Canyne Rampage S Set

Rarity 7
defense_icon_monster_hunter_rise_wiki_guide_24px Defense 0
fireblight-icon-mhr-wiki-guide Fire Res. 0
waterblight-icon-mhr-wiki-guide Water Res. 0
thunderblight-icon-mhr-wiki-guide Thunder Res. 0
iceblightg-icon-mhr-wiki-guide Ice Res. 0
dragonblight-icon-mhr-wiki-guide Dragon Res. 0

Canyne Rampage S Set in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR or MHRise) is a Palamute Set. Palamute Armor Sets are pieces of equipment worn and used by the hunter's buddy, the Palamute. Palamute Equipment is similar to a Palico's equipment in terms of providing defensive properties, elemental resistances, and it is also made from various Materials and is derived from specified Monsters.


How to Craft Canyne Rampage S Set

Canyne Rampage S Set can be crafted with the following materials:




Canyne Rampage S Set Pieces

  • Canyne Alimother Sword
  • This set does not feature any Palamute Head Gear.
  • This set does not feature any Palamute Chest Gear.


Canyne Rampage S Set Notes

  • High Rank variation of the Canyne Rampage Set
  • Please see Canyne Rampage Set for the Low Rank variation
  • Derived from High Rank Ticket Items
  • Stronger Element: N/A
  • Weakest Element: N/A
  • Builds that use this Armor: ??


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