Hamon the Blacksmith

Race Human
Gender Male
English Voice Actor Daman Mills
Japanese Voice Actor 麦人

Hamon the Blacksmith is an NPC in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). NPCs are non-playable characters that interact with the Hunter during the story or optional activities in game.


Seeing your great deeds, I can't help but reminisce on my youth, out on the hunt. Despite my age and retirement... Something in my blood still hears its call.


  • In-game Description:
    • "A man who runs the Smithy in Kamura. He says little, and focuses on his work. Though he shows scarce affection, you can tell it isn't out of malice. His forging prowess is sublime, able to turn any kind of material into works of unimaginable devastation. Whenever you need gear, find Hamon or one of his apprentices."
  • You can find equipment for your Buddies at the Buddy Smithy located in the same Smithy that Hamon works in.


Role in Main Story

  • Hamon is the village's blacksmith. He used to be a prolific hunter, prowling the fields with Fugen the Elder. He doesn't talk much and he's quite obstinate, but his desire to protect the village is true, and he will spare no expense to craft the best gear he can to keep everyone safe. He also has a kind-hearted grandson who takes care of Buddies.



  • Hamon the Blacksmith can be found working at the Smithy in Kamura Village.



  • Players can visit Hamon if they wish to forge new gear or upgrade existing gear. Hamon is also able to craft Decorations for the hunter, as well as Ramp Up their weapons/armor with Rampage Skills. 


Related Quests



  • 加工屋のハモン in Japanese






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