Master Arlow

Trainer of the Knights of the Royal Order

master arlow npcs monster hunter rise wiki guide
Race Human
Gender Male
English Voice Actor Keith Silverstein
Japanese Voice Actor 山路 和弘

Master Arlow is an NPC in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). NPCs are non-playable characters that interact with the Hunter during the story or optional activities in-game. Master Arlow is available with the Sunbreak Expansion.


A man who trains the Knights of the Royal Order. He can be a little coarse and works his students extremely hard, but he's a big-hearted and caring father figure who has everyone's respect. Admiral Galleus has been a friend of his since childhood, and despite their very contrasting personality, they get along well.


Master Arlow Information and Role in Monster Hunter Rise

Master Arlow serves as Elgado Outpost's martial expert and is the go-to person for all things combat-related. As his title suggests, Master Arlow serves the same role in Elgado Outpost as Master Utsushi does in Kamura Village, handling all training and arena-related activities. He will also accompany the player on hunts as a Follower after progressing in the Sunbreak storyline.


Master Arlow Locations


Master Arlow As a Follower

Master Arlow is one of the Followers that can join hunters on Follower Collab Quests. His first quest is unlocked after completing the M⭐⭐⭐ Hub Quest "Keep it Busy".

Seasoned Warrior


A man who handles Elgado arena business. He can be coarse at times, but he's a father figure with a big heart who commands respect.

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Follower Stats

Health: 400  Stamina: 150

Hunting Style:

Movement Tendencies — Defensive
Attack Frequency — As Required
Healing Frequency — As Required




Available Weapon Types

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Master Arlow's Services


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Master Arlow Trivia

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