Guild Master Hojo

Guild Master Hojo
Race Wyverian
Gender Male
English Voice Actor Lucien Dodge
Japanese Voice Actor 緒方賢一

Guild Master Hojo is an NPC in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). NPCs are non-playable characters that interact with the Hunter during the story or optional activities in game.


Gained a lot of experience out in the field, have you? Johoho! Stay ever-hungry! There is always more for a hunter to learn!


  • In-game Description:
    • "A senior figure in Kamura whom even Fugen the Elder addresses with respect. He manages the Gathering Hub's arm of the Hunters Guild and oversees all related quests. He is always smiling, full of geriatric joviality, and often heard chuckling around the Hub. He treats you like a grandchild and has total confidence in you as a hunter."
  • Guild Master Hojo can often be seen sitting atop his enormous pet who he calls "Tetsy". Tetsy is a baby Tetsucabra, a monster that is fairly common in the world of Monster Hunter. Tetsy's favorite food is apparently Bunny Dango.
  • Hojo was once a prolific hunter who hunted alongside his two closest friends, Fugen the Elder and Hamon the Blacksmith. Eventually, he too entered retirement, just like his fellow hunters. 


Role in Main Story

  • Guild Master Hojo is a senior resident of Kamura who manages the Gathering Hub and handles communications with the rest of the Hunter's Guild. His boisterous laughter can usually be heard from within the Gathering Hub, where he can be found sitting atop his pet who he lovingly calls "Tetsy". He takes great pride in knowing that Kamura has you as their hunter, and has thoroughly enjoyed watching you grow and train to become the skillful hunter you are today.



  • Guild Master Hojo can be found sitting atop his pet Tetsucabra in the Gathering Hub.



  • Every so often, Guild Master Hojo will reward the player with Guild Tickets for completing Guild Quests/Rampages.


Related Quests



  • ギルドマネージャー・ゴコク in Japanese



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