Throwing Kunai

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Throwing Kunai is an Item in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise)


A standard throwing kunai. Flies straight and true. Allows for precise aiming.




How to get Throwing Kunai

This item is a Fixed Item, which means it will automatically be added to the hunter's inventory each time they embark on a Quest or Expedition.




Throwing Kunai Usage

This item can be used as a Consumable Item by hunters out in the field in order to aid them in their hunt:


Item Type Effects Duration
Traps/Offense Using the Throwing Kunai will cause the hunter to quickly throw a deadly blade in the direction they are looking, inflicting a small amount of damage to the first target hit. N/A




Throwing Kunai Mechanics

The following gameplay mechanics apply to this Item:



The Throwing Kunai is a Fixed Item, meaning it can be used an infinite number of times while on a Quest or Expedition.


Using a Throwing Kunai will trigger a quick throwing animation in which the hunter whips their arm forward, sending a deadly Kunai spinning forwards in the direction the hunter is facing. Rapidly using the Throwing Kunai in quick succession will cause the hunter to alternate hands each time they throw a kunai, allowing them to throw a steady stream of kunai in the direction they are facing. This animation does not impede the hunter's movements in any way, allowing the hunter to move and strafe while unleashing a barrage of kunai.


Throwing Kunai can also be used while the hunter is mounted on their Palamute. Doing so will cause the hunter to perform an animation similar to the one described above. An important thing to note is that using the Throwing Kunai while mounted will cause the hunter to throw their kunai in the direction the camera is facing instead of the direction the hunter and Palamute are facing. 


Holding down r button switch mhr wiki guide allows the hunter to aim their kunai to where the reticle in the center of the screen is pointing rather than in the direction the hunter is facing. This also works while the hunter is mounted on their Palamute. 


Throwing Kunai are unaffected by gravity, and will travel in a straight line until they either make contact with something or they reach a certain distance away from the hunter, at which point they will simply fade away.

If a Throwing Kunai makes contact with nearby terrain, it will immediately stop and cause a small spark at the point of impact.

If the Throwing Kunai makes contact with a an entity capable of taking damage, it will deal 1-4 damage based on how susceptible to Cut Damage the point of impact is. 


The Throwing Kunai is unaffected by damage dropoff, meaning its damage does not decrease the farther away from the target you are. 


The Throwing Kunai is capable of triggering bombs, making it a safe and effective way of setting them off from a distance to avoid getting caught in the blast.


The Throwing Kunai is a capable of triggering the Wyvern Ride mechanic on monsters that have been forced into a Mountable State. Its large range makes it an extremely useful tool for activating Wyvern Riding on mountable monsters that are far away from the hunter's location. 


The Throwing Kunai can be used to trigger most Ensnaring Life, except for Giganha which require Raw Meat to be triggered. 

Using the Throwing Kunai on Pincercrabs will cause them to become hostile towards any monsters that are in the vicinity. 

Using the Throwing Kunai on Flashflies will make them emit a bright flash of light, blinding nearby monsters that are facing towards the flash.

Using the Throwing Kunai on Tricktoads will cause them to puff up and attract nearby monsters.

Using the Throwing Kunai on the scales left behind by Echobats will cause the scales to explode, damaging nearby monsters.


The Throwing Kunai can be used on Crafty Creatures in order to make them drop materials. What's interesting is that ordinarily, Crafty Creatures can only be harvested once before they scurry away. However, using the Throwing Kunai on a Crafty Creature allows hunters to harvest materials from them more than once, up to a total of three times. 


The Throwing Kunai has special interactions with certain monsters that hunters can take advantage of:

Using the Throwing Kunai on a Khezu while it is hanging from the ceiling will cause the Khezu to lose its grip and fall to the ground.






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