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Whetstone is an Item in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise). Whetstone is an item used by a hunter to maintain the sharpness and the performance of a melee Weapon.


A standard-sized whetstone. Use it to restore a weapon's sharpness.



How to get Whetstone

This item is a Fixed Item, which means it will automatically be added to the hunter's inventory each time they embark on a Quest or Expedition.

It should be noted that this is only true if the hunter is using a melee weapon.

If the hunter is using a Heavy Bowgun or Light Bowgun, then the Whetstone will be replaced by Normal Ammo 1

If the hunter is using a Bow, then the Whetstone will be replaced by Close-range Coating.




Whetstone Usage

This item can be used as a Consumable Item by hunters out in the field in order to aid them in their hunt:


Item Type Effects Duration
Restoration/Support The Whetstone allows hunters to sharpen Blademaster weapons while out on a Hunt or Expedition.  N/A




Whetstone Mechanics

The following gameplay mechanics apply to this Item:



The Whetstone is a Fixed Item, meaning it can be used an infinite number of times while on a Quest or Expedition.


Like most Consumable Items, hunters can use the Whetstone while mounted on their Palamute, allowing them to travel and sharpen their weapon at the same time.


As mentioned above, hunters will only have access to the Whetstone if they have a Blademaster weapon equipped.


Like other items that restore sharpness, Whetstones only restore a certain amount of weapon sharpness when used, so it may take multiple uses to fully restore your weapon's sharpness depending on how how much sharpness was lost. 


Like other items that restore sharpness, using a Whetstone will cause the hunter to kneel down and begin a "sharpening" animation, unless the hunter is mounted on their Palamute in which case they will perform a special "sharpening" animation while mounted that allows them to move while sharpening their weapon. The Whetstone uses a total of four sharpening cycles in both of its "sharpening" animations. This number can be reduced with certain Skills found on armor and talismans as well as certain Status Effects that can be acquired by eating food at the Tea Shop/Canteen. 


Ordinarily, hunters must sheathe their weapons before they are allowed to select the Whetstone from the Item bar to restore their weapons' sharpness. However, this minor inconvenience can be bypassed by using the Radial Menu to access the Whetstone. Hunters can select the Whetstone from the Radial Menu even while their weapons are drawn, allowing them to quickly transition from attacking a monster to sharpening their weapon. This eliminates the need to manually sheathe your weapon before sharpening it, and can save some time when you need to quickly sharpen your weapon in the midst of battle. 


It is highly recommended that players visit the Sharpness page and read up on the mechanics behind weapon sharpness in general, especially the mechanics behind the "sharpening" animation used whenever the hunter sharpens their weapons, as there are a number of helpful tips and tricks that can be employed to make weapon sharpening much easier. 




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