SF: Ultimate Promotion Exam

sf ultimate promotion exam
Category Event Quest
Level ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 
Objective Hunt a Rajang 
Client Karate Man in Pink 
Location  Shrine Ruins
Reward  18000 zenny monster hunter rise wiki guide
Time Limit 50 min

SF: Ultimate Promotion Exam is an Event Quest in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Event Quests in Monster Hunter Rise are special, time-limited quests. Players do not need to complete these quests to progress the story and access the game but will benefit from special rewards for doing these additional objectives. Event Quests are time-limited and can only be completed during a specific timeframe, with unique rewards for each cycle. Talk to the Courier and select the Add-On Content section, select the Event Quest to download and it will be added to the Gathering Hub.


Looking to train with the best, I See! Well, you came to the right place! My prized pupil is — Hold on, there's two of 'em!? And the second one has a dark aura!? *shrug* Anyway, you just need to defeat one!


SF: Ultimate Promotion Exam Quest Information

  • Rank: High Rank
  • Conditions: HR 8 or higher
  • Failure Conditions: Reward hits 0, or Time expires
  • Environment Info: Wild Monsters Sighted, Unstable Environment


SF: Ultimate Promotion Exam Quest Special Reward

Akuma Layered Armor Material


SF: Ultimate Promotion Exam Notes

  • The second Rajang in this quest(non-quest target Rajang) is guaranteed Giant Crown but also significantly stronger.

Locale Info: No outbreaks or upsurges 

Other Monsters in this Quest:


 sf ultimate promotion exam



Event Quests in Monster Hunter Rise

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