Not a Mer-Made-Up Story!

Category Requests
Objective Capture 1 Aurora Somnacanth
Client Rowan the Sailor
Reward Freezer Speartuna+ (Upgraded Weapon Design)
Ample Bowfish+ (Upgraded Weapon Design)
Dragonbone Artifacts

Not a Mer-Made-Up Story! is a Request in Monster Hunter Rise (MHR). Requests are various assignments granted by the different NPCs that you meet throughout the game. Players can complete Requests to earn unique rewards.


I caught a Mermaid! I really did! Purr-omise! But, then it got away... Can you catch it again fur me?


MH Rise Not a Mer-Made-Up Story! Request Information

Completion Conditions: Capture an Aurora Somnacanth and report to Rowan the Sailor in Elgado Outpost.


  • The Keep It Busy quest is the earliest encounter with Aurora Somnacanth outside of expeditions and random encounters in other quests.
  • Monsters can be captured using a combination of Shock Traps or Pitfall Traps with Tranq Bomb once the Monster has been sufficiently weakened. This is indicated by the Monster limping as it runs away from you towards its den or nest, and a blue icon appearing under the Monster's icon in the top right of the HUD. Once a monster has been weakened, set down a trap and throw a couple of Tranq Bombs near its face.
  • Light Bowgun and Heavy Bowgun users can alternatively use Tranq Ammo instead of Tranq Bombs to capture Monsters.


How to Unlock Not a Mer-Made-Up Story! in MH Rise

Not a Mer-Made-Up Story! can be unlocked by catching a Speartuna. Speartuna can be caught by fishing in the waters of the Frost Islands or the Lava Caverns.



Not a Mer-Made-Up Story! Request Notes & Trivia

  • Notes & Trivia for the Not a Mer-Made-Up Story! request go here




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