Hinoa the Quest Maiden

Race Wyverian
Gender Female
English Voice Actor Maureen Price
Japanese Voice Actor 佐藤利奈

Hinoa the Quest Maiden is an NPC in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). NPCs are non-playable characters that interact with the Hunter during the story or optional activities in game.


People always worry about me. They think all I eat is dango. And I do eat a lot. I mean A LOT of Bunny Dango. But don't worry! Minoto makes three delicious, well-balanced meals for me. The Bunny Dango are just bonus snacks. And they're super good for you, so no need to worry about me! I mean, come on! This job requires a lot of energy. It's hard work doing what I do! Phew! Already worked up an appetite!


  • In-game Description: 
    • "A female Wyverian who works as the Kamura Village quest receptionist. Her kindness and cheer illuminate the village like rays of sunshine. You've always been close; she was one of your biggest supporters during your hunter training. She's pretty much addicted to Bunny Dango, a village specialty, and can be seen buying them in bulk every day."
  • Hinoa the Quest Maiden is in charge of handling Village Quests.


Role in Main Story

  • Hinoa serves as the mediator for Village Quests. She has a twin sister who handles quests at the Gathering Hub. Her gentle nature and inerasable smile make her like a sun that brightens the entire village. Her smile brings hope to everyone, even amidst the perils of the Rampage. She considers the main character to be practically family, and does whatever she can to help. Bunny Dango are her favorite food, and so she can be frequently found at the Tea Shop stuffing her face.



  • Hinoa the Quest Maiden is found in Kamura Village in the main village area.



  • Players can go to Hinoa to receive Village Quests. 



  • 里の受付嬢ヒノエ in Japanese





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