Rampage: Kamura Night Hunt

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Category Event Quest
Level ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 
Objective Slay a Wind Serpent Ibushi 
Client Fugen the Elder (Urgent) 
Location  Red Stronghold
Reward  18240 zenny monster hunter rise wiki guide
Time Limit 50 min

Rampage: Kamura Night Hunt is an Event Quest in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Event Quests in Monster Hunter Rise are special, time-limited quests. Players do not need to complete these quests to progress the story and access the game but will benefit from special rewards for doing these additional objectives. Event Quests are time-limited and can only be completed during a specific timeframe, with unique rewards for each cycle. Talk to the Courier and select the Add-On Content section, select the Event Quest to download and it will be added to the Gathering Hub.


 A Rampage unlike any before is hurtlin' towards the village, and that fiend Ibushi is leadin' it!

Be on the lookout for Magnamalo; there's a good chance it'll show up for a snack. It's up to you to protect the village! Go get to it!


Rampage: Kamura Night Hunt Quest Information

  • Rank: High Rank
  • Conditions: HR 8 or higher
  • Failure Conditions: Final Gate is Destroyed
  • Environment Info: 3 Hordes, Scope: Large


Rampage: Kamura Night Hunt Quest Special Reward

No Special Reward

Defender Ticket 7, 8, 9


Rampage: Kamura Night Hunt Notes

Locale Info: No outbreaks or upsurges 

Other Monsters in this Quest:

  • None



Event Quests in Monster Hunter Rise

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