Flooded Forest Message X

"And so, having seen the fabled fish, the Felyne thanked his serpentine friend and set off in search of new adventures."


This Record is located in a secret area on the Northern tip of Area 7. You cannot reach this area by normal means as the walls are unclimbable. Instead, head to Area 12 and find this wall:


Climb up the wall to reach a cliff overlooking the Area 7 waterfalls:


Carefully make your way across the waterfalls towards the secret area. Use the ledges to rest and recharge your Wirebugs:


Once you reach the other side, simply climb up to find the Record on the ground, just past the patch of Sending Sprigs:




Sandy Plains Relic Records

Kagero the Merchant will reward you for collecting the Sandy Plains Records as follows:


Sandy Plains Message I

"There was an old hunter, long separated from his hometown, who yearned to reunite with those he had left behind."


The first Record is found on the Westernmost tip of Area 2. Find this tree and go to the very edge:


Look down below for a ledge you can jump down to. The Record can be found on this ledge:


Sandy Plains Message II

"Despite his old age, he persisted in heaving his aching muscles and ragged bones forward, one step after another."


Head to the location above between Areas 1 and 2. There is a pond here where you can fish:


Towards the West is little alcove in the base of the hill, next to some climbing vines. The Record can be found here:


Sandy Plains Message III

"A map showed that his village was just over the horizon, but an unfamiliar wasteland sprawled between him and it."


Head a little ways South from the Area 5 marker to find a rocky area. Look for this hill and climb it to find a ledge:


The Record can be found on this ledge:


Sandy Plains Message IV

"Barely escaping the hungry jaws of countless monsters, he pressed on, willful that he would put this savage land behind him ere long..."


Go to the location above, a little ways south of the Area 8 marker. The Record can be found in the patch of Sending Sprig next to a dead tree:


Sandy Plains Message V

"Several days passed with no sign of his home anywhere. He began to fear some fault in the map had led him astray."


A little ways North of the Area 8 marker, you will find a stone bridge of sorts:


The Record can be found at the end of this bridge:


Sandy Plains Message VI

"Then, finally, he came upon a path that plunged into the underbelly of the void. Shaken, uneasy, he descended it withal."


Find the large sinkhole in the location above:


Look down and aim for the ledge with a tree on it and Wirebug your way down:


Face Northeast and look for a little alcove in the wall. Make your way there to pick up the Record behind the pillar:


Sandy Plains Message VII

"This building was familiar; he knew it too well... But no wonder he couldn't find it—it'd been buried under the sand."


Head to this location South of the Area 7 marker. This is an area for a Sub-camp. From the tent/campfire, turn around and face the ruins:


Climb up the structure to find the Record behind the pillar:


Sandy Plains Message VIII

"Hoping to find something left behind, anything, he entered his old house. On the wall was written this message:"


Head for the location above and look for a depression in the Eastern hills:


Head down there to find the Record:


Sandy Plains Message IX

"As the crimson glow falls upon us, our people flee this land; but I promise to survive, that we two may reunite."


Go to the lower, underground portion of Area 12 and look for the ruins in the East:


Head towards the opening and turn right into a small room with a bonepile. The Record is in the corner at the back:


Sandy Plains Message X

"And so the old hunter set out once more, vowing never to rest or falter, as he yet had a duty to his love to fulfill."


The final Record can be found in the upper portion of Area 12. It is next to a Desert Rose node, nestled against the ruin wall:




Lava Caverns Relic Records

Kagero the Merchant will reward you for collecting the Lava Caverns Records as follows:


Lava Caverns Message I

"We soon embark on the first exploration of the Lava Caverns, a tract beset by crag and fire, yet laced with greenery."


The first Record is found just by the Main Camp. In the path leading out of the camp, you will find the large stone structure in the picture above. Climb up and look for the Record on the left spire:


Lava Caverns Message II

"Day 17: Botanic and zoologic studies have yielded no insight into the biota's survival in such an environment."


From the Main Camp, head East into Area 4 to find this large tree:


Climb up the tree and pick up the Record on its branch on the right:


Lava Caverns Message III

"Out of the blue, I was knocked to the ground by a rumble from the earth. Mere volcanic activity, perhaps...?"


This Record is found on a ledge between Areas 7 and 9 on the upper levels of the map:


Climb up the ledge to pick up the Record:


Lava Caverns Message IV

"Day 19: For every effect, there must be a cause. After a day of observation, I have identified a cycle in the tremors."


Head to the location above in the underground portion of the map. Find this pillar and climb it to pick up a Gust Crab:


Face the spire in the South and use the Gust Crab to propel yourself upward, then Wirebug across to the platform at the top of the Spire. The Record can be found on this platform. Alternatively, you can use the other pillars in the area to reach the spire:


Lava Caverns Message V

"This phenomenon simply cannot be self-supported. I hypothesize that it is the creation of someone... or something."


Go to the location above in Area 14. Facing Northeast, climb up this dark pillar:


Wait til you automatically jump off and then hang in the air using your Wirebug and then aim for the ledge above you:


The Record can be found in this area at the back:


Lava Caverns Message VI

"Day 38: The pulse intensifies! I must curb my passion and make ready to begin field work; the source awaits me."


