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Qurio will drain health, but also bolster your attacks. Multiple Qurio further bolster attacks and let you recover health when performing a Switch Skill Swap

Dereliction is a Skill in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Dereliction is a new skill debuting in the Sunbreak ExpansionDereliction will drain the user's health but bolster their attacks. This skill has 3 Levels. Skills are granted to Hunters by their equipped Weapons, Armor, Talismans and Decorations and play an integral role in a Hunter's progression.


Dereliction Effect

Dereliction is increased in level based on the amount of Equipment with this skill the hunter is using. Each level works as follows:

  • darkorange skill icon monster hunter rise wiki guideLevel 1: Using Red Scroll: Increased elemental and status values. Using Blue Scroll: Increased attack and stun potency
  • darkorange skill icon monster hunter rise wiki guideLevel 2: Bolsters your attacks depending on which Swap Scroll is used
  • darkorange skill icon monster hunter rise wiki guideLevel 3: Further bolsters your attacks depending on which Swap Scroll is used.


Dereliction has 3 Levels, after which, additional levels won't provide any further benefit.


Equipment that grants Dereliction

You can unlock Dereliction by equipping the following items.


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helm headgear icon monster hunter rise wiki guideHead Armor

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  • Example


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  • Example


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Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      1HP drained per second irrespective of skill level or number of Quiros.
      Health drain will prevent any passive health recovery including passive healing provided by sources such as Gourmet Fish and Immunizers.
      Health drain cannot kill you, but will leave you at 1HP.
      Additional Quiros are spawned after draining 50HP. This means that if you are on 1HP, the counter will not progress until you recover some health.
      Switching scrolls will dismiss any extra Quiros and restart the HP counter for spawning a new Quiro.
      Dismissed Quiros will heal 50 HP, this heal is slightly affected by the Recovery Up skill

      Red scroll values for 1/2/3 Quiros:
      Each additional Quiro increases Status values by 5%
      Level 1: +5 Element, +5% status; +8 Element; +12 Element
      Level 2: +6 Element, +10% status; +12 Element; +15 Element
      Level 3: +10 Element, +15% status; +15 Element; +20 Element

      Blue scroll starting values:
      Each additional Quiro increases attack by 5, and stun value by 5%
      Level 1: 15 attack, +5% stun
      Level 2: 20 attack, +10% stun
      Level 3: 25 attack, +15% stun

      • Anonymous

        For science I combined this with a level 3 kushala blessing thinking maybe they would nullify one another and just give the buffs without the life drain, but sadly this seems to override the blessing's life regen completely. Didn't even appear to slow the life drain down. I only tested with a HR Kushala set but they list as the same skill so I don't think that matters.

        • Best way to use this skill is pair with bloodlust it usually go really well together since just lv 1 bloodlust will net you +30 affinity when overcome frenzy when you get affinity it also restore all red bar you lost from this skill overcome frenzy also trigger coalescence another amazing atk/ele boost skill

          Another thing is Gourmet fish is slower the rate your hp drain if you play well enough you don't even need to use potion the entire fight just gourmet fish since bloodlust will trigger again and again

          Don't bother with food it crap Super dango recovery are unreliable not 100% chance to trigger easy breezy also omega crap you don't want to switch scroll like ever when using dereliction to main tain that juicy element or atk boost all the time

          • Anonymous

            Seems to give +15 atk and +5 element at level 1 with 1 bat, up to +25 atk and +10 element at lvl 3 with 1 bat. At level 3, each additional bat gives +5 atk and +5 element so with 3 bats you get +35 atk and +20 element. I did not check status or stun increases.

            • Anonymous

              So extra notes. There is a max of 3 qurio that are spawned at a time. It takes about 1 minute and a half to get the other 2 qurio. The CD of the heal is about 45 which is the time it takes for a qurio to spawn. If you SSS after you have the max of 3 qurio you heal 3 quarters of your maxed out HP bar. The qurio drain does not kill you, was testing this in the training room and let my health bar go to the bottom. It didn't refill it only refilled after I let the training dummy stomp on me.

              • This skill pair well with the food skill Easy-Breezy to help maintain health if you are only using boots and don't want to use Malzeno armor or gloves. Unfortunately recovery decos do not counteract the health drain. Only issue I have run into is health amount gained. you get a standard amount whenever you use it based on food level, but you seem to get more health on switch either the more it drains or the more you attack haven't been able to determine which. I'm pretty sure it's the former based on how much red you have that has been drained.

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