Marionette Spider

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Endemic Life Type Hunting Helper
Locations The Citadel

Marionette Spider is an Endemic Life creature in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). These animals and insects are found out in the field and hunters can interact with many of them for various effects. Some Endemic Life creatures can also be captured and subsequently used just like items that can help a hunter in many different ways during quests.



Marionette Spider Location

You can find Marionette Spiders in:


Marionette Spider Information

Closely related to the Puppet Spider, these creatures are covered in blue hairs with a striking orange pattern. Their silk can be used to take control of a monster and force it in a desired direction, which, if aimed towards an obstacle, can damage the monster and potentially topple it. Use the spider's silk wisely to create opportunities to attack!

  • The Marionette Spider is a Hunting Helper that can be captured and placed inside the Helper Cage and released at the hunter's discretion.
  • More usage details will be added as information becomes available.


Marionette Spider Notes

  • Marionette Spiders are a reliable source of wall-bangs and monster-to-monster collision (especially during resistant infighting), making them invaluable assets when fighting troublesome monsters, or Elder Dragons, since collisions deal a heavy chunk of damage, and can leave other monsters in a state to be mounted.
  • If the hunter pulls a monster into an open area, the monster will slide along the ground before regaining its footing; contrarily, pulling a monster that is tired will have it stumble and fall over, thus leaving it helpless.
  • Stardust Bugs can be taken advantage of with Marionette Spiders, especially if the monster performs an elemental attack within their vicinity and it is absorbed, and is shortly after thrown into a wall.
  • The spider's silk will remain attached to the monster and the hunter for 10 seconds, or until the monster and the hunter have several meters of distance between them. The silk will thin and eventually turn red to indicate both distance and expiration.
  • If thrown on a toppled monster, or a monster that has recently recovered from being knocked down, the Marionette Spider will not disappear from the player's Helper Cage if it collides with the target. 



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