Head to the location above just South of the Area 8 marker. Look for this pillar and climb it to find the Record:


Lava Caverns Message VII

"Day 39: We are in danger. All at once, monsters have appeared in droves. They are vicious - the camp is no longer safe."


To the right of the Area 10 marker are some vines you can climb that lead to the upper levels of the map. Climb up the first 3 sets of vines:


Just before the final set of vines that leads outside, there is a wall with a hole in it you can climb into. Fog item used for visibility in the picture below:


Climb into the hole and pick up the Record:


Lava Caverns Message VIII

"The hunters have advised me to vacate. Unfortunately, it seems I must abandon the investigation if I am to survive..."


In the upper levels, head to the Northwestern tip of Area 6 to find the Record just lying on the ground:


Lava Caverns Message IX

"The pulse and this anomaly may be related, but I have no way to corroborate that now. Further research is impossible."


South of the Sub-camp in Area 6 is a destroyed stone bridge. Wirebug across to the Southern portion, aiming just below the bridge end:


The Record can be found underneath what remains of the bridge:


Lava Caverns Message X

"If someone out there would continue my research, venture into the beach cave. The answer should be there."


Go to the ruins in Area 1 and look for the stairs heading down. There is an opening here that leads to a cave:


Follow the tunnels and you will find the Record shortly, sticking out of a wall:




Rampage Relic Records

Rampage Message I

"We were raised in a peaceful village. The pure wind chased out evil and the calm flames illuminated our path."

This Record is located at the Shrine Ruins.


This Record is found in the hills just above the Area 4 marker. Head to the location above to find a shrine/statue in the wall:


Climb up the hill behind this shrine and keep heading up. You may need to take a break on the cliffs around the hill face to recharge your Wirebugs. What you're looking for is this building:


Get up to this building and head towards its Western wall to find the Record:


Rampage Message II

"But one night, a dark cloud descended, blotting out the sun, and we were beset by savage tempests and feral lightning."

This Record is found at the Shrine Ruins.


This Record is located on a large tree, high above in Area 3. To get there, climb up the vines just on the corner from Area 4 and 3:


The tree trunk is just behind the stone statue:


The Record can be found just at the end of the main tree trunk:


Rampage Message III

"Recalling ancient tales of the calamity, we sang in supplication: 'Fearsome gales, be still! We beg of you!'"

This Record is located in the Frost Islands.


Head to the location above, just north of Area 6. Climb up the hill and face West:


Jump the gap using your Wirebug and pick up the Relic sitting next to the Latchberry node:


Rampage Message IV

"For we faced the terrible Rampage: an eternal cycle of misfortune; that which flattens forests and scatters rivers."

This Record is located in the Frost Islands.


Go to location above, in the back of some large hills in the Southwest of Area 6. You will find a Jewel Lilly here where you can place a Great Wirebug:


Ride the Great Wirebug up to a large cliff and collect the Record near the tip:



Rampage Message V

"Tasked by the elder, we hunters stood fast: arms at the ready, spirits high, steeled to fend off the calamity."

This Record is found in the Flooded Forest.


Go to Area 2 and look towards the left of the pyramid's base. Aim your Wirebug up at this location and jump past the rubble:


Pick up the Record next to the small tree:


Rampage Message VI

"And as the fury of the Rampage fell upon us, our priestesses prayed, 'Sacred flames, guide us in our time of need!'"

This Record is found in the Flooded Forest.


The Record is found in an opening in the hill face in the location above. An Escuregot fog is placed in the opening in the following screenshot for visibility:


Climb up into the opening to find the Record:


Rampage Message VII

“But alas, our defenses fell, one after another. And then, the hellfire beast attacked, sealing our defeat”

This Record is located in the Sandy Plains.


Go to Area 11 in the lower levels of the map and find the location above. There is a narrow passage in the Southwest corner of this area:


Head inside and collect the Record on the ground:


Rampage Message VIII

"Flames quenched and hopes dashed, I doubted if I was truly fit to carry the sword given to me by the elder."

This Record is located in the Sandy Plains.


This Record is found just above the Main Camp. Climb up the rocks to the left and continue on above the camp and to the South to find a tree. The Record is sitting just next to this tree:


Rampage Message IX

"Yet my pledge to restore the village became my guiding light. Our legacy was strong, and I was not alone."

This Record is located in the Lava Caverns.


Head to Area 3 in the upper level and face South. Look for this cliff:


Scale the cliff to the find the Record in the ground:


Rampage Message X

"It is a burden that I now gladly bear—I shall lead this village and its people to new refuge from the rampage."

This Record is found in the Lava Caverns.


Go to the location above, East of the Area 11 marker in the lower caverns and find a crawlspace in the wall. Inside, face the Southeastern wall and look up to find an opening. A fog item is used in the picture below for visibility. Climb up into this opening to reach an area overlooking a pool of magma:


Follow the path to the left and find the Record on the ground at the very end:



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