メル・ゼナ (Meru Zena)

malzeno large monster mhrise wiki guide 300
Enemy Type Large Monster
Species Elder Dragon
Threat Level 8
Elements TBC
Ailments Bloodblight
Weakness dragonblight icon mhr wiki guideDragon
Resistances waterblight icon mhr wiki guideWater
thunderblight icon mhr wiki guideThunder
Location(s) Shrine Ruins
Lava Caverns

Malzeno is a Large Monster in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). It is the Flagship Monster of the Sunbreak Expansion. Large Monsters like Malzeno are hostile and are usually the primary objective of Hunts. They provide valuable Materials when defeated. This page covers information on Malzeno including weaknesses, drops, size information, strategies, tips and tricks to help you defeat this monster.

Those who let themselves be lured into the trap...
Will be whisked away by a swift gale, the embodiment of darkness.
A darkness that does not let its victims go.
As they are slowly drained of their life...
The servants keep providing their master with vital essence.
And once the time is ripe, the darkness will show itself, basking in moonlight.


Malzeno General Info

A dragon covered with elegant silver scales. It uses the Qurio to drain the life energy of other living creatures, creeping around at night and attacking its prey from behind. It appears almost regal to start with, but after draining enough energy, it can turn a violent, fresh-blood crimson. This form is known as the "Bloodening" and is widely feared.


Malzeno Combat Info

Certain attacks will cause Bloodblight, causing your life to continuously drain but your attacks to also heal you; keep the pressure on. The Bloodening will occur after a certain amount of time, leading to raging attacks; end it and get a knock down by hitting the red flashing areas on the arms and neck.

  • Threat Level: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Elemental ?? Damage Monster.
  • Weak to
    dragonblight icon mhr wiki guideDragon
  • Resistant to
    waterblight icon mhr wiki guideWater
    thunderblight icon mhr wiki guideThunder
  • Kinsect Extract:
    • Red: ??
    • Orange: ??
    • White: ??
  • Enraged Mode: Glows in a more reddish radiant appearance, with sparks around its body and red eyes. Its tail and wrists get charged with energy. The chest becomes exposed. To get the monster back to its original state, hunters must focus on Malzeno's exposed chest. When Malzeno is enraged, it moves too quickly from one point to another, so staying at long range may to garantee any kind of safety as the Malzeno can quickly dash to your location and attack you.
  • Can be lured with: ??
  • Tips and notes go here


Quick Combat Tips

  • Avoid staying underneath the Malzeno whenever it's flying, as almost every attack that it performs while flying is a devastating explosion to the ground.
  • Avoid fight the Malzeno in tight locations as its slow orbs are so big that may give you no room to escape.
  • Don't understimate the Malzeno when attacking it from behind as it is is effective at hitting hunters without being too distracte by them.
  • Malzeno does not fly for too long during combat.
  • Malzeno is immune against Water and weak against Dragon Element
  • Malzeno cannot be captured in traps.

MH Rise Malzeno Attacks & Moveset

Explosive Flamethrower - Breaths out a beam of fire aimed to the ground that longs for a moment and when the beam is over, multiple expansive explosions are triggered. 

Slider Bite - Slides in forward motion with its head near the ground attempting to bite a target. 

Slow Orbs - Expels 3 huge orbs through its mouth that move slowly. These orbs are dangerous in tight spaces as they don't leave up too much space to dodge.

Tail Stab - Makes a frontflip landing on its tail pointing it at a target to then suddenly stab it on them.

Claw Swipe - Hits its target in forward motion with its paw.

Backwards Stab - Stares behind choosing a target and stabs its tail without turning its body.

Orb Sweep - Flies on the air leaving an Orb of energy on the ground and while flying makes a quick spin to push the orb to a target.

Ground Slider - Puts its hand on the ground and suddenly pushes forward agressively hitting target with a violent wave lighting rocks from the ground. And then does the same with the other hand. This attack is fatal, but it gives enough time to predict what its about to do, it's most dangerous to be caught by the first wave, as it may garantee that you will get caught by the second one too.

Wing Orbs - Waves both of its wings at the same time forward throwing 2 slow big energy orbs.

Destructive Waves - Waves its wings to the front agressively launching multiple waves of energy.

Downward Hook - Lands consecutive downward hooks with both fangs violently hitting the ground targeting a closeby enemy.

Dash and Slam - Closes its wings and quickly dashes to a target and throughs a quick explosive orb to the ground with the whole body.

Chaotic Burst - Flies over a target and fires multiple explosive orbs all around, to then finish the attack by firing an intense orb that results in a huge explosion underneath it.

Drill Charge - Extends an arm like gaining strength, and jumps forward charging in a drilling movement.

Smash - Jumps forward charging against the ground with both hands and mouth, smashing its targets.


Malzeno Weaknesses

The table below indicates the various body parts of Malzeno and the damage values for each Physical Damage type. These values indicate the effectiveness of attacks that deal these damage types. The higher the value, the more effective the attack. Note that Weapons can vary in the types of physical damage dealt depending on the moves used.

