The Scientist

scientist bahari npcs monster hunter rise wiki guide
Race Wyverian
Gender Male
English Voice Actor Julian Smith
Japanese Voice Actor 諏訪部 順一

The Scientist Bahari is an NPC in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). NPCs are non-playable characters that interact with the Hunter during the story or optional activities in-game. Bahari is available with the Sunbreak Expansion.


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Bahari Information and Role in Monster Hunter Rise

The Wyverian lead scientist of the research team at Elgado Outpost. Hailed as a genius by everyone in the Kingdom for his sharp, analytical mind, which has puzzled out the solutions to countless scientific enigmas. On the other hand, he is also known to be rather eccentric. Once something has captured his interest, he becomes blind to everything else — sometimes leading to reckless behavior.


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