Professor's Boots

professors boots layered mhr wiki guide

Level 1 Rarity 9
defense icon monster hunter rise wiki guide 24px Defense
decortation icon monster hunter rise wiki guide 24px Slots
decoration level 4 icon monster hunter rise wiki guide 24pxgem level 1 icon monster hunter rise wiki guide 24px
fireblight icon mhr wiki guide Fire Res.
waterblight icon mhr wiki guide Water Res.
thunderblight icon mhr wiki guide Thunder Res.
iceblightg icon mhr wiki guide Ice Res.
dragonblight icon mhr wiki guide Dragon Res.


amber skill icon monster hunter rise wiki guideMarathon Runner x3
amber skill icon monster hunter rise wiki guideHunger Resistance x1

Professor's Boots in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR) is a pair of Master Rank Leg Armor and part of the Professor Set Armor Set. Professor's Boots is a brand new armor pierce debuting in the Sunbreak Expansion. All Armor pieces come in male and female appearances but share the same stats regardless. Legs armor protects the legs and feet of the hunter and contains boots or greaves, these can be crafted and upgraded as long as the player has the Materials it needs.


Leg armor of a royal researcher. Fastidious assembly lets one launch into studies at any time.


How to Craft Professor's Boots

Professor's Boots can be crafted with the following materials:



Professor's Boots Information


Professor's Boots Upgrades

Upgrading the Professor's Armor Set to its armor limits.

Costs __upgradezennyprice__ zenny monster hunter rise wiki guide  per piece

  • Base: Level 1 with 114 Defense
  • Max: Level __maxlevel__ with __maxleveldefense__ Defense __upgradecost__
  • Augmented: Level __augmentlevel__ with __augmenteddefense__ Defense __augmentcost__
  • __augmentmaterials__


Monster Hunter Rise Master Rank Legs Armor
Aelucanth Crura X  ♦  Aknosom Greaves X  ♦  Alloy Greaves X  ♦  Almudron Greaves X  ♦  Anjanath Greaves X  ♦  Arc Greaves  ♦  Archfiend Armor Sceros  ♦  Artillery Corps Greaves  ♦  Arzuros Greaves X  ♦  Astalos Greaves  ♦  Auroracanth Greaves  ♦  Baggi Greaves X  ♦  Barbania Boots  ♦  Barioth Greaves X  ♦  Barroth Greaves X  ♦  Basarios Greaves X  ♦  Bazelgeuse Greaves X  ♦  Bishaten Greaves X  ♦  Bnahabra Boots X  ♦  Bone Greaves X  ♦  Brigade Boots X  ♦  Ceanataur Greaves  ♦  Chainmail Pants X  ♦  Channeler's Hakama (Spring)  ♦  Chaotic Greaves  ♦  Charite Boots  ♦  Chrome Metal Boots X  ♦  Commission Trousers  ♦  Damascus Greaves X  ♦  Death Stench Hell X  ♦  Diablos Greaves X  ♦  Dignified Greaves  ♦  Divine Ire Hakama  ♦  Dober Greaves X  ♦  Droth Greaves X  ♦  Edel Roots X  ♦  Espinas Heel  ♦  Five Element Legwear  ♦  Flaming Espinas Heel  ♦  Golden Lunegraves  ♦  Golm Greaves  ♦  Gore Greaves  ♦  Goss Harag Greaves X  ♦  Grand God's Peer Feet  ♦  Grand Mizuha Leg Wrao  ♦  Guardian Boots  ♦  Guild Bard Boots  ♦  Guild Palace Greaves  ♦  Hawkboots  ♦  Hermitaur Greaves  ♦  Hoplite's Greaves  ♦  Hornetaur Greaves  ♦  Hunter's Greaves X  ♦  Ibushi's Pure Foot  ♦  Ingot Greaves X  ♦  Izuchi Greaves X  ♦  Jaggi Shinguards X  ♦  Jelly Boots X  ♦  Jyuratodus Greaves X  ♦  Kadachi Greaves X  ♦  Kaiser Greaves X  ♦  Kamura Legacy Leggins  ♦  Khezu Greaves X  ♦  Kulu-Ya-Ku Greaves X  ♦  Kushala Crus X  ♦  Lagombi Greaves X  ♦  Lambent Gaiters  ♦  Leather Trousers X  ♦  Lecturer's Boots  ♦  Ludroth Greaves X  ♦  Lunagaron Greaves  ♦  Magmadron Greaves  ♦  Makluva Pants X  ♦  Malzeno Greaves  ♦  Medium's Hakama (Light)  ♦  Melahoa Roots X  ♦  Mizutsune Greaves X  ♦  Mosgharl Roots X  ♦  Nargacuga Greaves X  ♦  Narwa's Pure Foot  ♦  Onmyo Sashiko  ♦  Orangaten Greaves  ♦  Outpost HQ Greaves  ♦  Pride Greaves  ♦  Pukei-Pukei Greaves X  ♦  Pyre-Kadaki Greaves  ♦  Rakna Greaves X  ♦  Rathalos Greaves X  ♦  Rathian Greaves X  ♦  Regios Greaves  ♦  Remobra Feet X  ♦  Rhenoplos Greaves X  ♦  Rhopessa Crura X  ♦  Rimeguard Greaves  ♦  Risen Kaiser Cuisse  ♦  Risen Mizuha Gaiters  ♦  S. Studded Sandals X  ♦  Sailor Socks  ♦  Scholar's Socks  ♦  Scholarly Boots  ♦  Silver Solgreaves  ♦  Sinister Demon Greaves  ♦  Sinister Grundge Greaves  ♦  Skalda Crura X  ♦  Snowshear Greaves  ♦  Somnacanth Greaves X  ♦  Squire's Greaves  ♦  Storge Greaves  ♦  Tetranadon Greaves X  ♦  Tigrex Greaves X  ♦  Utsushi True Greaves (H)  ♦  Utsushi True Greaves (V)  ♦  Vaik Greaves X  ♦  Valstrax Greaves - Eclipse  ♦  Valstrax Greaves - Epoch  ♦  Velociprey Greaves  ♦  Vespoid Greaves  ♦  Volvidon Greaves X  ♦  Wroggi Greaves X  ♦  Yukumo Sky Hakama  ♦  Zinogre Greaves X

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