Malzeno Parts cut damage icon monster hunter rise wiki guide small blunt damage icon monster hunter rise wiki guide small ammo damage icon monster hunter rise wiki guide small
Head 46 48 45
Torso 32 30 15
Foreleg 45 40 30
Hind Leg 30 28 5
Wing 28 28 5
Tail 35 32 10
Tail Tip 26 22 10


The table below indicates the various body parts of Malzeno and the damage values for each Elemental Damage type. These values indicate the effectiveness of attacks that deal these damage types. The higher the value, the more effective the attack. Certain Weapons can have Elemental Damage properties which are added into the damage calculation along with their Physical Damage type.

Malzeno Parts fireblight icon mhr wiki guide waterblight icon mhr wiki guide thunderblight icon mhr wiki guide iceblightg icon mhr wiki guide dragonblight icon mhr wiki guide
Head 15 0 0 15 25
Torso 10 0 0 5 15
Foreleg 10 0 0 5 20
Hind Leg 10 0 0 5 15
Wing 10 0 0 5 15
Tail 10 0 0 5 15
Tail Tip 10 0 0 5 15


Malzeno Ailment Effectiveness

The higher the bars on the graphs and the more stars, the more advantageous it will be for the player.

Stun ⭐
Blast ⭐⭐
Fireblight ⭐
Waterblight ⭐
Thunderblight ⭐
Iceblight ⭐⭐


Poison Status Effect Graph

poison malzeno ailments mhr wiki guide 500px


Stun Status Effect Graph

stun malzeno ailments mhr wiki guide 500px


Paralysis Status Effect Graph

paralysis malzeno ailments mhr wiki guide 500px


Sleep Status Effect Graph

sleep malzeno ailments mhr wiki guide 500px


Blast Status Effect Graph

blast malzeno ailments mhr wiki guide 500px


Exhaust Status Effect Graph

exhaust malzeno ailments mhr wiki guide 500px


Fireblight Status Effect Graph

fireblight malzeno ailments mhr wiki guide 500px


Waterblight Status Effect Graph

waterblight malzeno ailments mhr wiki guide 500px


Thunderblight Status Effect Graph

thunderblight malzeno ailments mhr wiki guide 500px


Iceblight Status Effect Graph

iceblight malzeno ailments mhr wiki guide 500px


Malzeno Materials

The tables below contains information on the different Items and Materials that can be obtained from the Low Rank, High Rank and Master Rank variants of Malzeno.

Master Rank

The table below indicates the various materials or items obtained from the Master Rank variation of Malzeno, it also includes the percentage chance of how it can be acquired.

Material Target Rewards Capture Rewards Break Part Rewards Carves Dropped Materials
bazelgeuse carapace mhr wiki guideMalzeno Cortex 22% -- 15% (Wing), 70% (Foreleg) 37% (Body), 17% (Tail) 27%, 50%
bazelgeuse scale+ mhr wiki guideMalzeno Shard 29% -- -- 28% (Body) 30%
lagombi frozenclaw material mhr wiki guideMalzeno Hardfang 20% -- 17%[x2] (Horn) 21%[x2] (Body) --
bloody parasite mhr wiki guideBloody Parasite 16% -- 30%[x2] (Foreleg) -- 20% [x1], 20% [x2]
barioth tail monster hunter rise wiki guideMalzeno Tail 10% -- -- 80% (Tail) --
malzeno bloodstone mhr wiki guideMalzeno Bloodstone 3% -- 3% (Horn) 1% (Body), 3% (Tail) 3%
lagombi frozenclaw material mhr wiki guideMalzeno Hardhorn -- -- 80% (Horn) -- --
bazelgeuse wing mhr wiki guideMalzeno Fellwing -- -- 85% (Wing) 13% (Body) --
dragon treasure hunter rise wiki guideDragon Treasure -- -- -- -- 10%
dragon treasure hunter rise wiki guideOld Dragon Treasure -- -- -- -- 40%

Low & High Rank

This Monster is only available in Master Rank content.


Malzeno Weapons & Armor

Armor and Weapons related to the Malzeno Monster.


Malzeno Buddy Weapons & Armor

Palico and Palamute Armor and Weapons related to the Malzeno Monster.


Notes & Trivia

  • Revealed in the Sunbreak Reveal Trailer on 24 September 2021


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    • Anonymous

      I love how in the story quest the first location you fight him is in a broken down cathedral in the Citadel. It's like a Dark Souls boss arena

      • Anonymous

        This anti fun mechanic ridden piece of garbage should never have been designed much less approved. Same as any of the magalas. Frenzy and bloodblight are absolute trash tier game design.

        • Anonymous

          “To get the monster back to its original state, hunters must focus on Malzeno's exposed chest.”

          That… honestly kind of frustrates me. During the hunt, Fiorayne calls out to “Parts of its body are glowing red, let’s attack and observe,” so I figured it’d be like Magnamalo or Zinogre where you just attack the glowing bits until you knock it out of its powered-up state, so I’d just wail on any glowing part of Malzeno I could. Needless to say, I got to see its super attack every time and just came to the conclusion that I wasn’t doing enough damage.

          Now, I’m not saying the game should hold our hands, but it seems like Fiorayne should’ve said something along the lines of “Its chest is exposed! Attack!”

          • Anonymous

            Saw Malzeno and Lunagaron get in a turf war and it was incredible, probably one of my favorite new turf wars

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