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Grants protection from large monsters' roars.

Earplugs is a Skill in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). Earplugs grants protection from large monsters' roars. and has 5 levels. Skills are granted to Hunters by their equipped Weapons, Armor, Talismans and Decorations and play an integral role in a Hunter's progression.


Earplugs Effect

Earplugs is increased in level based on the amount of Equipment with this skill the hunter is using. Each level works as follows:

  • white skill icon monster hunter rise wiki guideLevel 1: Reduces the effects of weak monster roars.
  • white skill icon monster hunter rise wiki guideLevel 2: Nullifies weak monster roars.
  • white skill icon monster hunter rise wiki guideLevel 3: Nullifies weak monster roars and reduces the effects of strong monster roars.
  • white skill icon monster hunter rise wiki guideLevel 4: Nullifies weak and strong monster roars.
  • white skill icon monster hunter rise wiki guideLevel 5: Nullifies weak and strong monster roars. Reduces the effects of powerful monster roars.


Earplugs has 5 levels, after which, additional levels won't provide any further benefit.

Roars that deal damage, such as Magnamalo's explosion roar, Tigrex's standing roar, and Gaismagorm's charged roar, cannot be nullified by Earplugs.

Powerful roars are a new type of roar that are only used by extremely powerful monsters - these roars cannot be nullified by Earplugs; only weakened. Some monsters may use Strong roars normally, but use Powerful roars when enraged. Full Defiance can nullify Powerful roars, but only when the monster is enraged.

Earplug Roar and level by Monster

No Roar
(No Need)

Weak Roar
(Levels 2 and 3, weakened by Level 1)

Strong Roar
(Levels 4 and 5, weakened by Level 3)
Powerful Roar
(Weakened by Level 5)
Great Izuchi Aknosom Khezu Tigrex (Enraged)
Great Baggi Barroth Basarios Rajang (Enraged)
Great Wroggi Tetranadon Somnacath Furious Rajang
Kulu-Ya-Ku Bishaten Aurora Somnacanth Wind Serpent Ibushi
Arzuros Blood Orange Bishaten Anjanath Thunder Serpent Narwa
Lagombi Pukei-Pukei Almudron Narwa the Allmother
Volvidon Jyuratodus Magma Almudron Gaismagorm
Royal Ludroth Rathian Lunagaron Apex Arzuros (Enraged)
Chameleos Barioth Tigrex Apex Rathian (Enraged)
  Tobi-Kadachi Bazelgeuse Apex Mizutsune (Enraged)
  Magnamalo Diablos Apex Diablos (Enraged)
  Nargacuga Rakna-Kadaki Apex Zinogre
  Mizutsune Pyre Rakna-Kadaki  
  Goss Harag Kushala Daora  
  Rathalos Teostra  
  Zinogre Rajang  
  Astalos Crimson Glow Valstrax  
    Apex Arzuros  
    Apex Rathian  
    Apex Mizutsune  
    Apex Rathalos  
    Apex Diablos  

Equipment that grants Earplugs

You can unlock Earplugs by equipping the following items.


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Notes & Trivia

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