Cooking for Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise) is a unique feature that allows hunters to use the BBQ Spit to cook Raw Meat while on Quests or Expeditions. To begin Cooking, the player must first send their hunter on either a Quest or Expedition. During the Quest or Expedition, the player can access the BBQ Spit by scrolling through their Item Bar using  l button switch mhr wiki guide+y button switch mhr wiki guide or l button switch mhr wiki guidea button switch mhr wiki guide. The BBQ Spit is a Fixed Item, meaning it is automatically added to the hunter's inventory during every Quest/Expedition. In order to use the BBQ Spit, the player must have at least one piece of Raw Meat in their inventory, which can either be acquired during the Quest/Expedition or taken from the player's Item Box prior to starting the Quest/Expedition. If the player does not have Raw Meat with them, the BBQ Spit will appear in the Item Bar with a large "X" through it, indicating that it cannot be used. If the player does have Raw Meat in their inventory, they can use the BBQ Spit by pressing y button switch mhr wiki guide.

Using the BBQ Spit will activate a small minigame, during which the hunter will set up the BBQ Spit over a small cooking fire with a chunk of Raw Meat being roasted on it. The hunter will then proceed to start Cooking the Raw Meat by slowly during the BBQ Spit. The goal of the minigame is to wait just the right amount of time until the Raw Meat has been completely cooked before taking it off of the cooking fire.


Minigame Guide

When Cooking, the player must first complete a small cooking minigame before they can receive any items. The quality of the Items that the hunter receives depends entirely on how well they perform at the minigame. The minigame itself is relatively simple, and is essentially a listening exercise. The game starts after the hunter has placed their BBQ Spit on the ground and sat down to start cooking. At this point, a small song will start to play in the background, indicating that the minigame has begun. The goal of the minigame is to wait the perfect amount of time before pressing a button switch mhr wiki guide to remove the cooked meat from the fire. The closer you get to waiting the right amount of time, the better your Cooking rewards will be. 

By far the most useful tool for completing the minigame is going to be the catchy tune that starts to play once the minigame has started. Not only does the song serve as cheerful background music to cook to, but it also serves as a timer that tells the player how close they are to fully cooking their meat. If you play close attention to the song as you cook, at some point you will hear it reach a climax before suddenly stopping altogether. If you take the meat off of the fire a beat after the song suddenly stops, you are almost guaranteed to win the minigame, which will result in the rest of the song being played and also cause your hunter to triumphantly raise their cooked meat in the air. 

Another helpful tool for determining when your meat has been fully cooked is the color of the meat. When you first start cooking your Raw Meat it will appear dark pink, indicating that it is still raw. As time goes on, the meat will slowly turn darker, going from a light golden brown to a dark, almost blackened brown, and finally to a charred black. You always want to take the meat off right after it has turned a dark, almost blackened brown. Below is a chart that indicates what each color represents in terms of how cooked your meat is:


Color Cooking Performance
Dark Pink Barely cooked, still raw.
Light Golden Brown Fairly well cooked, but still needs a little more time . . .
Dark Brown Perfectly cooked, delicious!
Charred Black Overcooked, may or may not still be edible . . .


Finally, if you'd rather just cheat at the minigame to win, you can always just count the number of times that your hunter turns the BBQ Spit that they are cooking with. It takes approximately 4 full turns for the meat to become fully cooked. Some good advice is to stop cooking the meat just before the end of the fourth turn, just so you can account for your own reaction time as well as the delay in how fast the game recognizes your button input. Although these may seem like negligible factors, there are definitely times when they will make a noticeable difference in how well you perform. 



Cooking Rewards

Cooking allows you to turn Raw Meat into other useful Items that can be used during hunts. As stated before, the quality of the Items you receive for Cooking depends on how well you perform at the cooking minigame. Below is a table with all the possible Items that can be received from Cooking, as well as how well you need to perform at the minigame in order to receive them:


Cooking Performance Items Received
Barely cooked Raw Meat (x1)
Somewhat cooked Rare Steak (x1)
Fully cooked Well-done Steak (x1)
Overcooked Burnt Meat (x1)



Other Cooking Information

Here's just a compilation of random facts and tips that involve cooking:

  • Using the BBQ Spit from your Radial Menu while your hunter has their weapon drawn will cause  your hunter to sheathe their weapon and start cooking.
    • This can actually get you killed if you have Raw Meat in your inventory and you accidentally select the BBQ Spit from your radial menu in the middle of a hunt. Your hunter will automatically sheathe their weapon and just sit down to start cooking meat, giving the monster the perfect chance to annihilate you.
  • If you want to cancel Cooking after you've already begun, simply press b button switch mhr wiki guide and your hunter will roll out of the Cooking animation.
    • You keep any Raw Meat you were cooking if you cancel the animation using this method, even if you were at the very end of the minigame. This means that if you accidentally overcook your meat, instead of pressing a button switch mhr wiki guide and getting Burnt Meat, you can just dodge out of the animation and then try again. 
  • If you don't press a button switch mhr wiki guide after you've failed the minigame, your hunter will continue cooking the burnt meat for a short time before finally stopping on their own. 

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